40K: SN Gorgeous ‘No Retreat 3’ Tourney


SN Battle Reports is back with a tournament rundown with so many stunning minis and tables you need to see.

WOW! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better!

The Tournament Rundown

Just finished wrapping up our third No Retreat here at SN and we are lost for words.They just keep getting bigger and better. Up to a comfortable 36 players this time around and once again the Europa Retreat Centre proving the ideal location for such an event.

Overall a huge success once again, more so than before. This time attracting players not only from the England and Spain, but also from Sweden, Ireland and Luxembourg! Some new celebrities as well as some more familiar faces including guys from Scattered Dice, Tabletop Tactics, Siege Studios, Greetings from the Warp, Geeks40k, Aceface and Andy Wardle himself!

The (in)famous No Retreat reigning champion, The Spider, Lawrence Baker from Tabletop tactics returned once again to defend his title. He manages to do so yet again with his Dark Eldar, despite the higher standards in competition.

Following our format from previous No Retreats, the event was held over two days with each player having 5 games, three on the Saturday and the remaining two on the Sunday. Army composition rules remained more or less the same for the most part and can be found at www.snbattlereports.com . In short,1750pts, strict WYSIWYG, and a high level of painting across all the armies including basing of models. ITC FAQ and rules enforced.

Although we believe that there will always be room for improvement, the current rules have proved to make for some fluffier armies with mostly pleasant themes ensuring that the event as a whole really stays true to the hobby and remains fun for all. Some fun awards again (maybe for the last time) including the Spoon, last place, and the Spork for cheesiest army. SNs very own Nick did us proud again and took home the spork where as Ethan just about missed the spoon by one place (Harlequins Ethan?! Really…?) which was taken by Javier and his beautifully painted Tau.

As always we held a painting competition although this time was a little different. We had the absolute pleasure of having Andy Wardle help us choose the winners!

A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us make it all possible. Escenorama, Atomic Terrain, Hazard Manufacture, GAMEMAT.eu and Wargame Terrain Factory are to thank for the terrain filling an amazing 18 stunning tables. For the prizes, we have; Element Games – Wargaming Webstore, Bandau Wargames and E-minis to thank for generously helping us out. Saccone and Speed graciously gave us a hand with all the drinks, and obviously another thanks to the Retreat Centre for providing us with the perfect venue.

Last but by no means least, we would like to send out a huge, HUGE thanks to all those who participated and followed us throughout the weekend. We love what we do and do it for the hobby as well as hobbyist. It means the world to us to see our passion reciprocated in such force. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys.


No Retreat 3 Tournament Awards

1st Lawrence Baker (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Dark Eldar (Yes, he successfully defended his title…again!)
2nd Chema Triguero Morilla (Spain) Chaos Daemons
3rd Yannick Fuchs (Luxemburg) Dark Angels

The Silver Spoon: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Players’ Player Award: Richard Hope (England) (Geeks40k) Space Marines
Players’ Award for Best Army: John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Cheesiest Army (the Silver Spork): Nick Rodriguez (Gibraltar) (SN) Craftworld Eldar (Title Defended!)

SN Awards:

Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Jamie Robson (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Space Marines
Matthew Marlow (England) (Greetings of the Warp) Space Marines
John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Fredrik Carrasco (Sweden) Elysian Drop Troops
Andy Wardle (England) Space Marines

No Retreat Painting Competition

Best Painted Single Miniature: John Causton (England)
Best Painted Monstrous Creature: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain)
Best Painted Unit: James Froggat (England)
Best Painted Vehicle: John Causton (England)



Miniatures From the Event



































Single Miniature Category Honorable Mention Red Hunters Space Marine by James Froggat


Vehicle Category Honorable Mention Imperial Fists Legion Fellblade by Andrew Dickerson


Single Figure Category Winner Harlequin Shadowseer by John Causton


Vehicle Category Winner Eldar Wave Serpent by John Causton




Single Figure Category Honorable Mention Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest by James Otero


Monstrous Creature Category Winner Terrorgeist by Javi Martinez


Monstrous Creature Category Honorable Mention Squat Dreadnought by Dave Williamson


Unit Category Honorable Mention Deathwatch Kill Team by Tristan Whitehead


Unit Category Winner Inquisitorial Squad by James Froggat


Unit Category Honorable Mention Wraithguard by John Causton


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  • Fantastic looking event, we could use something of this caliber in the US!

