GW: Burning of Prospero Mystery


There’s something strange in a new image out from GW’s Weekend show showing the Battle of Prospero:

via Salaise Fifurine (facebook) 10-2-2016



This an interesting one. It’s artwork and features Space Wolves forces in front of one of the Pyramids of Tizka.  This could be from either the upcoming Boxed Game, or from the big leatherbound Prosero edition of the Forge World Horus Heresy books.

But look sharp on the extreme upper left atop the pyramid.


That looks like a giant winged something or other to me.  What do you think that is?

What We’ve Seen So Far

white-dwarf-cover-november-largeEarlier this year we reported that the Betrayal at Calth Sequal would be based on Prospero and include Space Wolves and Thousand Sons in plastic and feature MkIII armor and include “other factions” that we guessed vould be either Custodes or Sisters of Silence.  It looks like that rumor source was pretty close to the mark.


Going over the image in higher detail and brightened up so we can see the darker area reveals a lot:

It’s title is The Burning of Prospero, so we have a confirmed theme.

That picture confirms Thousand Sons (in red), Space Wolves (in grey) and Custodes (in gold).

The Thousand Sons in the foreground are clearly in Mk.II, or Mk.III armor. Note the banded armor on their legs, and the older style backpacks. they bear no resemblance to the elegant and more advanced Mk.IV Maximus armor featured in Betrayal at Calth.

It’s difficult to make out but there are more grey colored minis in the dark upper portion of the image, directly above the Custodes. They might be Space Wolves – maybe Sisters of Silence???

HOLY MOLY – Adeptus Custodes! There are five shown in that image:

  • Custodes Standard Bearer (top center)
  • Custodes “Leader” with helmet off (a GW classic), and sword pointed down. (lower left)
  • Custodes with staff-thing (upper left)
  • Custodes with sword/Shield (upper right)
  • Custodes with custodian spear (lower right)

What looks a LOT like Tartaros Pattern Terminator armor on the extreme left of the image, directly to the left of the Custodes “leader”, in red Thousand Sons colors.


Forge World Tartaros Terminator. Compare with what’s in the image – what do yo think?

Directly above the Tartaros is another Thousand Sons holding an outheld sword. It might be another Tartaros Terminator or a standard marine – hard to say.

Dead center in the pick is what looks to be Space Wolves hero many speculate may be Bjorn himself. He’s got a mob of crazy blond hair and a beard, a large lightning claw and something unidentifiable in his rearward hand.

Onto the board itself, we see large squarish black and white sections. These bear no resemblance to the oversized hexes seen in Betrayal at Calth’s board pieces, so I would assume the rules will not be identical.

~Do you think this is our first sighting of either Magnus or a Lord of Change?





  • Diagoras

    Seems fairly unlikely to be either Magnus or a Lord of Change. Magnus doesn’t get wings until his elevation to daemonhood, and that doesn’t happen until after the move to the Planet of the Sorcerers. And the only daemons the Sons had any contact with at this point were their tutelaries, which weren’t capable of manifesting on their own.

    Could be a gargoyle, but that would be really out of place in Tizca. Maybe it’s the shadow of Tzeentch himself watching his centuries of planning finally coming to fruition.

    Really, I have no clue.

    • eehaze

      It looks like it could be a Sphynx. Probably just a statue, in any case.

      • Gavin Henning

        Glad someone used common sense to see it’s obviously a statue

  • Ross Allan

    It’s just shadows of two pyramids.

    • Diagoras

      Yeah, looks like the side of the prominent pyramid in the background and the shadow of another one behind it.

      So much for mystery.

      • Wayne Molina

        Did you forget what site this is and who wrote this article? Gotta entice dem clicks.

        • Gavin Henning

          Careful you might get your comment removed

    • StinkHorse

      Dead on correct.

  • Alexander Slizewski

    It’s just Hillary Clinton observing and making plans. Nothing new.

