D&D: What’s in the Giant’s Bag?

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WotC wants to know: what weird and wonderful things do giants carry with them?

This month’s community poll focuses on the Giants of Storm King’s Thunder. The campaign book lays out several options including cloaks, shields, food, and some oddities like live animals and a beehive. They want to expand on that list – and they need your help.

In our latest poll, we ask for your help in populating the contents of a giant’s bag with the rare, the unusual, and the outright strange!

Giants often carry around both treasure and mundane items. So as adventurers plunder their hoards, it’s always a mystery what they might find giants’ bags. Storm King’s Thunder provided an initial table: d100 Items in a Giant’s Bag (see pg. 18), but now we’d like to expand that list with your help!

In 150 words or less, let us know what unusual, unexpected or otherwise unique item players might come across when delving into a giant’s bag. We’ll comb through the list, and present some of our favorites in a future issue of Dragon+.


What’s in your giant’s bag?


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