    Glad DE won, tells you a lot about the event (in the best way)

  • I’ve been on the sore end of Caustons eldar many a time… Love his models but hate them at the same time as I’m so jealous I’m nowhere near as good 😝

  • benn grimm

    Nice to hear of DE winning something, congrats to the guy, overall looks/sounds like a very cool event 🙂

  • TenDM

    A solid reminder that my Eldar look terrible and I’m an awful person because of it. =P

  • Artyom Trityak

    No Necrons 🙁

    • Toby Liddiard

      There were two Necron players, think you can see their armies in the full album. They must have reanimating when these pictures were taken 😀

  • Ebsolom

    Those Tyranids look beautiful.

  • Mitchell

    Fantastic gaming boards and terrain as well as armies looks fun

  • Commissar Molotov

    Love all that gorgeous terrain! Tourney tables shouldn’t look like billiards tables!

  • Agent OfBolas

    My eyes recieved so much goodness, I think they need to be closed for next 12 hours to rest a bit.

    Too much good things in one place 🙂

  • Fredrik Carrasco

    I was there and it was easily the best event I have attended so far! Everyone was super friendly and great sports, tables looked ace and the format really brought out some interesting lists contrary to the usual suspects of Tau-Dar shenanigans. I cannot recommend it enough, apply for the next one if you are interested.
    Here’s my recap footage from the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVQytoj6snA

  • Toby Liddiard

    Was an honour and pleasure to be part of this event. You have never played on tables like it, and the whole standard of the painting was something else! The SN guys pull out all the stops to make this event special and they definitely succeeded. I am lucky to do events at Warhammer world and I can tell you their (WHW) events can’t hold a candle to what the SN boys do.

    If you are even slightly tempted to apply, do it!!! I know I will again!

  • J Mad

    The problem with No Retreat is they are No Allies, No Formations, No multi Cads, no LoW over 400pts, no Fortifications and no Formation CADs like Demi-Company for Decurion’s etc.. etc…

    With these rules you say it is suppose to give weaker books a chance to win, but it really doesnt, just DE, you dont see SoB, Orks, BA, Nids, CSM, or IG.

    • Toby Liddiard

      SN do allow formations, you are just limited to 1 formation per army, so you could have the chaos warband and a cad for loads of OB SEC goodness. The army composition is actually really well done and you asee a great spread of armies. Your right their are no decurion detachments but that is what SN like and I don’t have a problem with it.

      NIDS actually were on the top table for game 5 at the last event so nearly won it, so although some codexes always fair better than others (what event doesnt find this?) there are a few surprises at this event.

      • J Mad

        My bad you are right about 1 Cad and 1 basic Formation. But still it hurts many more lower tier armies than it does higher tiers.

        Again its the point that they limit the game so much to try and either make it more fair, less rules arguing or b.c they feel XYZ is to strong.

        The problem is Codex’s are so unbalanced between them you cant make a good balanced “tournament” rules set, even restricting so heavily.

        My Personal Problem is we cant say DE are amazing b.c of this 1 tournament system, Its literally taking away core rules from Codex’s to try and “balance” the game more.

        At that point why not let 3rd and 4th edition rule books then? We need to draw a Line where we want to past it. For me this is the line.

        PS: My main 2 armies are DE and Nids, its not like Im biased against this tournament I personally dont agree with it sense the results are clear that its still the same armies winning over and over again.

        • euansmith

          Allow 3.5ed Chaos Marines 😉

        • Julian Chichon

          Here at SN we aim to have players use fluffy themed lists without any nonsensical mismatch of factions. The allies rule (on the most part) for us ruins what 40k used to be about. Codices tend to be internally balanced and when combined with other factions create some situations that don’t always make a lot of sense in the fluff of the armies. Our focus is on the hobby and not who is the better player at breaking 40k.

          Decurion style formations are also deemed as unfair advantages for whoever has access to them as players are given a whole load of additional rules for no additional cost. When the day comes that all armies have access to them, then we might reconsider, but as of yet we feel it does not allow for a level playing field. Each army has access to a detachment and formation, so again to limit the volume of free rules, we limit players to one of each.

          We have had people questioning our system in the past, but so far everyone who has tried it agrees that it just works. No one will ever be able to balance 40k 100% (heck even chess is considered biased to whoever is white), but at least we can strive to have players play their faction and not feel they are at a huge disadvantage.

