The Glory of Kharn the Betrayer & Review



Kneel before the power of the Blood God’s champion – Kharn the Betrayer’s new model is here.

via Games Workshop

Kharn in the Round

Let’s take quick look at different sides of the new Knarn mini:






Kharn Review



They certainly have knocked it out of the park with the new Kharn.  The first thing that jumps out at you is the pose and sense of energy and motion the new model has. This Kharn is barreling at his target, plasma pistol up and Gorechild held high ready to slam down on his foe.  The chains both front and back emphasize his sense of motion. Looking at the side view picture, the model has a sense of control, and does not appear to have any of the “dancing or tripping” problems the earler Berzerkers and some jump pack models have.  I like the helmet tassels and the veins on his exposed arm. Normally I would say there are a little too many skulls on a single model like this – but we are talking about Kharn. Both he and Skulltaker get a pass in that department.

Note that smaller more compact backpack is a key element that allows you to focus on the new model’s face. It doesn’t distract the eye the way the previous model’s pack did. If you want to see just how much the industry has advanced, take a look at Kharn’s previous 20 year old model. Look at things like the detail of the screaming skull on Kharn’s groin guard, or his helmet mask between both models.


I was badass back in day…

When the previous plastic Age of Sigmar Khorne champions were released, we wondered what GW could with their new design skills and technical ability if they turned it back to the 40K Chaos Marine line.  Now we know.


~What do you think of the model’s aesthetics?


  • Andrew

    Interestingly the old Khârn is still available

  • Wayne Molina

    No, he looks like he’s tripping on all of those chains. Overall he looks good, just not that dumb dynamic pose that GW keeps trying to peddle and keeps IMHO usually failing with.

    But then again, no surprise this is another “CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME THING ISN’T IT THE COOLEST THING EVER MAN GW IS SO GREAT AREN’T THEY? Buy this amazing figure now!!!” type of post.

    • Mike Tbone Green

      i hear ya. im getting kinda tired of looking at all these chains on model and skulls. just too much,

      • Wayne Molina

        At least chains and skulls work for Khorne 😉 Don’t get me wrong the model itself looks sweet, just GW keeps trying to go for these dynamic poses and they don’t really (IMHO/YMMV) work.

    • vlad78

      Now that you’re talking about he really looks like he’s tripping.

      • euansmith

        He’s shouldn’t have taken Doomrider up on that snorting contest.

        • Skeksis


      • Wayne Molina

        The INTENT of course is that he’s charging forward screaming KILL MAIM BURN over and over and over, but the model pose doesn’t convey that.

  • nurglitch

    I think it’s the same pose as Kharn the Bloody.

  • Randy Randalman

    It invokes the original, while having a much needed aesthetic and size update. Perfect.
    . First Ulrik, then Eldrad, and now Kharn. Hope they keep it up!

    • shiwan

      The new Ulrik is horrible. It’s a war game. Dynamic poses are mandatory.

      • vlad78

        They don’t know how to make dynamic poses. Ulrik is amongst the best they do nowadays.

        • shiwan

          Dude, the old berzerker models look better on the table just because they look like they are doing something.

          • vlad78

            I totally disagree. The old berserkers look totally outdated. Ulrik looks like a space marine assessing the battlefield before putting his helmet on and kicking xenos.
            Commanders don’t need to perform acrobatics to look good in a wargame imho.

            To each its own.

          • shiwan

            To me a guy standing in the middle of the combat like peple did before guns were invented when they assessed the battlefield before the combat is just silly. It’s a fine display model but I would not use that thing in a game.

          • vlad78

            As you wish. But commanders are meant to assess a battlefield. ;p
            I understand it can contradict you opinion on the matter but to me it’s far more evocative than a mini with an awkward pose.

          • shiwan

            It messes with the immersion. This is a guy with a few lifetimes of combat experience and he refuses to act like a soldier. You can asses the situation from cover too.

