Legionary Breacher Bike – Kromlech

KRM093 3D1

VROOM VROOM Brother, Kromelch keeps expanding modeling possibilities  – this bike is sweet!

Everyone loves some variety – and a really good deal. Check out the latest kit from Kromlech to give your (not-astartes) some love.  I can think about several unnamed Legions this model would fit right in with. Note the forward weapons are separate bits, so you can easily swap them out for whatever you want.

Legionary Breacher Bike – 13,99 €

This set contains one high quality resin Legionary Breacher Bike armed with twin Thunder Guns. Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers. As an additional parts you get biker legs and arms which you can combine with Legionaries torsos, heads, shoulder pads and backpacks sold separately.

KRM093 3D2


KRM093 parts

Each set contains one bike armed with twin Thunder Guns and a set of legs and arms which you can combine with any Legionaries torsos, heads, shoulder pads and backpacks [that one cannot be to ornamented to fit but any standard pattern will do].

KRM093 resin all

I dig it, how about you? What would you paint it up as?

  • Meh. It looks even smaller than the already-too-small regular Marine bikes. And it can’t lean into curves, it’s gonna fall over on high speed. I know, sci-fi and realism are distinct things, but… meh.

    • jcdent

      Why would you lean into curves if you are DRIVING STRAIGHT TOWARDS THE ENEMY?!

    • Old zogwort

      different speeds of the tacks might work

      • To turn in general, yea. But doing that on high speed would topple it over sideways, because it can’t lean into the curve. Snow-mobiles have such an issue, but they have their tracks/skis further apart on the side, not in the center.

        • ang56

          That’s the thing about sci-fi. It’s pretty up to the imagination. maybe the bike ignores the laws of gravity or aspects of momentum. other imperial tech does similar things. We primitives with our gas powered vehicles and obedience to physics wouldn’t know better.

          Space wolf flier has tech that manipulates gravity so it can stay in the air. Kromlech just doesn’t accompany their nonsense tech with a narrative to explain it with nonsense lore.

          • Balazra

            Active suspension coupled with hydronic track manipulation to maximise or minimise traction would work fine.

            Alternatively active suspension on the tracks would allow separate track heights; meaning when leaning in to a corner the tracks are effectively a “w” shape from the front and rear view, were as the center of the track is extended as the front and rear portion of the track is contracted, (into the vehicle) forming a “u” shape from front to back aiding in near “v” shaped cornering at both high and low speeds. This is due to curvature and speed variance of the differing tracks and if using active suspension always allowing the maximum tread to be in contact with the ground at any one time. This is assuming they the track tread does not also allow to “twist” which would further increase the contact of track to surface allowing for grater traction or lower traction dependent on desire.

          • Muninwing

            neat idea

  • shiwan

    This needs to be longer. It looks like it’s going to flip the second it hits some small bump on the road.

    • jcdent

      It also needs to be higher, I don’t know how the top of the thread can run from one end to the other.

      • shiwan

        By not going in a straight line.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Being original and doing your own thing is sooooooooo 1980’s…

    • Crevab

      But that’s when 40k came out. Doesn’t make sense

  • Crevab

    It’s a Tankette. Not bad

    • Muninwing

      good for mechanical-themed dudes. I might retool my Iron Hands to give this or something like it to my HQ…

  • AnomanderRake

    Maybe? I think it’d look better if it were a halftrack, as is it doesn’t look llike it can steer.

  • Admiral Raptor

    I like the utilitarian look. It’d be nice for Iron warriors or Imperial fists.

    • Muninwing

      Iron Hands, with a rider that has some cables and bionics…

  • Mach13

    Whoever designed this model has no idea how tracks work. For instance, they should form loops.

    • Boondox

      The Rhino tracks form a loop, an unrealistic one that wouldn’t realistically allow for the side doors to open. Then there’s the fact that the barrel, magazine and ejection ports of every bolter ever made do not line up. A certain amount of artistic leeway is given so we have to ignore the laws of physics when we discuss a game set 40,000 years in the future. lol.

      • Mach13

        Agreed, it is sketchy on the Rhinos too as there is very little room above the doors. But there is a difference between sketchy and a model where they didn’t even bother. And yeah, I get it is scifi, make it hover and I wouldn’t give a crap. But put tracks on on and you need to at least make it not look ridiculous.

    • Muninwing

      if they’re shaped more like a B than an O, it’s not a problem…

      except that that would change the speed.

      we can blame it all on “future tech” i suppose?

  • Raven Jax

    It looks almost like a snow mobile. I could see using this for some sort of a snow-themed SM army.

    • Boondox

      They could be escorts for Logan Grimnar’s sleigh of toys…