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This Mantic ruleset will allow me to pit Goblins against the Roman Legion? Sign me up!

Mantic is introducing a weird war of another type. Soon you’ll be able to have armies from throughout time – and fiction – duke it out on the tabletop. You know you want to mix your KoW forces with the great armies of the ancient world. This looks like a lot of fun.

via Mantic:

Ever fancied pitting Goblins against ancient Greeks? What about Romans against Celts? Well, now you can with the Kings of War Historical Armies rulebook, which is available to pre-order now! In the book you’ll find all the core rules for Kings of War (so you don’t need the standard Kings of War book) and 33 new lists for historical armies from Antiquity to the late Middle Ages.


You can use a combination of a master list, themes and mercenary units to build your army, along with veteran abilities to create unique units and represent elite fighters. Plus, you can also add mythical units to recreate legends (or make up your own).

What’s more, the expert team in the Rules Committee has worked tirelessly to ensure the Historical Armies are perfectly balanced against the existing fantasy forces.

The 112 page softback book is available to order now from the Mantic store and will be shipping later this month.

Kings of War historical special rules

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Who would be in your ultimate historical vs fantasy battle?

  • Dan

    Personally I think I would prefer to keep my fantasy armies and my historical armies in my wargames seperate. Although I think it will be neat to create ‘what if’ scenarios where I can pit ancient armies against each other that didn’t encounter each other in actual history, like the armies of Alexander the Great against the armies of Emperor Qin Shi Huang for example.
    I’ll be buying a copy for sure.

    • ZeeLobby

      I do like the idea of creating a ruleset that encompasses many different eras of gaming though, through to fantasy. But yeah, mixing just feels, not very historical, haha.

    • Sleeplessknight

      Didn’t Jackie Chan make a movie about that with John Cusack and Adrien Brody?

  • Stan

    Good idea.

    Just wish KOW game play involved less GW style redundant dice throwing monotony.

    KOW doesn’t remove casualties so why the need for the multiple roles of mobs of dice?

    • crcovar

      While personally I really like throwing handfuls of dice onto the tabletop. I see your point. KoW is really just a skirmish game with really big bases, so the handfuls of dice don’t really map well with what you’re doing on the table.

    • jcdent

      So that you would know how many wound tokens to drop, duh.

  • Spacefrisian

    I dont care if its correct or something, but iam spotting a Japanese army on that cover if iam not mistaken, will Mantic make Samurai now?

    I hope so cause there models are easier to get than certain other manufacturers. (before someone comes with some obscure models producer)

    • Shinnentai

      Pretty sure those are Perry Miniatures Samurai – that shot looks similar to the one that the Perrys had done for their ‘masters in miniature’ book of wargaming photographs.

    • JPMcMillen

      Maybe, eventually. But since Mantic allows other companies miniatures to be used, even at official Mantic events, just use what you can find. As long as the unit has the proper sized footprint on the table and meets the MMC (minimum model count) you’re fine.

  • Joshua Rosenblum

    My friends and I play with the Piquet rule set http: http://www.piquetwargames.com so we’ve been doing this for years!

    I like to play my undead classical Greek hoplites, undead early imperial Romans or medieval Japanese against their historical equivalents.

    • jcdent

      Have you ever considered Dominions 4?