BitsPudlo Tank Bitz Rolling Forward


If you want something special to call out your tanks on the tabletop – BitsPudlo has just the thing…

Polish company BitsPudlo specializes in complete armored vehicles and accessories and weapons upgrades kits that are compatible with 28-35mm scale games and models.

via Hexy:


‘Bathory’ Battle Tank Linebreaker – 48.01

bathory-linebreaker8 hexy

‘Hefaistos’ Super Heavy Mortar – 36.58



‘Tornado’ Missile Battery – 12.66


Flak Cannon Platform – 9.37

flak_cannon_3 hexy

Heavy Cannon Platform – 9.37

heavy-cannon_5 hexy

Entire BitsPudlo Range

I like that they make both complete vehicles if you are looking for something special, or an entire range of add-on kits for your favorite tanks.

`Looking good – the mini tracks are growing on me…


  • Hinshelworld

    Correct me if I’m wrong but these have been available for quite a while…

    • georgelabour

      This is the first time I’ve heard of this particular company.

      • Hinshelworld

        They have been on ebay for a year or two. I bought some stuff from them in 2015

        • dinodoc


          • Lundiadin

            I purchased a half dozen las/plas turrets from them about 3 years ago or so. Not sure how much has changed with them since then, but here are my impressions. Good buying experience overall, though I think I recall delivery (from Poland to California) taking a while. There were a decent number of bubbles in the undersides of the resin, probably about the same as fine cast, mostly not too bad to fill. The crispness of details was…ok. Not great, but not terrible. Hopefully that’s helpful!

    • dinodoc

      I kinda like the look of the drop pod I saw on their site.

    • Arthfael

      They have, I’d say a good 3-4 years.