          We want players to have fun and enjoy their time at a No Retreat event because as the motto we use goes,”let the hobby be the winner”.

          P.S. if you check out the full results you will see how close and evenly spread out all the factions were.

          • J Mad

            At the end of the day No Retreat is YOUR tournament to do “How you want” And I will never tell you to change it.

            But at the same time I wont use No Retreat as a valid system for fluff/fairness of armies or care to see the results.

            GLHF in No Retreat IV.

          • Julian Chichon

            I was merely clarifying what our reasons were for the army composition rules we have created. Besides I find your argument rather contradictory when you state that the higher tier armies benefit more, when in fact the Dark Eldar (an army deemed to be mid tier at best) has won each of the events so far. The lists have been substantially different on all three occasions too, but the main factor for their success was how well Lawrence has played at each event. The pairings are done via a swiss system too so it’s no easy ride. I’d be surprised if anyone who read our rules would automatically assume the Dark Eldar to win in such an open and shut case manner. To portray such a strong opinion without even looking at the results to back it up seems pretty inane to me.

            Now that being said, if the rules are not to your cup of tea, that is perfectly understandable and I can respect that. It is naive for us to even believe it can suited for all types of players. We focus on our applicants in having an overall fun experience and not just in the games, but the socialising and other activities too. So far we are encouraged by the overwhelming positive feedback we have recieved so we must be doing something right for some people.

          • J Mad

            Im not saying Higher tiers benefit more, Im saying nerfing them in this way just nerfs other armies too and some armies more so than others, it creates a “different” tier meta and doesnt balance the codex’s more but instead favorites different ones.

            I was saying me personally dont agree with with trying to balance in this way when it just shifts the meta. For the past 3 No Retreats its basically the same Armies in the top 5.

            DO your tournament how you want, I dont have to agree with it, thats why I wont join.

            These are my Opinions dont take them so hard. You feel this is the best for you and your players, more power to you.

          • Julian Chichon

            Not that I am implying our system has to the best system in the world, but i’d be curious to see what tournament system you believe to be the most balanced?

            Besides have you not seen the latest announcement? NR4 has changed to a competitive battle of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Just paint your hippo in your 40k faction and away you go! Although in this case the Blood Angels would be the clear winner as red in the densest pigment, giving it the strongest impacts when gobbling up those delicious balls. I just suppose there comes a time where one would just have to let it slide.

  • Skitarii Accurate

    Having been lucky enough to attended No Retreat 2 and No Retreat 3; I can honestly say the No Retreat events are the hottest thing going on in the gaming community right now.

    Located in Gibraltar a small island off the coast of Spain the SN team is creating something the entire international 40k community is waking up to via some very clever and talented social media.

    If you haven’t seen or read any of their regular battle reports take a look now – http://snbattlereports.com/

    Any dire hard 40k fan (competitive or casual player, 40K vlogger or commission painter) should be looking at this with real interest.

    To me and many of the other previous participants it’s the Rolls Royce… the Disney Land… the mecca of the tournament / hobby scene… It doesn’t get any bigger or more for fun for someone who likes to play with toy soldiers and roll dice. The subtle little nuances, endless months of hard work and passion by all involved make each event so special you never want to leave.

    You will make friends for life, meet gaming companions who will make you cry with laughter from the first turn till the last. The only down side is you can’t play everyone in the course of the weekend no matter how late you stay up!!

    Aside from the gaming each individual has the opportunity to stay onsite in lovely rooms, on both occasions I’ve had views to die for; real stop you in your tracks moments as you gaze out over the coastline.

    So should you apply?

    Absolutely yes, within continental Europe it’s a short weekend brake no question asked just apply.

    Further afield for international travellers this is the LVO, the Bay Area Open, the Ardboys of Europe. Crack your piggy banks open, sell your wife, get your visa & passport approved and find a seat within one of those flying aluminium tubes for one hell of an event.

    Sean out!

  • euansmith

    Cool looking armies, nice display boards and some decently cluttered looking tables; this looks like a great even.

    +1 for, ” …the Spork for cheesiest army.”

    Great work, and thanks for using your words and photos as per usual to pass on this cool hobby bulletin, rather than a shaky video. Thank you for sharing.

  • Barba Verde Parrot

    una pasada
    en cada foto te quedas sin palabras de la calidad.
    me encanta este tipo de eventos y el nivel que demuestran
    espero que se siga fomentando este tipo de eventos…