Geekery: Short Film – Borrowed Time


An amazing side project from two Pixar animators – this western will make you think.

“Borrowed Time” is an animated short film directed by Andrew Coats (worked on Brave) & Lou Hamou-Lhadj (a character artist on Wall-E and Toy Story 3). They worked on it between making movies for Pixar over the last 5 years. Unlike their work there this short tells a tale that isn’t for kids. It tells a story about redemption and forgiveness that gets a little heavy. It’s got everything you want in a good short: the animation is beautiful and the story is impactful.

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.

Borrowed Time – Just in case the Vimeo embed isn’t working.

They also released a behind the scenes clip with some insight into the story…

“Why We Made Borrowed Time” Featurette – Just in case the Vimeo embed isn’t working.

  • Very moving, I really appreciate how they took the effort to show how thin the line is between killing yourself and living on. All it takes is something small to turn most people around. At the same time it can take something just as small to push someone over the edge.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Great short, someone made me watch it last week!

  • Simon

    With voice work by Steve Purcell! Nice!