Angel’s Blade Review: Signals #468


On today’s show Jason and PeteyPab review the new Angel’s Blade book, and help you find an ITC event near you!


What do you think of the new Black Crusade books? Who came out on top, CSM or Blood Angels?

You can also follow along with our show notes here.

  • Zingbaby

    They’re both alright.

    • SupraGenius

      In a vacuum of the two sides playing against eachother, it’s pretty well balanced. Versus all the other broken crap out there, neither are powerhouses, but hey, at least they’ll give a little bit of life into us.

      • Nubu

        I’m going to regret this but…how did you come to the conclusion that these 2 are roughly equal?

        • benn grimm

          Both red? 😉

        • Death Company Andro

          BA command and auxiliary formations are ok. The DC strike force will be fun. But the BL decurion has all the core formation as obsec…..

          • Nubu

            Ok. The CSM version has no tools with which to kill BA. What does obsec do to a force that can not stand against the units they are competing with?

          • Death Company Andro

            Lol. Nurgle bikers. Terminators. Havocs etc.

          • Nubu

            Yep. Zero damage potential and very little to no staying power.

          • Cj Cox

            My slaanesh bikers want a word with you about staying power. And my autocannon havocs might have a thing or two to say about damage potential.

          • Nubu

            The invisible wolfstar is happy to have that discussion with your bikers and the WK might be able to give pointers to your havocs.