          • vlad78

            Why do you think he refuses to act like a soldier? because GW rules dictate to lead from the front? I see it like the samouraï ethic, the blade will be drawn only to kill, one hit, one kill, and only when necessary. Likewise the SM commander will command his troops and only when necessary will he lead the charge and show how to handle things with superhuman efficiency because his SM brothers are eventually his true blade. Ulric and the limited SM commander are just like a blade in its sheath, they make me think of maximum violence contained under a dignified knighly pose. I have no problem with that kind of immersion.
            Let the assault marines have dynamic stances, they are meant to do the dirty job up close and personal.

          • shiwan

            If the model is on the table it’s in the combat zone. People that know what they are doing don’t stop to take selfies when bullets are flying around.

            Remember how the well the samurai did when they started facing guns?

          • vlad78

            Samourai never had power armor, black carapace, reinforced bones body muscles skin yadda yadda.. We coud go all day to justify a fictional setting.

            It’s about personal preferences.

            Take the SM helmet, I can’t stand seing a SM without helmet because it interferes with how I immerse myself into the setting. Same here.
            I believe SM are so used to war that they don’t need a combat stance when not fighting directly in hth.

            My point right at the start being gw has a really difficult time giving realistic dynamic stances to their miniatures, more static ones being easier to achieve are often better.

          • shiwan

            Even marines die from a lasgun brain piercing.

            Yeah, I agree, they are not the best of dynamic posing. I just like to look at models that look like they are fighting when they are fighting. The static poses look cool, no doubt about that.

        • Spacefrisian

          Meanwhile Ragnars model is till being…undynamic.

          • vlad78

            That’s my whole point.

  • euansmith

    Say what you will about Khârn, but you can’t deny that kid’s got balls. Big, spiky balls.

    Is the new Khârn as large as the AoS Chaos Champions? That would certainly make him impressive.

  • SilentPony

    At this point I honestly would have trouble telling Khorne Space Marines apart from just fantasy Khorne dudes.

    • yorknecromancer

      I suspect that’s kind of the point. We know their financials are in the toilet, so it makes sense to have as broad a market as possible.

      This is just an easy way for GW to sell more Fantasy models: make them compatible with the 40K range. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually became more and more explicit about having the AoS range usable in 40K. I mean, from a purely business point it makes sense – the same way that Daemons can be used in 40K and AoS – so you get double the sales with minimal effort.

      I mean, we could criticise GW for making a good business decision, but I think it’s pretty clever myself.

      • euansmith

        The various Khorne dudes from AoS could certainly be ported in as heroes and close combat units. Of course, close combat would need to be made viable to sell them.

    • Wayne Molina

      Really though, that’s sometimes the appeal. I know that looking at the AoS Khorne Bloodbound has me really considering a Khorne Daemonkin army for 40k.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    Kharn looks ridiculous in that stance, and with how good the AoS khorne guys look, I think they could have done a hell of a lot better.

  • karloss01

    Pretty sure when they were designing this guy they went with the pose in one of the old artworks.

  • Kharn looks powerful and scary. But I like him. It is interesting how gamers are on Facebook enjoying their favorite games.

  • Painjunky

    The arm chains are WAY too big and it looks like he’s tripping over his skullz. I’ll pass.
    The over the top AoS style just looks childish.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I don’t like it I’m afraid, lots of the elements are just horribly cartoony and silly looking, particularly the backpack and crotch skulls.

    He’s supposed to be badass and mean, not ridiculous.

    • vlad78

      I would remove them. I think the mini can still be saved.

  • I think its funny that now, all of a sudden, people are complaining massively about the chains & skulls, when they were also part of the original model and nobody batted an eye.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s more the pose. It REALLY looks like he’s tripping over them.

  • kobalt60

    Kharn is a pretty cool guy, and doesn’t afraid anything

  • Peter Lundgreen Hansen

    Naa you guys are crazy… that one badass Nice looking model.. tripping on chains? No chains near the feet. Dont care about company that is one sweet model. If you guys are tired of chains and skulls. KHARN IS THE WRONG MODEL TO COMMENT ON!!!!

  • Agent OfBolas

    yes. … more Khorne. Something we really needs…

    And where is new CSM codex?

  • E65