Unboxing: Carrion Thralls & Inflictor/Seether Cryx Kits


Come check out the new Cryx releases – The Carrion Thralls & The Inflictor/Seether Combo Kit!

Hey BoLS Readers! Cryx players can rest easy because the new Combo kit for the Inflictor/Seether is back in plastic and it looks GOOD. Plus the Carrion Thralls are here with some really nice sculpts to boot:

Let’s start with the Carrion Thralls. These new metal birdies are going to be the BANE of the battlefield! Okay, I’m sorry for that one but it was too easy to pass-up. Carrion Thralls, as far as models go, are pretty simple. The sculpts are solid and the detail is there because the material is metal. The flight stands are also pretty cool looking too and very unique. I liked the theme of them being bio-mechanical ravens/crows infused with all that Cryxian “goodness” inside. Watch Out Col. Sanders – Cryx has their own secret recipe!

Now, as for the Inflictor/Seether Kit – WOW. This new plastic kit is really well done! I’ve been saying it for a while now but the new materials that Privateer Press is using for their kits is great to work with. It holds the detail very well, is easy to clip & clean, and it’s just plain better than the PVC stuff they used before. If you’re looking to add either the Inflictor or the Seether to your Cryx forces now is a great time to get that kit! Aside from materials, the actual sculpts are very well done. As you can tell in the video, it comes in 4 different sprues and every thing is laid out in an easy to follow manner. The instructions are now included in the box and make assembly a very easy process. Really, I’ve got no complaints about this kit – other than it makes me want to play Cryx. Don’t let my Khador buddies here me say that.

Overall, both these kits are great additions to the Cryx arsenal. I’m not a Cryx player so I’m not 100% sure how many people are going to want to run the Carrion Thralls – but I still like them! The Seether is a Classic ‘Jack redone in plastic and this kit is a fantastic upgrade/replacement kit in plastic. So go check them out!

Carrion Thralls


Each carrion thrall is a unique and nightmarish fusion drawn from the minds of Cryx’s mad necrotechs. Cobbled together from the bodies of Cryxian birds and battlefield scrap, flocks of carrion thralls blacken battlefields to pick apart the bodies of the dead and any wounded who have been left behind.

Inflictor/Seether Combo Kit


Inflictors are fiercely protective of their masters and use their considerable mass and armor to shield them at all costs.

These nigh uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; they are an accomplishment of malign intent. The soul drives grafted to their cortexes alter the behavior of these abominations in combat—captive souls give the Inflictor preternatural awareness of incoming threats.



Cryx – or what I like to call “The Stuff of Nightmares”

  • zeno666

    Awsome stuff!
    Just bought a bottle of Mr Cement (Mr Hobby) so now I’m ready for the plastic stuff 🙂

    • Richard Mitchell

      I feel you, man, ya its time to dabble in the Nightmare Empire.