BREAKING: Blood Bowl Unboxed!


HOLY MOLY! Take a look inside the box of the all new Blood Bowl from Games Workshop!

Blood Bowl is being demoed as the Essen Toyfair in Germany today and GW is opening up a lot of new info on the game.


Let’s get started…

GW Blood Bowl Unboxing

First up is a new unboxing video of Blood Bowl from GW’s Andy Hoare and James Hewitt.

  • D16 die!?
  • Ork “Squig-ball”
  • Human 6 players: Blitzer, Thrower, Catcher, 3 Linemen
  • Orks: 6 players: Blocker, Thrower, Blitzer, 3 Linemen
  • Double sides pitch
  • Player position decals
  • So much more!


Blood Bowl Website

Now head over to the new Blood Bowl homepage.


Blood Bowl Homepage

There’s all kinds of new info on the game and downloadable content to enhance your game.

~I have a funny feeling Blood Bowl is closer than we think…


  • Alistair Collins

    6 players per side? That’s a big change.

    • chranos

      It’s not there is two sprues of each so double the amount in the article.

  • Alistair Collins

    You need to be clearer in your post.
    There’s 2x sprues with 6 players on each sprue…

    • taithays

      The official how to play video says 11 players for each team.

      • thenerdtheword

        11 on the pitch and one in reserve I guess

        • Vomkrieg

          Which would be a pretty normal roster for most starting BB teams under the current rules.

        • taithays

          Maybe… I don’t remember the video talking about it 🙂

    • twincast

      To be fair, unlike the website (and the information previously reported several times right here on BoLS), the unboxing video is rather ambiguous about it, never saying whether 1 x 3 + 3 x 1 was per team or per sprue as far as I could tell.

  • Damon Sherman

    well, I’m now glad I got my old plastic models, I got like ton of guys now.

  • Another game on the list of what I’m gonna look at in Essen, I guess.

  • Nyyppä

    Time to dig out the original set.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Wow. GW knocking it out of the park (stadium?) again. So many little details they got right here. 16-sided die, random play cards for narrative/spontaneity, decals in black AND white… I’m impressed!

    • Arkasha

      Two sided pitch, new miniatures, a new version of one of their top 3 games ever… Too many sarcasm can hurt. I’m sure this version will delight fans of the game.

      • Cergorach

        1.) Kings and Things
        2.) Rouge Trooper
        3.) Blood Bowl

        That doesn’t sound right! #3 must be: Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

        • Ebsolom

          I still have 2 and 3 on that list. Would love to get hold of a copy of Kings and Things again, That was a blast : )

        • Pete Croucher

          Rouge Trooper was the best game about lipstick fighting ever!

    • ZeeLobby

      FW knows what they’re doing. That’s for sure.

      • Talos2

        Those two were gw employees before the specialisation team was set up.

        • Horus84cmd

          they’re still GW employees…..

          • Talos2

            Well obviously. Just pointing out it isn’t just the fw team doing good stuff here

    • blackbloodshaman

      i hope the rules dont suck, and that the game plays faster than the original

      • Talos2

        Well there’s cards like the older version, and trap doors in the pitch, so it’s more different to the video game than I expected

  • Vomkrieg

    Apprehensive about random play cards especially after the stupid stuff on some of the AOS cards. If you have to belch to get blocking bonus they will go in the trash. Blood bowl played a lot better once the LRB dumped the deathzone cards, which were just too swingy.

    Actually a little let down about the components, they are pretty good by most companies standards, but look a little flat compared to say Space Hulk 3rd edition or even the recent WHQ game.

    Block dice, passing, scatter, turns all look very much the same which is reassuring.

    Blood Bowl was my first big game purchase back in 1990, I am simultaneously very excited to see it back, but also worried about how badly they could screw it up.

    • Slite

      They got rid of most of the dumb meta rules in AOS. I doubt they’d bring any of that stupidity into a new game like this.

      • Vomkrieg

        So they got rid of the “stare your opponent down” sort of cards in AOS? Good to know.

        • Ross Allan

          Well, not ‘got rid of’ as such, so much as ‘haven’t really included any since launch’. If you want to check out AoS, I can recommend the Sylvaneth book as a particularly impressive product. It’s the first of the ‘new breed’, with additional swanky rules etc, and also lots of interesting background.

          • Vomkrieg

            Nah, its good. I checked out of GW miniature games many years ago. I still read the fluff (Mostly Horus Heresy) and play PC games, but lost interest in their games a long time ago.

            I keep an eye out for things like Blood Bowl though, as through the cyanide games and friends i’ve played it on and off forever. I also picked up the PC versions of Mordheim, Warhammer and BFG. As I love the settings, but not how the games have developed over the years.

            Honestly, my last big actual GW purchase was Space Hulk 3rd edition (which is one of the nicest looking boardgames ever produced). I’m far more of a “boardgamer” now than a miniatures gamer.

