Warmachine New Releases – Haley & More


New Haley! Take a look at the new Privateer Press weekly releases – just hitting store shelves.

This week have have both tabletop and RPG releases.



Undercity Black River Irregulars Expansion $34.99

The Black River Irregulars expand their ranks with four new heroes for the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Games! Defeat the villains and monsters of western Immoren with the tactical acumen of Colbie Sterling, unleash the arcane power of Eilish Garrity, fight dirty with Barl Blackheel, and ward away danger with Bastian Kinnet. With these mighty adventurers at your disposal, no threat is too great, no mission too difficult!

This expansion has everything you need to add these new heroes to any Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, including The Undercity and Widower’s Wood. Also included are rules for increasing your adventuring party to six players, epic hero rules for advancing your character to even higher experience levels, and a new Blood Sport survival scenario that challenges you to defeat unending waves of villains.


  • 4 Plastic Hero Figures
  • 4 Hero Character Sheets
  • 112 Cards
  • 34 Tokens and Markers
  • 8 Map Tiles
  • 1 Blood Sport Scenario


Captain Victoria Haley New $15.99 (metal)

A strong-willed woman capable of both grim resolve and singular heroism, Victoria Haley has risen from meager origins to become one of the greatest assets of the Cygnaran Army. A daughter to murdered parents, she has sworn vengeance against the Cryxians who killed her family. Where the armies of the Nightmare Empire assemble she is often found throwing everything she can muster toward the undead hordes.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 31096 replaces PIP 31001. The replaced model will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning September 7th, 2016.



High Exemplar Kreoss $16.99 (metal)

High Exemplar Kreoss has become a living legend. His concentration is unmatched as he directs interdictions of thousands of zealous soldiers and warjacks to key points in a battle. So strong is his faith that a mere touch from his blessed weapon can revoke the unwholesome sorcery granted by lesser gods to their wayward followers.


Kaelyssa Night’s Whisper New $13.99 (metal)

Kaelyssa is the foremost strike force commander of the Retribution’s mage hunters. Her sergeants claim she can hear the heartbeats of the enemy and taste their movements on the wind. Those wizards caught in her sights are left defenseless as their own magic is negated or turned against them. To Kaelyssa her calling is a dangerous but thrilling endeavor, and with every mission she extends the depths of her formidable talents.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 35054 replaces PIP 35003. The replaced models will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning September 7th, 2016.


Lys Healer $11.99(metal)

Lys healers embrace both spirituality and anatomical knowledge in equal parts. Before the Retribution drew Ios into conflict with the nations of men, Lys healers spent much of their time mending incidental injuries or driving illnesses from the bodies of their fellow elves, but war has forced them to the front lines where their ability as physicians is in high demand.



Northkin Shaman $23.99 (metal)

A lifetime of exposure to the elements and endless study of ancient rites has granted these wizened shamans of the northkin power over the very elements that shape Immoren’s frozen north. Their incantations chill the hearts of men and beasts that would threaten the kriels, turning flesh black with frostbite more potent than even what the bitterest winter can offer.

~These are store shelves NOW. Which one’s your favorite? I think the new Captain Haley is SO much better then the old one.

  • zeno666

    Oh its actually a new new Haley sculpt!? I thought it was the Store exclusive becoming non-store exclusive.
    Very nice, the old one was quite bad.

    • ZeeLobby

      Def. That shaman looks pretty awesome as well.

      • Hawt Dawg

        Awesome? He is more than that. Love that they add more runes, fur etc. on the newer Trollblood sculpts. Fits well enough.

        Gul’dan called, he wanted his groove back…

    • Shawn

      It is a nicer looking pose, but why not do it in plastic, or resin? If they are moving toward doing that, as seems to be the case, just another caster in metal is a step back. Ahh well, I guess I am addicted to working with plastic.

      • zeno666

        Its a cost thing I guess.
        They sell one Haley per Cygnar player and perhaps 10-20 Stormguard. So the Stormguard gets plastic.
        I’m perfectly fine with metal though, better details and undercuts and all that 🙂

        • Shawn

          I’m kind of okay with metal, becuase that’s what I’m forced to work with to play Warmachine. However, I much prefer plastic. Less weight, easier to put together, and easier to modify. It’s one of the reasons I’ve kind of shied away from Warmachine. I’m addicting to the modeling, which at the moment, is taken up by 40k!

      • Richard Mitchell

        metal, plastic, resinic, its all the same to me.

        • Shawn

          That’s good that you can feel that way Richard. I started with Warmachine, so was okay with it. However, once I discovered 40k and the modeling possibilities I went nuts. I love modeling, and well. Metal isn’t so easy to work with. And PP doesn’t play nice when it comes to conversions.

    • Richard Mitchell

      I was really impressed with the new Haley sculpt as well. It screams arcantrik bolt to the face.

  • JP

    Wow. Look at the old Haley compared to the new one. PP has come a LONG way in the quality of their sculpts.