FW: We Are The Titans


A new bundle for Titans and the Fimirach Noble have arrived – Come see the latest from Forge World!

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Legio Titanicus Titan Maniple £2,850



The god-engines of the Titan Legions have served Mankind since long before the Age of Strife, their origins lost in the Dark Age of Technology. The most powerful war machines to walk on the battlefields of the Imperium, Titans are armed with weaponry designed to level cities and obliterate armies. These colossal machines are fully capable of operating individually, but are often deployed in formal units known as a ‘Maniple’ comprising five god-engines.


This incredible value bundle consists of five fully armed Titans forming a complete Maniple: A Warlord Battle Titan, two Reaver Battle Titans, and two Warhound Scout Titans. It’s an exceptional way to collect a full force of Titans, or a great opportunity for a group of collectors to buy multiple Titans.

Included are:
A Mars pattern Warlord Titan body
A Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan Head
A pair of Mars pattern Warlord Titan Laser Blasters
Two Mars pattern Warlord Titan Belicosa Volcano Cannon
Two Mars pattern Reaver Titan bodies
Two Reaver Titan Apocalypse Missile Launchers
Two Reaver Titan Powerfists
Two Reaver Titan Laser Blasters
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan bodies
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan Plasma Balstguns
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan Vulcan Mega Bolters


If the contents of this bundle do not exactly match the Titans you want to build, please contact the Forge World Customer Service Team before placing your order. If you would like alternative weapons for your Titans, or would prefer Chaos Titan bodies, we’ll be happy to create a bundle for you with the same great value. Please note: the bundle must contain all of the parts needed to construct one Warlord Titan, two Reaver Titans, and two Warhound Titans.

Fimirach Noble £25



Leading units of Fimir Warriors, Fimirach Nobles are even more ferocious combatants than the loathsome reptilians they lead.


As with other Fimir warriors, Fimirach Nobles are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies and wield Baleglyph weapons in combat, either in the shape of great double-handed mauls, or single-handed maces and curving hatchets, held one in each hand. Each also has a formidable weapon in its muscular tail which ends in a natural bone club with which it can smash any foes who get in close with bone-breaking force.


This product comprises a single, detailed multi-part resin model and includes one citadel 50mm round base.

Download the rules for the Fimirach Noble Here.

Also, if you want to add some Fimir Warriors for your Fimirach Noble you can order those from Forge World now:

Fimir Warriors £31


Fimir are loathsome, one-eyed reptilian creatures, infamously degenerate and malign and possessed of dark powers. Fimir Warriors are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies and wield Baleglyph weapons in combat, either in the shape of great double-handed mauls, or single-handed maces and curving hatchets, held one in each hand. Each Fimir Warrior also has a formidable weapon in its muscular tail which ends in a natural bone club with which it can smash any foes who get in close with bone-breaking force.

This product comprises three detailed multi-part resin models and includes three citadel 50mm round bases.


Curious as to where the Fimir came from? According to the Lexicanum they are from a time before the rise of the Humans. They worshiped the Chaos Gods before they were abandoned by them in favor of the upstart humans.


However, if you played HeroQuest you might recall a set of a certain one-eyed green monster from the box…



I’ll use…The Broadsword!

  • Vepr

    I am going to send my wife the info on the Titan deal and tell her I could not resist because it is such a good deal so I used some money from the kids college fund. Hopefully I am still married by the time I let her know I am joking.

    • ZeeLobby


  • Wayne Molina

    Buy five ridiculously overpowered things for the price of several month’s rent.

    • SupPupPup

      Where do you live that rent is so cheap!?

      • ZeeLobby

        Uh, that would cover several months mortgage for me. It’s more like where do you live that rent is so expensive, haha.

        • SupPupPup

          Brighton UK. URRRRGH

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. Yeah, I live in Maryland, USA, and in most places that’ll at least cover 3 months. Once you get into like rich areas or Washington DC, it’d definitely spike. It’s crazy how much rent/mortgage fluctuates even only a mile from a single location

          • Matt Halkos

            Hey same. Place I stay at, that would be just over 3 months rent. PG county though.

          • Calum Wallace

            Oh damn, £2,850 is enough to pay five months rent on my house (NE Scotland – the house is a three-bedroom semi-detach in a quiet cul-de-sac to boot, we’re not talking freaking bedsits here) with enough change left over to
            pay those five months of council tax. I’d heard stories that rent down south was downright brutal, but hadn’t grokked quite how much so – don’t envy you champ!

          • SupPupPup

            I think that would cover just over 3 months rent here. (tiny flat) I really need to move up north.

          • Carey_Mahoney


        • Alpharius

          2 months of mortgage without the escrow, sure.

