HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #96


The primary part of my WHQ set is ready to deal with any would be heroes! More on my newest INQ28 project as well.

Hi! Tommy from the blog bigbossredskullz. I’m also on Facebook and on Instagram.

Adversaries of the Tower


I don’t necessarily like to brag but I’m immensly pleased with this project!

More and better pics.

Wild Flower of Tzeentch


I just couldn’t stop with WHQ seeing as I had so much fun so I set out to make a plant like Exalted Flamer. More on the Wild flower including a bit of fluff here.

INQ 28


Another Acolyte, this time an abhuman or beastman if you like. More.

That’s it for this week! Make sure you check out my blog regularly, I update several times a week!

Next week it’s more of the same and I’m considering starting to paint some Epic.

  • euansmith

    That’s a fantastically dynamic Tzeentch warband.

    The new guy with the grenade launcher looks pretty cool and brutal too.

    • Tommy Hovind Kristiansen

      Thank you euan 🙂

  • Alan Doyle

    Awsome mate, I love these types of article. You should be proud of this. I can see the hard work and imagination which created them.