            I’m keeping a closer eye on GW now that they have stopped outsourcing their boardgame development to FFG though. FFG produced some great GW IP games over the last decade and I really hope GW can actually come close to matching the FFG quality of “game” while bringing their very high production and miniature quality as well. However, the last new game GW produced was Dreadfleet, so I hope they have learned a lot of lessons from that.

            I’d love a copy of Chaos in the Old World with better sculpts for example.

          • Talos2

            Dreadfleet wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what everyone was expecting. We’d had space hulk which due to nostalgia flew off the shelves, df didn’t have that going for it. It also had no crossover value like sh did with the miniatures. Doesn’t mean it was bad though, in fact I quite liked it.

          • Vomkrieg

            Personally, as a board-gamer, I thought Dreadfleet was very poor.

            Very good looking and well produced, but the core game, the meat of it, was junky and random. It felt like a game that had learned nothing from the last 20 years of board game development. Nor had they paid attention to classic games from their own range. It was a very backwards game from a design POV. And yeah, it did not sell well, and GW has their key messages as for why, but the reality is that it didn’t sell, because it wasn’t very good.

            Now silly random games have their place, but for me its not in the “premium boardgame” price-range.

            At its price point and cheaper, you have games like Cthulhu Wars, Space Hulk 3rd, TI3, Rebellion, War of the Ring. When I fork out that much money for a boardgame, I expect something more than pretty plastic and “might as well flip a coin at the start to determine the winner because our decisions don’t matter” gameplay.

        • Hawt Dawg

          I always won on walk-over with thta rule.

          Yes, Marty Feldman is my grandfather…

        • arkhanist

          They only had those rules on the dead characters from the old world in the interim free pdf army lists. AFAIK, they haven’t show up in any of the ‘proper’ grand alliance or faction books for AoS.

          Whether that’s because the backlash was so (deservedly) strong, or it was only intended to nudge you into not taking old world characters later, I don’t know.

    • Inian

      I really liked the cards, my Wood Elves always went for the Dirty Tricks and that was a blast.

      • silashand

        Same here. Always enjoyed 3rd edition as it was by far the most fun I ever had in the game.

  • rtheom

    I hope they release rules for more than just orcs and humans for this. I really want to play Blood Bowl, but I have absolutely zero interest in being either of those teams.

    • Inian

      They will when they release the models for those teams. On the other hand I don’t think the rules have changed that much from the living rulebook so you could just use those team rules for now and people should be cool with that.

    • Ross Allan

      Skaven have already been previewed, and speaking to them at Warhammerfest, there’s additional boxed sets coming out – Skaven v Dwarves, Someone (I can’t remember!) v Dwarves, replete with teams, race specific boards (double sided) and dugouts (again, double sided). They really have gone all out on this.
      My guess is it’s a result of the designer’s genuine love for the game, and a way to show the other games that sprung up in what we now know to be it’s temporary absence just how it’s done 🙂

      • Andy Meechan

        Skaven/Dwarves and Elves/Nurgle

        • Ross Allan

          That sounds about right 🙂

        • Oh man, I’m gonna have to buy the elves/Nurgle box

      • rtheom

        Oh good, that makes me happy to hear that. Still nothing I want to play, but the fact that they’re already actively working on new stuff is a fantastic sign. Thanks!

  • Beefcake the mighty

    This game had a huge following when they took it off the shelves now they are releasing it again. That’s how you release hostages not tabletop games.

    • Ben

      Does some have their feelings hurt? Can’t you just be happy that they’ve are bringing the game back? Why all the passive aggressive rage?

      • Admiral Raptor

        He can be happy that the game is coming back and angry that GW spent a decade and a half with their heads firmly up their backsides. Life is full of complex emotion.

      • Hawt Dawg

        It’s that time of the month…

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s just dumb policy that saw them remove it. Hopefully it stays.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        problem was it wasn’t growing. AS a business you need growth. If I only need one team that cost me thirty bucks and never have to purchase again with no incentive, they need to keep cycling new blood in to be profitable.
        Sadly not everyone had an interest. GW also has this problem where they do not do enough spotlights on their fringe games. They might when they launch and every so often, but not enough.
        The company just focuses so much on their core two games that they fear the more niche games doing better again, as they have fare less growth potential.
        Which I am not a fan of as profit is profit.

        • Xodis

          Im hoping they keep up the WD and Boardgame connections keeping both relevant.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yes, they have been good with that lately! I really hope that trend continues!

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I was referring to the last bit you posted. Some side games that were even still pulling decent profits were canceled because of the core lines. It’s something they’ve always done. I’d love to see WHQ get expansions and grow, but at some point it’ll just stagnate off the shelves again, really because of both lack of effort on GW’s side and because of lack of purchasing on ours. The whole chicken and egg conundrum, similar to why SMs get 5x the releases of other factions.

