GW: Codex Genestealer Cults Announced!


Games Workshop announces Codex: Genestealer Cult! you NEED to see these pictures!

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40000 Facebook)

September 24th is the day – Codex Genestealer Cult is almost here!

The Day of Ascension draws near.
Plans made in shadow will come into the light, and we will be delivered!


Good morning boss!


Another day at work.


Meeting time – everyone here?


Not quite a Limo, but I”ll take it!





We have a date!

We’ve intercepted some strange transmissions from over at Warhammer TV… what do you suppose this means?

We’ve been hearing rumors of this coming all year and with Deathwatch being the big hit that it’s been it was only a matter of time…Here’s the previous rumors we saw earlier this week:

via industry insiders:

โ€œLook for the Genestealer Cult to get a full release mini range alongside thier codex before the end of the year.

All of the GS Cult minis from Deathwatch Overkill will be reboxed as logical separate kits.

Look for 4 new kits:

  • 1 infantry unit
  • 1 Character
  • 1 Flyer
  • 1 Ground Vehicle

All the new kits are said to keep the similar look and feel as the mining colony minis from Deathwatch Overkill.โ€


~ Get ready for next week folks, it’s going to be AWESOME! ALL HAIL THE GREAT FATHER!

  • Anti-Gravity

    Wow, this is going to be really cool.

    • Cool, but I guess less played than we’d wish… and ofc combined with Imperial Knights by power-gamers, because… well… just because.

      • Don’t be too harsh on Goatboy… He can’t help it.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Wait, I’m confused. Is this a game or a presidential campaign ad?

    Just kidding, great propo!

    Here’s hoping Genestealers get an awesome codex, even though I have no interest in collecting them.

    • Kritarion


      • euansmith

        GS Primarch 2016

        • Patriarch

          Yes we can! And no one can stop us….!

          • euansmith

            We’ve got the greatest hybrid babies, bring them up here, bring them up!

          • Patriarch

            No unspeakable abomination left behind!

  • Karru

    That car looks like what the Taurox was supposed to be.

    • jexinator

      It looks like a child of a taurox and a trukk

      • Mike Salamandrin

        Looks like da Dethskullz NEW trukk!

      • euansmith

        Trurox? Taurukk?

    • The taurox is awesome

      • Karru

        It is, as long as you replace the silly looking treads with wheels. They make it look like a squished half-track.

        • It definitely looks better with wheels, but I actually like them as half tracks, and then you get double the tauroxes out of each conversion kit

          • Karru

            I would’ve liked to see something with wheels since it would’ve been something “different” for Guard vehicles.

          • It kinda seems like the kit was designed with wheels and then had the tracks tacked on last minute, but maybe I’m crazy

          • euansmith

            It looks to me like the designer didn’t understand how a snowcat works, and so enclosed the track units in wheel arches to they couldn’t articulate properly.

          • Haighus

            You’re not alone in thinking that way, I know I agree at least.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Of which i think it looks fine making it a half track, replace the front with wheels, and then have tracks run the whole length back.

        • Haighus

          Agreed, the Vic minis one is my favourite wheeled conversion kit so far.

    • Victor Hartmann

      I was less than impressed by the Taurox when I saw it in pictures but on the gaming table, it’s actually kind of cool. Similar with the Stormraven, although the flying toaster is not as good.

  • jexinator

    Probably the best codex announcement so far, and I don’t say because I’m a fan of genestealers …. absolutely not at all ….

  • Nubu

    This has a great potential. I hope the don’t make a mess this time.

  • Gabor Fazekas

    Battle… SISTERS… srsly why new army when you have IG, Orcs Dark Eldar and Battle sister to revamp first…

    • memitchell

      You think Genestealer Cult is a NEW army? You poor baby.

      • Gabor Fazekas

        yeah i know necromunda and stuff but it didnt have an army for like 5 editions or more?

        • Joe

          I would argue since they haven’t had a codex for 5 editions they needed it more.

        • Aezeal

          I can see arguments why IG, ORcs, Dark Eldar deserve a new codex before Stealers.. but Sisters doesn’t fit the list.

          • The_Ordo_Malleus


        • memitchell

          “Poor Baby” was meant to convey youthful innocence, not scolding for a bad attitude. You took it the way I meant it, and I appreciate that. For the record, GSC never had an actual codex. It’s original lists pre-date the codex format. Later lists were add ons in the back of various Tyranid codices, and a semi-official Citadel Journal list.