          • memitchell

            Here in San Diego, two months rent if you keep the Titans in your one bedroom. Otherwise, 1 1/2 months average rent. Would pay for a mortgage for a month, unless you bought 20 years ago.

            Double the cost if you want the Titans professionally painted. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

      • Wayne Molina

        Southern USA. This is like over 3 months rent for me, or 8 months of car payments.

        • MechBattler

          Three months rent in what kind of dwelling? Where I am, $1000 BARELY gets you a crappy studio apartment. Which is another term for big empty room.

          • Wayne Molina

            I have a 1 bedroom I pay like $900 for, before that I had a 2 bedroom for like $1100. So this is like 3 months rent for me.

    • Bredkooler

      Several month’s rent or a pretty decent car

      • Calum Wallace

        Once you’re past 25 you can in the UK go from ‘never touched a motorcycle before’ to ‘on road on a learner-legal bike so new the engine hasn’t been run in yet’ and have enough change left of £2,850 to buy a Start Collecting box too.

  • Badgerboy1977

    It’s a hell of a discount for those that can spare the cash, incredible kits and I wish I had the available funds to buy them.

    The Fimir’s pretty damn lovely as well.

    • amaximus167

      Hell of a discount? Maybe my calculations are wrong, but it is less than 7% off. I mean, it is still a discount, but not much of one.

      • Badgerboy1977

        If you bought everything seperatly outside the bundle it would come to £3,206 which is £356 more than the bundle or to put it another way you’re getting one Warhound plus weapons and an extra £50 odd pounds worth for free. Sounds like a good deal to me.

        • amaximus167

          Hmm, I must have left something off when calculating it originally. That makes it a 13% discount, still not a hell of a deal IMO, but much better than the 7% I was originally at. I just don’t really feel like there is any value at all to the price of a FW titan, so even at a 13% it is still something I consider way overpriced. I do understand, however, that this is completely subjective and don’t expect people to agree.

          I did forget to say, yes, those Fimir are lovely. I loved them back in the day and have been very tempted by these new ones.

          • Alpharius

            Recasts are like $300 for whatever it’s worth.

          • Bethayne

            From people who don’t have to invest into the development / design of the model and who don’t have to pay anywhere near decent wages for the work.

  • Damistar

    My credit card trembles in terror.

  • CthulhuDawg

    I clicked just to lol at the price.

  • Lord Solar Mac

    Wow, I can have titans! It’s totally not worth paying rent for a couple of months. They do look great though!

    Heroquest is awesome! Nice plug for the game!

  • NNextremNN

    Too bad I don’t have that money right now This set would keep me busy with painting for years 😀

  • Graham Roden

    That’s the basic formation for Adeptus Titanicus then. I wonder how much that will cost in 8mm scale?

    • OldHat

      At least half that! 😀

    • edendil

      Thanatar-sized warlord, 70, 2 reavers at, say 50 each? 2 warhounds at 40 each? About 250 pounds then? Thats my guess. We will just have to wait and see though.

  • ZeeLobby

    I wish I was born rich, like richie rich. I’d simply convert an indoor basketball court into a table top and stomp these around all day. Thereby contributing to society.

    • Calum Wallace

      Admit it – were you or I mega-rich, we’d be single-handedly causing expansion of the Forge World team. Not the greatest contribution to society ever, but it’d at least be taking a little fraction off the unemployment rate just by knock-on.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha. So true.

  • Raven Jax

    I understand we all have different wants and desires, but do people realize that at this point we’re talking about a vacation in Europe for that kind of money?

    • Anti-Gravity

      Nobody wants to go to Europe these days. LMAO. Would legit rather spend it on models if I were given no other options than the two.

      • amaximus167

        Screw that, I’d go to Europe.

      • CMAngelos

        I’d send half of it on a week long trip to Nottingham and the other half on titans and heresy whilst there. Best of both worlds

        • Alpharius

          Lol, your idea of a European vacation is Nottingham, or indeed anywhere near that dreary isle?

          • CMAngelos

            Yes, yes it is. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Niece Berlin Paris Milan and Athens and a lot of places in between and id rather spend a vacation with the friends I have nerding it up at WHW.

          • Alpharius

            So basically all the boring stuffy places! Hit the coasts and islands, my friend!

  • Firemind

    Well, I didn’t really want a car anyway.

  • Alpharius

    £2,850 LOL!

    So the Fimir are like lizardmen allies? Skaven allies? They look like a cross of both.

    • luke snell

      the Fimir are actually a destruction alliance. would look pretty cool hitting beside a bunch of orruk brutes.

  • oddball21

    all i need is one more reaver and i have the titan maniple which im not sure is funny or scary

    • Neal Laxman

      Scary… Definitely scary. 😉

  • ctFallen

    I always thought it was 2 Warhounds for each Reaver, guess I was wrong.