Warlord: Konflikt ’47 is a Hit!

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It’s been a very successful month for the game’s creators and players.

Chris, Russ and Aitch from the team at Clockwork Goblin talk about the what’s been going on in the Konflikt ’47 community, and what’s coming up in the game.

via Warlord:

Wow, what a start! When the game hit the streets on 6 August we were quietly hoping that it would meet with a broad level of approval and slowly insert itself as a game people wanted to try. As it transpired, the game hit the streets, went a bit crazy and shot off down the road like a scalded cat. A huge thank you to everyone who has backed our little adventure and is now eagerly waiting for the next release….

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With a month now passed we thought it fitting to provide the (now significant) player community with an update on what happens next. Partly to assure you there is plan and partly to keep ourselves on track in order to deliver everything we’ve promised.

Firstly, Warlord have published the miniature release schedule until Christmas, with January and February next year likely to see everything released from the core rulebook except the two massive walkers which may be delayed a couple of months in order to cast enough stock. This is a valid issue, the scale of demand for Konflikt ’47 has overwhelmed parts of the Warlord Games HQ and the resin casters in particular are working flat out to keep the models flowing.

Konflikt ’47 Release Schedule

Obviously we then need to get the Wave 2 (for want of a better name) models in the pipeline for later next year. The good news is we have that in hand and British Grenadiers, Canine units, towed artillery, Paragons, Heavy Infantry Officers, Special Characters and more are all in various stages of concept and design. In addition it seems that many, many people are looking forward to the Japanese contribution to the game, so we’re not planning on disappointing.

Salute 2016 - Konflikt 47 (2)

Whilst the design and sculpting work goes on, the rules need to be developed for these additional units. Again, work has already started and will continue right up to a models release. On the subject of rules, much has been made of the BA v1 / Konflikt’47 / BA v2 relationship so it’s worth adding a little here. Konflikt was never intended to be a supplement to BA, it was conceived as a stand-alone game, both to allow variations required for the genre and to keep BA free of our particular brand of weirdness. The fact it’s written by Clockwork Goblin rather than Warlord also makes a little separation easier to manage. Obviously we have endeavoured to maintain compatibility wherever possible and that principle will remain – but is not set in stone. Units from BA ‘Armies of…’ and Theatre Books are usable in Konflikt’47 if players are in agreement, but may not be balanced or fully coherent with the Konflikt rules.

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With the release of BA v2, there is clearly going to be some changes to the core BA rules that will be of benefit to Konflikt ’47. Certainly from what we’ve seen, several of the changes are most certainly for the better. However, it’s probably prudent to let v2 bed itself in for a while before we leap into changing anything in Konflikt. So please be a patient, we fully plan to ‘poach’ the best bits from v2, but only after we’ve had a good look at them and checked them against our slightly different mechanics. We don’t see any issues here, just prudent checks and balances. Obviously, if you are at home or your club and want to smash the two versions together, crack on, we’d be interested to hear the results!

So, one month in and the three (yes, only three) of us behind Konflikt ’47 are gasping for breath and trying to work out how we maintain this excellent start around our respective families and jobs. Looking ahead, it all looks positive, lots in the pipeline, plans for a supplement later next year and a chance to take this game to another level with the continued support of Warlord and Osprey .

Hopefully you’ll all have as much fun playing this game as we’ve had bringing it to life. The next few years promise to be an interesting blend of creative effort, gaming heroics and (hopefully) some opportunities to get out and meet you, the players, at shows and events.


Not playing yet? Here are some resources to get you started:


Are you playing Konflikt ’47? What do you think?

  • Kayreios

    Good luck making people wait a year to play… Brit orks for everyone…

    • dave long island

      The Americans should be the Orks: crazy, drunken, and compulsively violent. Ya The Yanks should be the Orks.

      • shaydozer

        As an American Veteran I second this.

        • dave long island

          Right on

    • DeadlyYellow

      Have they announced anything for the British? Will be disappointed if they don’t have jump or jet packs.

      Orks feel closer to Polish in basic concept, what with the Home Army’s garage-tech. Though I don’t recall them having an actual faction in BA.

      • euansmith

        My mate is running his Polish Army at a tournament this weekend. Apparently their mounted lancers can be brutal.

        • LordRao

          Polish Lancers are the only true shock cavalry left in the game. With their ‘lances’ upgrade they get multiple attacks in melee, which can be lethal. But melee in general and some cavalry rules have been (rightly, imo) nerfed in this 2nd edition, so I’m not completely sure how well even the Polish lancers will fare nowadays.

          • euansmith

            The Tournament he is playing in is using the 1st Edition rules, so he is hoping for some nasty. outflanking cavalry fun.

          • LordRao

            Ah I see. Yeah, those 1st ed. Polish lancers are da bombz. Enough to build a whole army around. Certainly one of the Polish’ main strengths.

      • Jeremy

        There is a release schedule on the Warlord site. There is British stuff coming, including a starter set, before the end of the year, supposedly.

        • euansmith

          It is great how they just need to take existing stuff, add a turret, a mech and a signature unit in metal and they’ve got a starter set good to go.

      • LordRao

        There is a complete British army list in the rulebook already. I haven’t seen any British stuff announced for this wave 2 of which they speak, but afaik nothing has been revealed about that – only vague teases like ‘canine units’, which says exactly nothing.

    • Jeremy

      Yes, not having more stuff ready to go (given some already exists but has been removed from sale) is disappointing. And then on their official FB page they delete links and pictures of proxy figures.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Konflikt 47… The most interesting game I have seen in years none of my gaming buddies are interested in playing. Cruel world! 🙁

    • Jo Go

      I’m in the same boat man. I was super excited to show this game to my buddies and they all had the same “meh” shoulder shrug reaction. Cruel world indeed.

    • erion

      I actually have a friend who swore off all historical gaming who approached me about K47 since he knows I like Bolt Action and Gates of Antares.

      Alternate History, it seems, is something else entirely. Now I just need to steer him toward Team Yankee, too…

  • Andrew Duncan

    Looks like Konflict47 is leaving everyone in their dust.

    • euansmith

      😀 😀 😀

    • LordRao

      This is such a Weird War… oh wait.

  • ThorsHammer

    Problem is, I think Dust has kind of tainted the whole Weird War thing…

    Walkers in WWII has been overdone already.

    I was hoping for a What If type of game with prototype vehicles from WWII that could have possibly have been fielded. Possibly even a defeated Germany joining with the Allies vs the Russians.

  • euansmith

    “Paragons”? Are we talking superheroes? I was thinking of picking up the US Starter Set and adding a couple of Statuesque’s minis as superheroes; simply making them high ranking officers to boot the moral of their force.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Good series!

  • TheWanderingJewels