    • More options is always better, plus IG got an update in one of the Tau campaign books, and Orks got their Ork-curion when the Waaugh Gazghul book came out, so actually it’s just Nids, DE and a few sub factions with limited units (Legion of the Damned, Inq, SoB, Militarum Tempestus) that need the 7th ed treatment

    • Oddiun

      Genecult has been waiting longer than sisters for an updated codex, FYI

    • Mike Salamandrin

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a Sanctuary 101 board game cropped up with plastic sisters vs plastic flayed ones

      • Damistar

        That would be cool. Also a good way to introduce a new warrior kit if they were so inclined. The current models seem a little off now with their green glow tubes.

        • Haighus

          I suspect they would be more likely to replace the models that still have finecast components before the warriors though, although I agree it would be great to have a unified look.

      • The_Ordo_Malleus

        That would be a nice addition I’ve got a 1850pt Sister’s army already painted in “Our Martyred Lady” colours :3

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    looking forward to this. Maybe I need a second box of DW Overkill…

    • You can get the GS cult half on eBay for like $85-90 on eBay if you’re not needing more of the DW sculpts

  • Simon Chatterley

    Now that was worthy of watching! GW hit the spot there.

    Now make em Come the Apoc allies with Nids to really stir the pot up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I wish there was as much new artwork in traitor’s hate as there was in this video lol

    • euansmith

      Isn’t it “CAME the Apocalypse” allies for GSC and ‘Nids? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Simon Chatterley

        Lol. I believe that would be. Rumours of them being able to ally with Astra Mil……Imperial guard.

        Taking over the PDF…that’s a step I like and suits these guys so much more than Battle brothers with Nids

        • generic eric

          Now that is how you infiltrate!

  • That’s more limo-ish than any of the other vehicles in the line!

  • Alex Rowley

    Just won my eBay bid for the genestealer cult half of deathwatch, so more than ready for this!

    • memitchell

      Pay attention to which arms go with which bodies, to maximize a variety of poses.

  • Painjunky

    When do orks, nids or DE get a new codex or are we not talking about them anymore???????????????????????????????

    • Brian Griffith

      Next edition.

      Which is sooner than you think.

      • Antoine Henry

        So no point in buying new stuff they release as a new edition will come out soon ? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Brian Griffith

          There’ll be model releases aplenty, to cover armies they couldn’t revamp in the usual 3-4 week release schedule that accompanies a codex. Otherwise for existing armies expect band-aids like Traitor’s Hate and Angel’s Blade. Up to you if there’s any point in buying stuff like that, but at the least they don’t intend there to be a drought of models.

    • Old zogwort

      First rule of ork codexes…

  • AdeptusAstartes

    That is NOT a LIMO!

    *toys tossed from pram. Dummy spat.*

    • bambam
    • Brian Griffith

      Everything else about the current cult models is based around stolen mining and industrial equipment. Where’d they get something as swank as a limo?

      • euansmith

        The Executive Parking Lot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Chaotic Shaman

        infiltration has it’s strong points. like GTA: wh40k edition.

    • Chaotic Shaman

      ~goes out to his hobby area. grabs a load of plasticard~ here you go mate. problem solved.

  • Bredkooler

    The hive mind commands me to empty my wallet.

  • Spit-Burn

    Scary baby. Purge the neonate!

  • Joe

    I wonder what the flyer will be?

  • jasonsation

    • grim_dork

      You’re cool.

  • Lord Solar Mac

    How did they get a cooler looking ride than Scions??

    • MechBattler

      How did the Scions, the elite troopers of the Guard, get flimsier and crappier vehicles that cost more than the Chimeras everyone else gets?

      • grim_dork

        I think you might be missing the point.

        • MechBattler

          Which point? I honestly don’t know what you’re referring to.

      • The_Ordo_Malleus

        To be fair they are a highly mobile army why would they have looted civilian mining vehicles that weigh a tonne, And Scions usual deployment method is via grav shoot, you couldn’t deploy a heavy vehicle with shoots or you could but there would be a high risk factor in there. ether way the Taurox is a cool vehicle

        • MechBattler

          What I like about it, and the Scions, is the Volley Guns and the ability to take lots of them. What I don’t like is 80 points for a vehicle that’s flimsier than a Rhino.

  • Tox

    The transport looks about the same size as a Taurox, handy as I have 4 I never used in my scion army.

