FW: Exclusive Model This Weekend


Forge World has an exclusive model heading to your local Games Workshop store this weekend – Don’t miss out!

Games Workshop stores are getting an Exclusive model from Forge World this weekend and it’s only going to be available in stores. If you want to snag this model you’re going to have to act quick!

via Forge World

This weekend, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October, make sure you get down to your local Games Workshop or Warhammer Store. For one weekend only there’ll be a Forge World model on sale EXCLUSIVELY in stores. It’ll only be available for the weekend, and only in store, so don’t miss out!

space marine legion herald

Great honour and responsibility is bestowed upon Legion Heralds, as they carry the banners of the Legion and icons of their Primarch into battle. At  the Battle of Calth, as brave Sons of Guilliman fell and the Legion was torn appart by the terecherous Word Bearers, Ultramarines Legion Heralds stood firm as as rallying points amidst the carnage and devastation.

Equipped with artificer armour, power sword, bolt pistol and a magnificent Banner of the Aquilla featuring Ultramarines Iconography, the Ultramarines Legion Herald is a highly detailed, multi-part resin model. You’ll find rules for including him in your Ultramarines Legion army in Horus Heresy games in the box.

This model is only available at Games Workshop and Warhammer stores, and one they’re gone they’re gone. Click here to find you nearest store, and get your Ultramarines Legion Herald this weekend!

This isn’t the first time Forge World has experimented with selling an exclusive model in the Game Workshop store. I’d be willing to be that this if this goes well we might see this type of promotion again in the future.


Are you going to make the trip this weekend to snag one of these exclusive Forge World models?

  • SilentPony

    Dude must have a huge hammer to need a crotch guard that big…

    • He just have a shrink-head, that’s all.

  • euansmith

    Is there a 360 view of this, because, from this angle, that pose looks really weird; like he desperately wants to take a leak.

    “Well, Legion Herald, maybe you should have gone before getting in to the drop pod?!”

    • Kritarion


    • Aezeal

      I don’t see it, sorry. I think his banner thing is smallish though and the pose of his weapon/weapon arm is oddish.

    • LordRao

      How long would it take to get out of Power Armour?

  • JJ

    Why is it Legion specific? I play 1st legion, so I don’t want a UM character..oh well more $$ for the GSK

  • EnTyme

    Okay, I’ll just ask it. What’s up with his face?

    • Dave Bacon

      He looks a little confused.

      • euansmith

        He appears to have a massive golden ear too.

        • SilentPony

          Thus his name. Bradley Gilded-Stapes.

      • Sparowl

        All Ultramarines are confused. It comes from their spiritual liege, Marneus Calgar.

  • DeCold

    By Dark Gods it is the derpiest marine.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! I thought surely someone else has to think this dude looks derpy AF!

  • Knight

    What is the cost of the model?

  • ILikeToColourRed

    well, marines arent supposed to be attractive…

    but FW isnt supposed to appeal less than GW 😛

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. It’s pretty shocking. Usually FW is spot on with facial expressions. I wonder if they dislike doing so many of these one-offs, lol.

    • Muninwing

      i think he’s a steve. steve sounds good.

      most people don;t want steve. they want Anguinous the bold, or facetearer blood-elbow, or aelioaeylicus mysticsong.

      i wonder why we got steve then.

      • euansmith

        In his defence, he’s just head butted a Hive Tyrant to death.

  • Muninwing

    i’d love to get one that wasn’t Ultramarine…

  • ZeeLobby

    That face, OMG, that face. LoL.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    It genuinely looks like Chuck Norris after a stroke…

  • Anti-Gravity

    Yes! I cannot wait until I get this model, FOR THE BEST CHAPTER OF THEM ALL, THE ULTRAMARINES. Everyone knows they are the best, especially Games Workshop and all other Space Marine players, this is why they cast this as an Ultramarine and not any of the other chapters because the Ultramarine chapter is the best chapter, and everyone else has to convert this. I’m literally in tears laughing about how the Ultramarine-playing master race gets this exclusive model with awesome livery printed all over it.

    That face has got to go though. Luckily ANVIL INDUSTRIES makes excellent heads to replace this hobo’s face, lmao!! This guy legitimately looks like he’s spent years on the streets of Macragge huffing dope and dealing with the accompanying strokes/aneurysms. Even his mouth-breathing expression is like: “Wha? There’s only a gram here, I paid for two gs, this is bullgak. Still got enough left to maintain my SICK UNDERCUT DOE.”

  • galaspar

    Not sure if it’s the angle, the paintjob or just a genuinely peculiar sculpt, but there is definitely something odd about his face. But still I like him, he’s got a grizzled veteran feel, and the armour is unique, seems to be a take on MkV that we really haven’t seen before. MkV was a varied collection of different styles and battlefield fixes, but the models we’ve seen so far have all been very similar – I’d like to see more like this (with better heads perhaps!). There might be more Ultramarines icons on him (a little one on the gladius maybe), but that kneepad would be very simple to file down if I wanted to add him to my Death Guard, and the banner pole and hand are likely to be separate from the arm for easy replacement. Very tempted!

    • Mitchell

      Very tempted to hack him up and make a world eater….

  • Jonathan B.

    My pilgrimage to the local Shrine World/GW store shall commence.

  • Stormandreas

    Its alright, however its ONLY for 30K and ONLY for Ultramarines (and yes, I’ve seen the rules, and that’s it)

    If you play 30K ultramarines, sure, otherwise, you’ll need to convert it.

  • Jim Collins

    That’s exceptionally bad for FW.