          • Severius_Tolluck


          • I wouldn’t assume they’re abandoning WHQ, they already have done 2 model sets (at good deals, though I didn’t like enough of the models to buy them) and the cards, I would expect them to do expansions or new dungeons down the road, the game is selling well and is easily their most immersive and replayable board game

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, we’ll see. The replay-ability here was pretty low, and with Descent, Dungeon Saga, etc. and their progression systems, I’d say the immersion was also lacking. It’d be awesome if they announced progression packets, or something. As it is right now, it’s a fun first play through for people who haven’t played it yet.

          • Zethnar

            If they announced a ‘roleplay’ book for Warhammer Quest that was similar to the old one I’d snap up both of them in a second. As it is right now I have no interest in it.

    • It’s not like they confiscated everyone’s minis, I mean they released a LRB, people still play, there’s tons of 3rd party support etc.

  • Kritarion

    Can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

  • Dan Di Cicco

    Whoever set up that shot needs a slap

  • Sonic tooth

    No sisters? No chaos msrines?!!!!!!

  • Matt Male

    Just two teams? I approve of the plastic figs instead of the cardboard ones in the original, but at least you got all the teams back then. This just smacks of cashing in by GW again, when people need to buy other teams. Think I’ll stick with my old box thanks…

    • Ross Allan

      Two teams in this box – same as it ever was. Further teams are on the way (Skaven have been previewed in a video, and Stunties have been sighted as models). Promises of far more to come.

    • frankelee

      I wish GW would take the attitude of shoving a hundred minis into each box! But I think they value their plastics more than their illustrations on cardboard.

  • Dan Prosser

    I really hope that this gets enough love to make it worth while creating a lizardman and death army

  • Mike Salamandrin

    Oh, the conversion opportunities =)

    • euansmith

      Indeed, just a few hand swaps can port these guys over in to various skirmish games.

      • Mike Salamandrin

        The Orcs would make great ‘eavy Armor Boys in AoS or 40k..Maybe Killteam freebootas.

        • euansmith

          Nah, mate, dez moren free of dem bootaz, plus sum blockaz an’ wot not too.

  • Evil Otto
  • grendal1989

    Wow, that website is legit looking. Shows a spread of upcoming teams (pic of human, lizardmen, dwarf, orc, beastmen, skaven, wood elf, goblin), and has a short video on basics of the game to give a feel for how it works. Really great release.

  • benn grimm

    Yes please 🙂

  • Jonathan B.

    Gives new meaning to “Fantasy Football”.

    • Ross Allan

      Pretty sure this was the original meaning of Fantasy Football 🙂

  • Chet Atkinson

    Why not Orruks?

  • Admiral Raptor

    I’ve got a league worth of teams already, but I won’t say no to a bunch more! I hope the new release gets a decent following in my neck of the woods.

  • tau4eva

    Can’t wait. I still have a bunch of models but looking forward to this.

  • Countdiscount

    Blood Bowl symbol on the six.. ON THE SIX!!!

  • memitchell

    Except for the painting tutorials, these GW videos need English subtitles. I envision the following conversation:

    American Colonist: Hello Governor! We would like to invite you to an afternoon tea, so that we could discuss taxation without representation.

    British Governor : (heavy English accent) MMMf iffable mumbit tosques.

    Confused Colonist: Wut?

    Confusing Governor: Zipt rot, nash not.

    Enraged Colonist: Um, OK. Maybe we’ll just have our own little tea party.

    • Ross Allan

      Not our fault if you can’t understand your mother tongue :p

      • memitchell

        I can’t understand THEIR mumbled tongue. Of course, I’m from the South, so Yankees are also hard to understand.

    • J Mad

      Im dyslexic, terrible at American English and I live in trash area (educational trash). If I can understand them anyone can.

      • memitchell

        My nephew is dyslexic. Just graduated from college. Very proud of him. Keep the faith!

  • Xodis

    So this is going to get purchased….when can we get the Hockey expansion? lol

    • Admiral Raptor


  • MechBattler

    Green is best! Orkz was made for fighin and winnin!

  • CthulhuDawg

    Blood bowl marker on the 6. THEY DO LISTEN!

  • DeadlyYellow

    If they slap another $150 USD price on that, I’m going to be rather annoyed.

  • Horus84cmd

    My my my. GW are knocking it out the park with the quality of this release. The pre-hype promo site is fantastic! So excited for this release!

  • Gideon Ernesto

    Will there be a way to get the gaming materials without buying that box? I don’t want any of those teams.

  • Emperor’s Champion

    I remember James working for mantic and ironically was the promo behind Mantic’s dread ball where he did a demo game with beasts of war.

  • Ed Butlar

    Thanks Obama