GW: New Releases September 3 “First Looks”


Limited Edition Traitor’s Hate & More! Come take a look at what else GW has this weekend…

via Games Workshop

Traitor’s Hate Limited Edition

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Void Shield Generator

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Kharn The Betrayer

99120102060_KharntheBetrayer03 99120102060_KharntheBetrayer02

Black Crusade: Traitor’s Hate

60040199063_TraitorsHateStdEd01 60040199063_TraitorsHateStdEd02

Favoured of Chaos

99120102061_FavouredofChaos01 99120102061_FavouredofChaos02

Maelstrom of Gore


Remember, this is just the First Looks – these items may or may not be available in your region yet. But if you want to grab a copy of Traitor’s Hate you’re going to want to get on it quick!


Looks like Kharn and his Berzerkers aren’t the only ones in Red Power Armor for this campaign…

  • Deacon Ix

    Damn it – I am so weak, just pre ordered the Limited Edition :-/

    • Max Bullmann

      sounds pretty great imo

      • Deacon Ix

        I regret nothing! but being someone who thinks the Limited editions are a waste of money and having brought the Daemons Limited edition and while liking it, happy to admit it’s not worth the extra, I saw this one and went SHINY! MUST HAVE!

  • Wayne Molina

    LE is way too much, doesn’t matter how cool it looks.

  • Foh

    I find all the formation pre packs they have on the website concerning. Says to me there won’t be many new release models

    • ZeeLobby

      Maybe they’er clearing the possessed stock for actual good models.

      • Foh

        One can only hope.

        I feel like I said the same thing when I saw all the possessed formations in the black legion and Crimson slaughter books

    • Malisteen

      We already knew that kharne was the only actual new model release for this particular wave. Supposedly it won’t be too long a wait for the Thousand Suns rubric cult mini-faction, supposedly with four different rubric cult units (melee/ranged dual kit for both power armor and terminator armor), plus maybe a new lord of change, etc, with other cult mini-factions to follow.

      Actual new rules or units for the actual CSM army supposedly aren’t even on the map, though, and non-cult CSM players I expect will have to suffer through the entire Black Crusade, what should have been the most exciting time to be a CSM player in more than a decade, with only supplement formation bandaids to patch over the gaping wounds in their current lousy ruleset.

      • Aezeal

        Non cult players have their mini’s and can ally with the cults which are basicly the same faction anyway. If chaos gets formations which makes them somewhat competitive (not saying that will happen.. but IF) then CSM players just should be satisfied.

        • Malisteen

          Try to apply the same logic to any other allied factions, and you’ll see how it falls apart. “Dark Eldar players can ally with Craftworld Eldar which are basically the same faction anyway. If Craftworld Eldar get rules which make them competitive, then Dark Eldar players should just be satisfied.”

          Even if we get four new cult mini-factions, that’s still not an excuse for the core CSM faction to be left in its current state.

  • nuggy

    I love haw they tried to hide the berserkers behind some slightly converted ones…
    Just goes to show how badly they are needing a update and how easy it would be for GW to just it.

    • Aezeal

      New mold might be easy.. I wouldn’t know… but I’ve heard they are expensive.

      • Malisteen

        GW is using cheaper aluminum molds these days, iirc. They wear out faster, but since the vast majority of a units sales are early in its lifetime that may not matter.

  • Malisteen

    Well, looking at the names and contents of these formations, it seems the new formations in Traitor’s Hate actually ARE new formations, and not just reprints of existing formations from CS, BL, KDK, or Black Library dataslates. I’m not getting my hopes up, since I think the problems with the CSM army really aren’t things a formation can fix, but I supposed it’s not an entirely foregone conclusion.

    What does worry me is that this is labeled a ‘Black Crusade’ expansion, making it officially part of the forthcoming campaign, and imo that indicates that we won’t be seeing actual new base rules for the CSM faction until after the campaign is finished, since a new CSM codex that actually re-wrote the rules of existing units to make them fun to play would probably also invalidate these formations, and I doubt they’ll invalidate content from the ‘Black Crusade’ line before that line is completed.

    And if that’s true, then CSMs as an army will be terrible and un-fun throughout the entirety of what should have been their most glorious time since the Eye of Terror campaign.

    • Aezeal

      What could not be fixed by a formation?
      I think a lot could be fixed by formations (well at least competativety of a codex and viability of underpowered miniature.. which are imho the things that need fixing).

      • Charon

        Stats can’t be fixed by a formation unless the formation boni are extremely over the top.
        Most units that are lacking lack in multiple ways and on top of this suffer from poor synergies.

        Just look at KDK. this book is actually good and Bloodtithe hands out some good boni. The issue is that they also hand out good boni to good units making KDK basically a pure daemon army (as the daemon part is significantly better than the CSM part) with added boni.

      • Malisteen

        the base points cost, stat lines, and weapon options, are the main things wrong with most CSM units, and that formations cannot fix.

  • SilentPony

    So…its an entire new edition, 40k ends times, Primarchs and a Sailor Moon crossover all in one book like ALL the rumors said it would be?!

    Huh. Not often ALL the rumors are true…

  • Karru

    Well, the Maelstrom of Gore is going straight to the garbage can. That thing costs almost 1500pts without any upgrades. Unless the formations makes gives them 24″ movement, ability to charge after running, +2 attacks each base and re-rollable 2+ Feel No Pain, that thing won’t be seeing any use in normal games.

    Depending on what the Possessed one gives, they aren’t yet automatically out of the game, while the rest have to wait until the book is in front of me. GW is known to put things that aren’t “necessary” to run a formation in those things, so the Warband may be reasonable. Now we just have to hope that the benefits we get won’t be Hatred (Space Marines) for VotLW units and double Fearless.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    How many skulls could a skull skull skull if a skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull?

    • dave long island


  • Kostas Pap Gus

    When I see Khorne models, I can’t say no more if it is for 40k or AoS (fantasy). The same happens with Orcs as well.

  • Chet Atkinson

    I expected more from the Renegade Knight than just a normal Knight with some transfers

  • Michael Bradbury

    I’m not normally one to complain about GW prices – but £22 for one small single model (Kharn) is pretty bad.

  • dave long island

    All this ‘hate’ talk… Is Kharne the betrayer a member of the alt right? Has Hillary mentioned Kharne lately? Lol…

  • Anti-Gravity

    The Kharn model looks terrible, they clearly designed it with the ridiculous AoS-y Chaos theme where Khorne now has this bizarre cartoon stylized version of itself.


  • david

    The VSG looks great,seven sprues make up this kit.Thats more sprues than the last two flyers and very detailed.