GW: New Releases September 10 “First Looks”


Games Workshop has a whole slew of new Blood Angel’s stuff coming your way – come see the latest!

The weekend product pre-orders are out – be sure to check your local region for availability…especially if you want to get your hands on that limited edition Angel’s Blade book!

via Games Workshop

Black Crusade: Angel’s Blade Limited Edition

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Black Crusade: Angel’s Blade

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Blood Angels Archangels Orbital Intervention Force


Blood Angels Death Company Strike Force


Blood Angels Battle Demi-Company


Archangels Demi-Company


Blood Angel’s Upgrade Sprue (Available in many new kits)

99120101162_bloodangelssternguard06I happen to have a Blood Angel’s Army and I’m pretty hyped up after last week’s reveal. The Black Crusade books are pretty much a must buy on my list but not just because I have both armies – I also want to read what the heck is going on with the actual Black Crusade!


Here comes the Red Death and the Black Rage!

  • pokemastercube .

    all we now need is FW to announce HH8 will cover sangus prime and us BA players will be super happy

    • Orblivion

      All I really want is a Sanguinius model.

  • Ghaniman

    Why does this feel very much like the End Times stuff did?

    Multiple narrative campaign books, with limited edition versions + some new character models, albeit not on the scale of End Times monsters.

    • Hawt Dawg

      It is the same. But with Bolters.

      And imagine how big the Stormmurdercast Bloodeternals will be for Age of Emprah!

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. I just can’t do it. Haha.

        • euansmith

          The original Inquisitor 54mm Brother Artemis will be the new true-scale 😉

    • euansmith

      Maybe GW saw how The End Times release schedule reinvigorated interest in WFB, and have decided to apply the idea to a rolling, on-going apocalypse. Loads of campaigns and new model releases, edging the Doomsday Clock ever closer to Midnight, but never quite reaching it?

      • grendal1989

        The galaxy is a big place . I can definitely see this string out for years without really getting close to midnight if they keep moving around the Galaxy with this black crusade

    • And now we wait for the ultra-compact 40k rule book.
      I’m actually looking forward to it. 40k rules feel so bloated to me and I think they could really use a reset.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      you speak as if it’s a bad thing. end times brought us a much more fun game. but we still have the resources to play 8th along with all them cool books how cool is that!!

  • Hawt Dawg

    Blood this, blood that! I want some good old slimey gene sneakin’ cults. And no, a short message from the void does not satiate my ego thirst for models I want.

    Gimme! And gimme now!

  • Alan C

    Oh, I want that limited edition… I just don’t want to pay for it. Conflicted! ;’)

    • euansmith

      Capitalism sucks! 🙁

      • Alan C

        Seriously! This wouldn’t happen if the Tau were in charge! ;’)