  • Emperor’s Champion

    would love it to be a lord of change but very unlikely. tzeentch needs some love soon, sliver tower was great but I’d like my battle tome for age of sigmar and a plastic greater daemon and god specific units like Khorne and Nurgle got during end times.

    Definitely picking the new box up though.

  • memitchell

    Makes no sense, but I see a griffon with a head like a leopard.

    • usGrant7977

      It looks like a butterfly with Richard Nixon heads for wings

      • Andrew

        Two bears high fiving?

  • MKG35

    Maybe these flyers from Epic? 🙂

  • D. B.

    Actually, it looks like a reflection on a slightly too glossy photo…

  • Chris

    This thread is to salty! I saw this picture at Saturday, but I didn’t see something with “wings” on it or can confirm this Rumors

  • Brian Griffith

    As others have said, this is just the cover of book 7, since it’s showing mostly Forge World stuff (and was at a Forge World event).

    As such, unless Forge World is coming out with their own named daemon for the book, it’s likely the shadow is just supposed to represent Tzeench orchestrating the fall of Magnus.

  • theuninvisbleman

    Its the Raven icon atop the Corvidae temple, the cult of the Raven that Ahriman was part of

  • Erik Giersdorf

    Possibly just a sphinx statue, but the tutelaries did go crazy during the razing of Prospero, manifesting as real daemons and occasionally eating their masters I seem to recall.

  • Seb

    Last I saw this kind of image examination, it was late, I was inebriated, it involved faces on Mars.

    I call swamp gas swirling around the pyramid top.

    Teasing aside, look forward this new release 🙂

  • Andrew Thomas

    But, Bjorn lost his hand at Prospero, not before, and received, or to be more accurate, took, his wolf claw prior to them engaging the Khan in Scars.

  • Sonic tooth

    am i right in saying the thosand sons were not actually “traitors” untill after the events at prospero? (and were forced into being so by russ disobeying the empos direct order and following horus instead?)

    • The Rout

      Not quite that simple. we never see Russ recieve orders from either Horus or the Emperor in any of the modern HH fluff. Horus seems to have orchestrated the whole thing by instigating the council of Nikea in the knowledge that the TS wouldn’t stop using their powers and the wolves would be unleashed on them. No direct involvement and no proof the emperor expected Russ to do anything less than what he did.

      We do hear a quote directly from the Emperor with regards to Russ’ actions on prospero that goes something like:

      “worry not about the executioner, his axe falls only where it is deserved”

      I think that was in Vengeful Spirit but i may be mistaken and seems to suggest the emperor thinks he made the right move considering what Magnus did to deserve it. The Rout are the executioners, you don’t send them to take prisoners any more than you send white scars to defend a wall.

      • Sonic tooth

        Still tho, i dont see how the TS were traitors. They were forced to be by the actions of the wolves and the emps making a balls up of everything

        • The Rout

          Well not really loyalists either. They weren’t full traitors but they did break the law set by the Emperor and continued using psychic powers after it was forbidden. The emperors words were pretty clear on the matter and he warned the legions that any who break faith with him would be destroyed.

          Magnus also broke the golden throne and basically doomed humanity to being dependent on warp travel forever. The throne was supposed to give humanity access to the webway, Magnus broke it, Russ broke his back, seems fair 🙂

  • Andrew

    Looks like a statue to me.

  • BlasterCA

    Yrp, Thousands Sons are Tzeentchian so doesn’t take much critical thinking to link the [not so] mysterious image to a Lord Of Change.

    Blaster was here…

  • John-Ross Morland

    It’s a Sphinx statue from the looks of things. Fits the obvious Egyptian theme of the Thousand Sons too.

  • The Rout

    Could be the Horus-Demon-Thing from Prospero Burns? The one the dreads take down and where Bjorn loses his hand?

    I mean its obviously just a shadow but would at least make fluff sense I guess.

  • Anti-Gravity

    Looks like architecture to me. People legit bored to be making an article about a silhouette. LMAO.

  • Runefyre

    It was confirmed by the artist to be a statue.