Genestealer Cults: Relics, Psykers & Wargear


We are continuing Genestealer Cults coverage all week. Today offer a glimpse of the Cult’s weapons, psychic powers and relics.

Ok, let’s get started… As with our earlier coverage, we aren’t here to spoil entire rules sections, so we will be offering up a small example of items and talk a bit about what is in the codex.





Yes! Web weapons return to the tabletop after a long absense.  The key to the weapons is the “Cocooned” special rule.  It’s not exactly like grav for infantry, but it’s getting there.  This is going to be hell for those pricy S:3 infantry in AP3 or worse armor.  I’m looking at you Aspect Warriors, Scions and Sororitas! A lot of the cult’s other wargear is described in the earlier White Dwarf minidex for the Genestealer cult that came out with Deathwatch Overkill. Still there are some surprises in there with nasty repurposed mining equipment for both melee and shooting. Unfortunately a lot of that stuff is heavy or unweildy. If only there was some way around that… Which leads us straight into…


Psychic Powers


Now that is a generically useful power.  I can see a lot of deathstars getting a hypnotic neutering with this one.  The other powers include a standard set of witchfire direct attacks, some hivemind-like abilities to increase the stats, and movement abilities of friendly units – including one that hands out Relentless and Fleet (which will make some cult weapons much deadlier)! There are nasty powers to de-buff enemy stats, or temporarily take control of enemy units. Rounding out the powers is a daemon summoning-like power that generates new units onto the table (teleported in from nearby areas according to fluff) with variable unit sizes based on how many warp charges you expend.




The relics are a mixed bag as we have come to expect from most codexes. This example will keep your units in the fight within a very large radius of the relic-bearer. Most of the others are weapons of various types. More interesting are the strange fluff descriptions that attribute some of these relics to the distant Tyranid Hivefleets extending their psychic will and alien intelligence to their distant Cults spread across the Imperium.

The codex is almost here, so pick it up to get the full intel on everything the Cult is bring to lay low the Imperium.

Codex: Genestealer Cults $50


Vile chanting fills the air, marked by blood-chilling shrieks of alien beasts – the xenos creed shall rise! Thousands of cultist voices are raised in prayer to their Patriarch, a living god from beyond the stars. Shadows in the distance become a seething tide, a living wave of hybrid creatures that boils out from dank and slimy lairs. Vehicles modified with whatever weapons can be cobbled together careen around the horde’s flanks, delivering yet more terror. Sinister, charismatic leaders cast dominion over their enemies as well as their underlings. The Cult has long-prepared for this day of reckoning, and its swollen ranks will surely conquer the world.


This 104-page, full-colour hardback Codex features a wealth of gaming content:

– comprehensive information on the Genestealer Cults, the gruesome and frankly unsettling story of their rise from a single organism to unstoppable, planet-devouring insurrection;
– rules for Genestealer Cults miniatures, the scavenged weapons they use to slaughter their victims, and army-building lists allowing for Hybrid and Brood Brother cultists drawn from the Astra Militarum;
– formations that make use of both the Genestealer Cults and Astra Militarum ranges, with notes on the wargear that Genestealer Cults scavenge and use for their own sinister ends;
– 6 new Tactical Objectives and the complete Broodmind Discipline: new Psychic Powers used by Magi and Patriarchs;
– the Cult Ambush rule: dependent on a dice roll, Genestealer Cults units can set up anywhere on the table, deploy and charge in the same turn, and burst from their hidden lairs to surprise and engulf the enemies of the Cult;
– a showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures, presenting the colours and icons of the Cults that lurk below.

~Have fun folks, and check back all week for more Genestealer Cults reviews and more.

  • Defenestratus

    My warp spiders are going to be webbed to death – OH WAIT THEY’RE GONE


  • LordKrungharr

    I love that little staff icon. This whole codex kinda reminds me of that Futurama movie The Beast with a Billion Backs….love the tentacle!

  • Defenestratus

    it’ll be their shooting phase by the time they flickerjump – by that point I know where all of the GSC units are because they have to redeploy in their movement phase. Then its my turn, and the spiders won’t be in the same place after my movement phase.

    • Dan Wilson

      I’d probably be more worried about the close combaty units that the Cult will throw at you. Does flickerjump work on templates? I.e. the unit isn’t expressly targeted, but they get caught in the blast. Because Leman Russ…

      • Liam Worswick

        Flickerjump works on templates since you’re still targeting them with the weapon. If however the template scattered onto them from another unit, I’m not so sure since technically they weren’t targeted by the unit.

    • Randy Randalman

      They’ll assault the Warp Spiders, not shoot them. Easily dead piles of spiders.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        If I read the recently posted rules correctly, the ability to assault from an Ambush is a random roll of 6. Thus you not only have to have a HTH kitted squad but you also only have a small chance of getting the roll needed to make that happen. While a viable tactic, I do not think it is one you can depend upon.

        • Balazra

          That’s true but many of these units will be rolling 2-3 dice and picking their result, also if the warlord trait is a 6 there is no roll it is a choice, and you get re rolls to warlord trail as well. The unit also rolled d6 and got that many models back for you to re-kill, +1 is added to all reserve rolls and -1 to all your reserve rolls. Servo sculls don’t work as they are not infiltrating for RaW.
          Yes every thing with this army is a chance but it’s a good chance, probably over 50/50 in favour of the cult getting to do what it wants.

          • GiftoftheMagi

            IF you get the Warlord Trait, AND the one you want is a 6. Yes you are correct that you have a decent chance, but at the same time you are basing your offensive on a CHANCE. My philosophy is plan without chance, and only allow it if it enhances my plans. Thus in this case I would go almost completely melee-based squads and have a lot of them, using vehicles was my shooty support. Thus I nearly eliminate the possibility that none of my squads will not get the 6 needed, and then use which squad does against the Spiders or whatever fast and hard target you need.

  • MechBattler

    What interests me about those web weapons is that they’re Blast and Assault. Which means you can dump a fair number of wounds on a target and still be able to assault.

  • Sam Nolton

    Random question, are Aberrations in the codex? They got a datasheet in Deathwatch Overkill but I haven’t seen anything of them with this Genestealer Cult codex yet.

    • Almost certainly in the codex, no sign of individually packaged models yet though