Wyrd: September Releases 2016

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Wyrd has some BEEFY releases for September – come see what they have in store this month!

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WYR20339-WindGamin Arcane-Advert WYR20432-Changelings WYR20531-TheWingedPlague

Wyrd does not have a shortage of winged beasties this month with the Winged Gamin and the Winged Plague arriving. Plus they are upping the creepy factor by at least x10 with the Changelings. But the model I’m most excited about this month is the Arcane Emissary! A mechanically enhanced bull ready to crush, gore and slice it’s way to victory? Like the Kool-Aid Man said, “Oh Yeah!”


What’s you’re favorite model from this month’s releases?

  • euansmith

    He he he he! More great stuff from Wyrd.

    • shiwan

      Slightly psychotic there, bud?

      • euansmith

        Happy at the prospect of more excellent minis. Mwhahahahahahaha! That’s psychotic. 😉

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          those changelings will go well as playmates for the dreamer!

  • Mike X

    The Arcane Emissary looks badass.

  • NagaBaboon

    Ah I love Wyrd’s minis

  • Simon Chatterley

    I needs them changlings for the mysterious emissary I got from the Pre-order last month…totally forgot he blinking summons them….

    And my Hamelin would love some new ways to spread his plague so I’ll have them too.

    Giving Zipp a run out tonight. The Sky pirates will rule the…Errmm…sky

  • Richard Mitchell

    Changlings are so disturbing. Damn, I need those.