GW 2016 Terminator Captain Rules


That GW splash release update of a classic Terminator Captain has rules! Take a look:

We originally got word of this guy last month:

The Poster Says:

Exclusive Launch Day Miniature – Buy Yours Here.

1st October ONLY!

Other Exclusive Merchandise Also Available, Ask Staff for More Details

The Classic Model

Here is the very first Terminator Captain that shipped with the initial Terminators model set in the 1990s.  Note the grenade launcher built into the powerfist:

Rogue Trader Termy Captain

The New Rules

Today we get this image from B&C’s Malus Trux unveiling his rules.  Note he is a free update to a Terminator Captain, so this puts his rules in the family of the 30th Anniversary Space Marine who was also a free update to give you army a little bit of flavor.



~We still have the real mystery – exactly what is this model celebrating?

  • Dumbcow1

    Is this exclusive to a specific region? I cant figure out what this is all about. I want one, because wow, look at them skulls on that sheathe. =)

    • CMAngelos

      I dunno the more I read into it it’ll be available everywhere, if you spent enough cash on that rewards club card thing to earn the chance to buy him.

      Could be wrong though.

      • rtheom

        Did they ever introduce that in America? If that’s what he’s linked to, then I’d assume he’s a UK only item. Which would make me sad. 🙁

      • Ben_S

        Wasn’t the rumour about that the chance to buy a chaplain?

        This is said to be for the launch of something…

    • Tshiva keln

      Didn’t they have something on the 40k Facebook page a while ago about this? Pretty sure this is now a standard miniature they will sell at all openings of a new store. Seem to recall there was a second model too but can’t remember what it was.

      • Tshiva keln

        Just double checked and it was 9th September and the other model is a terminator chaplain.

    • Pendekar

      He was available on opening day of the Warhammer store in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. RM 95 (22.94 US Dollar as of now). No requirements, limit one per customer…

  • I might have to dust off my old original one and get him into a few games with these rules. 😉

    • NikosanPrime

      Yeah, I was thinking of taking a dremel to one mine and resizing it to fit with current scale. Or maybe even True Scale it. Although that will be a lot of work.

      • euansmith

        Or just field him as a small, but vicious Space Marine Captain.

        • Boondox

          I’m sure the runt of any SM company is more vicious than the rest.

  • Agent OfBolas

    Of course, Loyalist Terminator Captain… with grenade launcher 18″ S8 AP1 Blast.

    If it would be CSM version, it would be 20 points more expensive, 12″ range and S6 AP4.

    Because Chaos 🙂

    • BT

      Even though your comment makes me sad because it is true… I would actually love it if GW actually went over their old figs and updated them with rules, allowing you to use the old one if you have it.

    • SYSTem050

      But it would have spikes

    • An_Enemy

      That feeling you get when you play Xenos and ANOTHER chaos player complains about SM releases.

      • Charon

        To be fair despite the smallish releases for xenos, their books are in a good shape (with the exception of DE, Orcs and possibly nids).
        Also CSM and SM are a lot easier to compare than Eldar and SM as they have the same base units.

        • highwind

          well, nids work after all… they dont have any variety and are very one-dimensional on the table but they work

          • Charon

            Yes hey work. Nids is basically the showcase that dislays everything wrong with GW game design and their “forge the narrative” excuse.
            You have BL books about vast swarms and on the table this is unplayable. You get punished on so many levels if you try to play them in a “narrative” way. No way to deal with vehicles, your basic troops are more expensive than an imperial solider (making the “outnumber them” narrative of nids impossible to recreate), mass armies are punished in the objectives game and cant move properly,..

    • Admiral Raptor

      Don’t forget the chance to take an un-saveable wound if you roll a 1 to hit!

  • Nubu

    I wonder when are people reaching the point at which they do not care anymore. This thing right here is proof that GW has learned exactly nothing.

    • NikosanPrime

      I hate to agree with you but are absolutely right. I like the look of the model and I am happy that they are finally retreading to where they were 30 years ago but I would be happier if they then moved forward with things and introduced new models and fleshed out the rest of the races. I collect and play Marines primarily but I also have eldar and LOTS of Harlequins. I would actually like to see some thinking of the next evolution in each army rather than either a retread or a silly child’s toy to fill in each force.

      • Nubu

        I was talking about their eules and how poorly they are designed. Not that I would disagree with you or anything like that though.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Probably depends more on local metrics. The internet is a sea of disparaging negativity, but if the people you actually play with enjoy it and have fun then that politicking seems less of an issue.

      Of course the opposite also applies.

      • Nubu

        I have no “political” problems with this. I have a problem with being forced to play max cheese against fun lists just so that there is a point in deploying any of my models.

  • Slaanesh Devotee

    I hate when companies make nice items limited edition in general, but making a limited edition region specific is just the worst.

    Why willfully encourage jealousy like that?? It’s completely unnecessary. What benefit could there possibly be…

    • An_Enemy

      I’ve been collecting GW models for about a decade now.

      Its shocking to see how little they do to benefit themselves. If it’s not “raise the price” level simplicity they don’t seem to understand how to make money.

      GW just hands so much of their money to the aftermarket it’s insane.

      Defend GW all you want.
      It doesn’t change the fact that GW will sell fewer of these models than ONE recaster in China when they get their hands on it.

      Why? Not because of price. Not because of quality. Because it’s the only way they’ll be able to buy one.

      • Ben

        It’s called mitigating risk. I’ve no doubt that some bean counter determined the EXACT number of models needed to make a profit/recoup costs on the molds, R&D etc. if they find it over performs after the “special limited release” GW can always release it again. That’s the beauty of using CAD drawings and low cost molds.

