Tabletop Spotlight: Gorechosen


The Tabletop Spotlight is on Gorechosen – the battle for the Blood God’s favor is here!

Hey BoLS Readers! Do you like Skulls? Of course you do! Why else would you be interested in a game like Gorechosen, right? Well there is actually more to it than just skulls…

Gorechosen is a game of brutal arena combat. Players take the roll of Champions of Khorne in a 2-4 player throw down and the winner is the person left standing. This game really is pretty easy to pick-up but the different heroes each have a different play style and that is what makes it interesting. It’s perfect for a warm-up game to get the blood flowing. I won’t get into the mechanics too much, but if you are interested, Games Workshop has a pretty quick video you can check out at the bottom of this post. Now, lets talk about what exactly is in the box!

The game comes with 4 models, plus dice, cards, a double-sided board, a rule book, tokens and an action deck. The models included are 4 heroes from the Games Workshop line. If you’re doing the math on this product (which has a price of $60) then you can see what a deal this game is presenting. It’s basically 50% off the price if you bought each hero individually. That’s not counting the ENTIRE GAME you also get with those 4 models. Not too shabby.

Also, this game is poised to go on for awhile with expansions to the Hero Pool. In the rulebook they give you the stats for 4 more Champions to use and in the most recent White Dwarf they introduced 2 more Legendary Heroes as well. If Games Workshops really wants to milk this game (and they very easily could) then all they need to do is to keep adding more Heroes. If you think of this game like the “Fighting Pit” scene from Conan the Barbarian then you can see where I’m going. I don’t see a reason Games Workshop couldn’t start including “captured” heroes from other factions into the fray. I’d love to toss a Stormcast Eternal in here and see what happens. (I mean, when he dies Stormcasts are supposed to *poof* out but it’s a fighting pit game so I’m sure GW could use some Hand-wavium on that and just let it go.)

If you already have Silver Tower, then you can see exactly what I’m getting at. It would probably take the design studio an afternoon to come up with extra rules for the other heroes in Silver Tower and then it would take the art team an afternoon to crank out the designs for the cards. They don’t even have to print them! Just add them in the next issue of White Dwarf! And then in a couple months they could sell a “Hero Pack” with the Gorechosen cards they created. The possibilities for some cross marketing are ripe and the best part is that PLAYERS benefit. Does anyone NOT want to have more heroes in the line-up? I know I would love to see the full range supported eventually!

As a board game, Gorechosen is a relatively quick game. It can still get pretty intense and the Heroes keep it fresh. The game also supports different multiplayer games as well as 1v1 duels. If they had a “map pack” or something like that in an expansion for this (eventually) it would be great. This game has the potential to be more than just a distraction and could really have some legs with some extra “stuff” developed for it. Overall, it’s neat – like I said earlier it’s great warm-up game for vets but it’s also a great intro game for new players. This one is less of a setup than Silver Tower and it’s supposed to be a game you can just jump right into – it does that all very well. I can see the progression from Gorechosen to Silver Tower to full blown Age of Sigmar. I can also see how each game could feed into the other two. But speculation and optimism aside, the actual game is in stores now – so go check it out!

 Gorechosen $60


Glory to Khorne!

The Bloodbound – these are the lunatics who have passed the trials of Khorne, proving themselves worthy of his violent gifts. Since the dawn of the Age of Chaos, they have destroyed kingdoms and empires in a stunning tide of ferocity, reaping blood and skulls for their god. The most devoted, those who have trodden the bloodstained Path to Glory, are the Gorechosen. True glory for these elites of Chaos lies in offering the mightiest skulls to Khorne – and what skull mightier than that of another Gorechosen?

The Game

Gorechosen is a game of brutal, fast-paced arena combat for 2-4 players. In this game, four champions of Khorne are thrown into the pit, fighting bitterly against each other to prove who is the most worthy of the Blood God’s gifts! Fight every man for himself, or team up against the strongest player to decide who is the most favoured of Khorne – lots of variations and tweaks to the bloodthirsty core game rules are included.

Khorne, what is best is life? SKULLS. It’s SKULLS, man!

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      What’s your problem?

  • NNextremNN

    I actually like the Idea of adding more Heroes but than with actual board material and not some prints in a magazine which I a) have to cut out or b) have to scan and reprint.

    • euansmith

      It could be fun if they do support this and add extra hero cards and different arenas. Maybe turn it in to something like an AoS version of the superhero games (Heroclix/Batman Miniatures Game/etc).

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        He’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes

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          Apple pie, in the sky hopes 😀

        • Ross Allan

          They have pulled it off (oooerr!) with Quest, so adding the odd deck of cards here and there isn’t a biggie.