GW: Community Team Attending Independent Events


Look out IGT fans – Games Workshop is heading to some of the biggest events on BOTH sides of the pond!

Games Workshop has announced it’s going to head to a handful of the largest Independent Grand Tournament Events this year. This is a pretty huge step forward in terms of community outreach and it’s all around great news.

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40000 Facebook)


The Warhammer Community Team will be attending all these great independently run Warhammer events over the next few months.

Find out more about what you can look forward to at each event here:

Blood and Glory

Las Vegas Open


London 40k GT

These Independent Grand Tournaments have been a staple for the Wargaming Community for years. It’s nice to see that Games Workshop is taking an interest in them again.  We don’t have any real information beyond “they are attending” – we don’t know in what capacity they are participating. Are they just going to hang out, be a vendor, play in the tourneys, or Livestream the events? They have the capabilities to do all those things as they have demonstrated.

I’m personally hoping they are there taking notes as well. I hope they have someone shadowing the TOs and learning what players at that level of play are doing and thinking. Not because I want Warhammer 40k and AoS to become some giant Tournament-centered colossus – but because I want them to be able to make the game better. Love them or hate them, Tournament players will test your rule set to it’s absolute limits. There is no better stress test.

At the very minimum just having the Games Workshop representatives at these events is an important step for the community because now they aren’t just acknowledging that these events exist – they are attending and will be interacting with the community. That’s great to hear!


What do you think about Games Workshop attending these events? Are you going to attend any of them? What do you hope Games Workshop takes away from these IGTs?

  • Randy Randalman

    Well, they had TO’s help them playtest the General’s Handbook, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they decide to see what can help 40k balance out a bit by attending the most important tournaments of the year.

  • orionburn

    For all the flak that GW takes I think it’s great that they’re willing to head into the lion’s den and know the heat they’ll take from some. Personally I think GW has really been on an upswing, and while there will be some missteps from time to time I like what they’ve been doing over the course of the last year or so. Kudos!

    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s a start!

  • Burf

    For anyone who hasn’t looked at it yet, adepticon has GW hobby seminar’s going on including ‘rules writing; presented by games workshop!’ so do with that what you will.

  • blackbloodshaman

    I hope they are attending Armada Xwing Warmachine, KOW and Malifaux tournaments too because that is where most of their players are.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The best lesson they can learn from Armada: Make sure Battlefleet Gothic doesn’t have a dumb movement stick and scale the models so you can actually field an armada, not a couple of ships.

      Best lesson from X-Wing, make a simple, engaging and tight ruleset but beware the ever present shadow of rules bloat as it will doom your game in the long run.

      Kings of War: A simple game is better than a complex one.

      Malifaux: Alternating the activation of units is way more engaging than the alternating of turns.

      • Admiral Raptor

        Good lessons!

      • Kayreios

        Or just license star wars? Common do you believe your own crap?

    • SundaySilence

      Armada Xwing Warmachine sounds like an awesome game.

  • Mitchell

    The last couple of months GW has been really improving their act…..

  • John Kerrigan

    At least for the LVO check out to find out specifics. I am 99% certain that GW is Running the AOS tournament. Can’t wait to see their reaction to a 450+ person 40K tourney.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      It will be interesting to see how they react to the American tournament scene, which can be super cutthroat and balls-to-the-walls.

      • Burf

        Actually, the U.S. scene is nowhere near as brutal as the European one. I mean ETC uses unlimited flicker jumps, unmodofied D, unmodified 2++ reroll, unmodified invis for gaks sake. It’s why we lose international tournaments a lot.

  • Crevab

    They’ve been re-engaging a little more year by year. A few years ago Forge World started showing up at Adepticon and Gencon. This year GW had their own booth at Gencon.
    …sure it was for selling franchises, but it’s something.

  • Kayreios
  • Beefcake the mighty

    They have really turned it around. “Look we have a facebook page now! Okay so now that we’re all okay, shut up and buy some space marines.”