        • An_Enemy

          I’m sure you’re right.(except the re-release part, they rarely do that)

          It does kind of raise another concern though.

          These plastic single pose models with no extra bits are supposed to be priced at $30 because they theoretically sell fewer of them to make back the cost of the mold.

          Yet here we have the same type of SKU. Probably the same price…except exponentially less will be available for purchase.

          If they can cover their costs on this model by selling fewer at the same price it kind of blows that whole “it costs more because it costs them more” argument out of the water.

          • ZeeLobby

            The difference is in profit margins, not that they’re actually taking a loss. Their regular characters they’re probably making %60-70 profit margins on, this guy %20-30. The problem is, as a publicly traded company, they could never lower that margin, even if it would increase sales. The drop in profits for the year would be significant enough for their shareholders, who don’t care about tabletop gaming at all, to get pissed.

        • nuggy

          First of Im not seeing how using digital sculpting would contribute to the point you are putting forward. What exactly are you saying a production involving CAD differ from a hand sculpted one with the “risk migration” strategy in mind? Or are you just saying CAD=bad?
          Second of all; all of the latest limited minis have been made in plastic which hava a high cost for producing moulds, but a low manufacturing cost for the mini itself. If anything GW are putting their money down to ensure good moulds at the moment it seems.

          That being said, the risk migration strategy is definitely in play but Im just not seeing your arguments playing for that explanation.

          • Ben

            Breathe a sec….

            My point is that having a CAD and cheaper molds allows them to make riskier model sculpts , but lower their overall financial risk and release limited release models. If they are successful, they can re-release the sculpts without having to have the risk of inventory gathering dust due to over production of a slow moving sculpt.

            CAD is great, cheaper molds is great. But there is a strategy on “non-sure bets” with these limited release models. That’s the point

      • Admiral Raptor

        I wish I head read you comment before I made mine. You hit the nail right on the head 🙂

    • Admiral Raptor

      It helps the keep recasters in business :P. Or did you mean benefits to GW? In which case I have no idea.

      • Benderisgreat

        Exactly. All those Chinese and Russian babies don’t feed themselves. Those mommies and daddies need internet sales to live!

  • An_Enemy

    They could have made this available at store opening anniversaries too, but I guess that would have made too much sense.

    Much better to spend money on a mold and ship this model out to…oh…less than ten locations a year?

    GW…do you enjoy recasters eating your lunch every day?

    • Sleeplessknight

      It’s a special model for a special occasion. Nobody NEEDS this model. Anyone can just convert it if they wanted to. When everything is special, then nothing is.

      Typical overweight neck bearded American to want to eat birthday cake every day of the year.

      • An_Enemy

        Cool. Nothing you said had anything to do with what I said.

        Reading is hard sometimes isn’t it? Much easier to just bash an entire country out of no where…

      • Admiral Raptor

        There is no such thing a special product. Anything that is supposedly limited edition is only made to sucker in fools.

        Way to generalize over 300 million people; but I’m sure your country is a splendid utopia filled with only the physically perfect.

  • NNextremNN

    Why is the sword attached to his inner thigh? How does he even walk and how does he pull this sword especially with his right hand because I imagine wielding a sword with a powerfist is hard. Also wouldn’t he crush the barrels of the grenade launcher if he hits something with the fist?

    But in general the model looks good but not as awesome as that Terminator chaplain. And I want that Terminator Captain for the rules. He seems like a good cheap Terminator Captain to me.

    • euansmith

      With the amount of thigh-gap Marines have, I doubt a sword flapping between his legs is much of a deal 😉 Also, maybe you have hit upon the reason that the grenade launcher is a one-shot weapon.

    • Me

      Who would ever let anything like logic and physics get in the way… It wouldn’t matter if he had to walk around like a bowlegged chicken with his left (power fisted) pinky up his nose while he stares at the sky, as long as he looks cool in that pose.

    • OolonColluphid

      Would have made sense if they had it on the hip or his back. But GW doesn’t understand the laws of physics as well as Black Library writers do.
      Hell it would be cool if they made it a Power bayonet for the Storm Bolter.

    • Admiral Raptor

      I cannot un-see this now :I

    • Benderisgreat

      Inner thigh….Wait… THAT’S NOT A SWORD….

  • OolonColluphid

    Hope he isn’t SM only so Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves don’t get shafted again. Codex chapters getting better stuff that other three don’t makes little sense.

    • Emdee

      Says that he uses chapter tactics. I think that will exclude the BA,DA,SW. Too bad, my Flesh Tearers would have liked to use him too.

      • Admiral Raptor

        Of course :(. Oh well, My Ultras can still use him, but they can use everything…

  • ZeeLobby

    It’s a good thing SMs got no junk. That scabbard would be junk tapping him with every stride.

    • euansmith

      Maybe he enjoys the nostalgic feel of something flopping around his waste fluid recycling hub.

      • ZeeLobby

        A decepticon! Slaaneshi in disguise!

  • Boondox

    Another Captain. YAWN!!!

  • Benderisgreat

    It’d be worth paying an additional 200 point tax if they removed “one use”.

  • dave long island

    It’s celebrating the greenstuff that GW covets so dearly above all else. Indeed the greenstuff that holds the world together amidst all the turmoil and tumult. And I’m not talking about the sticky substance we use to fill in the gaps of our minis…

  • MechBattler

    If that fancy thermal grenade launcher thingie wasn’t one use, this guy MIGHT be worth taking over a vanilla version. As it stands, that’s pretty useless compared to say, the Imperial Space Marine’s Disintegrator that can be used every turn.

  • kobalt60

    how does he draw his sword?