Privateer: New Black River Irregulars Expansion


Undercity gets new a bunch of heroes for hire!

Privateer has put out a new expansion for The Undercity, their boardgame of adventure in the deadly sewers of the Iron Kingdoms.

Undercity Black River Irregulars Expansion – $34.99


The Undercity$94.99

via Privateer:

The Black River Irregulars expand their ranks with four new heroes for the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Games! Defeat the villains and monsters of western Immoren with the tactical acumen of Colbie Sterling, unleash the arcane power of Eilish Garrity, fight dirty with Barl Blackheel, and ward away danger with Bastian Kinnet. With these mighty adventurers at your disposal, no threat is too great, no mission too difficult!

Wanted: Fearless Heroes, Willing to Risk Death in Darkness

This expansion has everything you need to add these new heroes to any Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, including The Undercity and Widower’s Wood. Also included are rules for increasing your adventuring party to six players, epic hero rules for advancing your character to even higher experience levels, and a new Blood Sport survival scenario that challenges you to defeat unending waves of villains.

4 Plastic Hero Figures
4 Hero Character Sheets
112 Cards
34 Tokens and Markers
8 Map Tiles
1 Blood Sport Scenario
The Undercity Gameplay Tutorial


Check out the BoLS unboxing of The Undercity core city boxed set and Privateer Press’ gameplay tutorial to get you up to speed.


Can’t Get Enough Colbie? Pre-order the new Black River Irregulars novel!

~See you down in the sewers adventurers!

  • euansmith

    Do the minis from this get stats to be used in Warmachine? If not, what a pity.

    • Hawt Dawg

      You have to side with pity.

    • Richard Mitchell

      You probably just need to pick up the cards, just like in the previous core set. I love the stories based on the BRI. Very few fan novels are actually good novels. Dan Abnett encapsulates the rare author who wrote fan novels that were actually good novels. Gaunt’s Ghost for the win. The BRI series is one of these stories that stands alone as a good story. I already own the core game and being able to play them is going to be a blast. May I have to pay i dont know 99 cents for a colby card ya, but the trollkin makes a cool leader model, the alchemist as alternate Gorman sculpt, are awesome. I just want rules to use the Gobber and his jack too for WMH. The core set came with some cool models for Croes crew (just need to order Croe through the PP store) and two Freebooters, and a Warden so it is a good buy.

    • Most of the minis in Undercity/BRI/WW are recasts of Warmahordes minis, though the plastic quality is different enough that they really aren’t acceptable substitutes.

      As far as I know the only one of the heroes that actually has a Warmachine card is Colbie herself.