  • Mikhailkery

    I actually never saw the Genestealer cults as actual cults, i’ve always see them as mafia-ish. This is way cooler than the layman interpretation of them that I had before

    • memitchell

      Agreed. GSC always were an amalgam. Originally, the first plastic Hybrids were included in the Space Hulk expansion called “Genestealer.” And, the space based boardgame Tyranid Attack. Soon after, metal hybrids with plastic arms were added. Because of the space based origins, all these original these models have suits like space ship crews. But, that theme did not make it into 40K. Instead, the first GSC army lists were based on the Deathwing short story (which is set on a planet, not a space hulk). From there came the GSC as capitalists, corporate, corrupt, featuring a bloated, bejeweled Patriarch riding around in a Limo. That’s were the blinged out, corpulent Running and Sitting Patriarch models came from. All that was kinda cool, but unfocused, really limited the GSC’s chances to be taken seriously (as a game army). The latest Ghosar Cult incarnation features a much stronger theme and identity. Hopefully the new codex follows up with that.

      • euansmith

        I guess it might depend upon the World and the Primarch. The Hive Mind will want its infiltrators to blend in with the local populace. So, on Mafiamunda they will seek to infiltrate the Mob, while on Chapelmunda they will subvert religious feelings. Next up, Warp Corrupted Daemon Genestealer Cult.

        • grim_dork

          Here’s hoping!

  • ZeeLobby

    Just can’t start any new factions with 8th on the horizon. Don’t wanna buy a bunch of good things now that turn into steamy crap and vice versa

    • euansmith

      In that case, buy a really rubbish 7th Edition Army; that way, you might luck out under 8th ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DeadlyYellow

    I miss the old pencils and inks they used to use for official art. Digital renders just feel too smooth and clean.

  • rtheom

    This trailer gives me really high hopes that we’re going to get Genestealer Cult Lore that shows them being overtaken by the Hive Mind and being completely enthralled by it during an invasion. Nothing could ruin this codex release more for me if we suddenly get fearful, moral genestealer cultists in there. :p Please GW, please have let the right people do this…

  • Mike Salamandrin

    I’m hoping that some of the kits are 1st wave organisms like a llictor/deathleaper kit

  • euansmith

    Fan-binking-tastic! That’s how you sell a product ๐Ÿ˜€ The voice over is tip top and the artwork gives the whole thing a cool comic book gloss.

    I’m really hoping that there is a kit for that vehicle the Cultists are shown riding.

    • grim_dork

      I know! I almost expected to see Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma running from the Brotherhood.

    • Haighus

      The voice sounds familiar. Perhaps from a fairly recent BL ebook? I feel like the voice actor may have worked on one of the Garro ebooks, or the Tallern ebooks perhaps. Hmm.

      • euansmith

        I’ve not listened to any of the audiobooks. Are they of a dependable quality?

        • Haighus

          I enjoyed the Garro ones, and the Tallarn ones were decent. The Tallarn one about the Imperial Fist strike team especially was very good, it was in a similar style to FW’s HH books, with the narration being from an Iron Warrior analysing the battle logs decrypted from the event, and providing discussion between the played sections of IF mission communications. I forget what it was called.

          The Garro audiobooks have decent voice acting and sound effects imo, felt pretty immersive. They are more similar to the Eisenhorn stuff than the standard HH fare, as they feature mainly clandestine missions, often with just Garro and a few others. Shield of Lies was my favourite. I correctly guessed what the outcome of the mission resulted in too, from the clues in the project name. Was kinda proud of that…

          • euansmith

            Thanks for the pointers. I know the feeling of getting in before the narration; I was pretty chuffed to spot who Kaiser Soze was in the Usual Suspects.

          • Haighus

            Haha yeah.

            I guess I prefer 40k stuff that is more gritty (Eisenhorn) and less flowery language and epic-scale shananingans (half the HH series, Ultramarines stuff).

  • Alexander Golmen Berg

    This allmost made me want to play 40k ๐Ÿ˜€

    • memitchell

      Steady, Matey. The sure cure for “wanting to play 40K” is actually trying to play 40K.

  • Benderisgreat

    A flyer, too?

    • Haighus

      Yeah, I’m quite excited for the potential of this. A plastic utility lifter like the FW Arvus lighter would be incredible for Imperial civilian purposes in dioramas, or board terrain.

      • Benderisgreat

        I hope it’s a news helicopter with the camera still stuck to the side. Or better yet, a garbage hauler.

        • Haighus

          News helicopter? For the state-sanctioned, official, ecclesiarchy-stamped Imperial Broadcasting Company I hope… don’t want none of that heretic TV around here.

  • Rainthezangoose

    But you know they are allies of convince