BoLS In-depth Unboxing: Burning of Prospero


Join BoLS as we open up the amazing new Burning of Prospero boxed set and spend a while going over it!

Burning of Prospero is the spiritual if not the literal sequel to last November’s Betrayal at Calth. It’s a fantastic product from the mind blowing minis to the game itself as well as what it portends for GW’s future boxed games.

BoLS Will be pringing you Burning at Prospero coverage all week so check back each day.


Some things to note as we start in on the product.

  • An amazing set of plastic Heresy Mk.3 Marines and Tartaros Terminators. These will expand the existing plastic 30K range nicely.
  • Two top notch characters each on their own sprue as aopposed to the single combo sprue for characters that Betrayal at Calth had.  I would expect Geigor and Ahriman to make their way into 30K clampacks at some point.
  • Sisters of Silence and Custodes in plastic is just mind blowing.
  • Note that GW is introducing boxed games that are moving away from D6s. Prospero includes D6, D8, D10, D12s. This allows all kinds of mathematical possibilities moving forward.
  • Decals for Heresy Thousand Sons and Wolves.  Counting Calth, there are now 4 legions with non-forgeworld decal sheets available.
  • The game itself is quite good (we’ll talk MUCH MORE on that this week), and easy to learn.

The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero $150


The Story

On Prospero, the psykers of the Thousand Sons face the ultimate censure for their forbidden studies. The Primarch Leman Russ is sent to punish them by any means necessary – at his command, fire rains from the skies as his Space Wolves fleet bombards Prospero over and over, reducing the world of the Thousand Sons to ash. Tizca, city of glass pyramids and golden hopes, is protected from the fires by a vast force field of telekinetic power. So it is that the Space Wolves bring the Sisters of Silence, anti-psykers anathema to all who channel the Warp, and the Custodian Guard, shining heroes who are the elite blades of the Emperor himself to Prospero, there to attempt the riddance of the Thousand Sons forever.

The Game

The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero is a game of running battles set in a city torn apart by a fiery cataclysm, featuring six scenarios designed to stretch the strategic nous of two players. One player controls the Space Marines of the Thousand Sons, reality-twisting psychic superhumans, and one controls the Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence and Custodian Guard. It’s a fast-paced game full of strategic decisions, with the strengths and weaknesses of both sides meaning tactics and foresight are just as important as lucky dice rolls.


~Prospero, The Wrath of the Emperor is upon you!

  • Horus84cmd

    For sure, I reckon the use of a range of dice size is a test bed for their use in the next edition 40K (and eventually AoS). By the sounds of the mechanics for combat even elements of that could be transposed into a new 40K

    • ZeeLobby

      Gives me hope!

  • Bulvi Nightbane

    I already got to play the game. It works very well and is very well balanced. Plus the models are gorgeous. There are only 2 D12s and they are only used by Ahriman and Greigor.

    • euansmith

      Next up should be custom dice shipped with minis 😉 “Ahriman, plus 1Kson’s D12”

      • Bulvi Nightbane

        In the game a 6 or more on any die is a critical hit. If it is not blocked by armor then it will do 2 wounds.

        • euansmith

          Indeed, but, I’m thinking, they could add additional fancy successes beyond simply inflicting double damage; for when the action spills out on to the tabletop 😉

          • Bulvi Nightbane

            A very good idea, I like the way combat works in the game. Each weapon rolls a single die, D6 for bolter/chainswords, D8 for Plasma gun, D10 for melta gun or heavy bolter, etc. Then for each attack rolled the defender rolls an armor die. Some models have higher armor, like a D10 for a Terminator. In that case 1 of the armor rolls may use that die. Compare the highest rolled on each side with each other and so on, defender wins ties (except in melee where SW attacks win ties against TS defences).