Legion of Everblight: Hellmouth Has Teeth!



What’s full of teeth, nightmare tentacles and strikes from below? Check out Legions new Hellmouth.


What Is It?

This is a new unit for Legion. It is FA:2 and it costs just 6 points. If you like tentacles this is the unit/faction for you. It is made up of the commander Hellmouth and 3 other tentacles.

73099_hellmouth_webWhat Does the Hellmouth Do?

The Hellmouth is a MAT6 thing… It sends out its appendages and drags stuff to the mouth/commander of the unit to eat. It is really annoying to kill at ARM18 and can also drag valuable models to places they don’t necessarily want to be.

The Hellmouth is POW15 while its tentacle buddies are only POW10.

OMG – All the rules!!!

  • Buried: The Hellmouth can’t move.
  • Circular vision:It doesn’t suffer backstrikes, not like that matters with DEF10.
  • Distant Deployment: This is a new nasty rule that lets the Hellmouth deploy 12″ out of the deployment zone not your normal 6″.
  • Impervious Flesh: This is the pain in the butt of this model. It takes 1 less damage dice from EVERYTHING at ARM18. You need at least POW13 to even do 1 point with a normal attack to the hellmouth.
  • Inscrutable: You can’t influence or seduce this model.
  • Tendrils: Just like the OP Sentry stone this model can place one of its tentacles into play if it has less then 3 in play. This is a killer rule because a tentacle can be place 8″ away and with 2″ melee + base size almost nothing can get close to the Hellmouth.
  • Consume: It insta kills small based non warcaster/warlock models.
  • Rear Attack: It can hit stuff in the back arc.

Wow, this thing is just 6 points right?

What’s the Rest of the Unit Do?

The tentacles are also Impervious which is why it can be a real pain to get rid of this thing. The tentacles are ARM15 so that means you need weapons at least POW10 to even have a chance to kill a tentacle.
If a tentacle hits a non huge based model it can drag it directly to the hellmouth. Keep your heavies safe or you ARE going to be sad.

Lists With the Hellmouth:

Lets face it. Every list should consider the Hellmouth. It almost as strong as the Sentry Stone in pure power. I rather talk about what you might be able to do to combat the Hellmouth.

How to Kill the Hellmouth:

Charging/boosting damage roles is your main offense of killing this annoying Anime model. Keep your schoolgirl warbeasts and warjacks away from it or put spells that prevent moving on them so they can’t get dragged into terrible spots.

Snipers do a good job killing the Hellmouth but it might take a few turns. Consider models like Arcant Tempest Rifleman, Widowmakers, or spells like Affliction to kill this perverted nature model.

If you have to get a heavy in range of it and don’t have any spells to keep from dragging try to be a higher defense or block the drag path to the hellmouth.


Revenant’s Thoughts on the Hellmouth?

This thing and the Sentry stone are hopefully next in line of the nerfbat. Being able to place and activate is a very strong mechanic and can be used to devastating affect. I wouldn’t say 2 Hellmouths are auto include, but 1 is. The Hellmouth can be even more annoying with spells like Occultation so watch out for the nightmare tentable-beast coming your way.

~What do you think of the Hellmouth for legion BoLS? Please share in your comments below.

  • Damistar

    It will add an interesting dynamic to Legion forces. Seems its primary use is going to be area control/denial as no one will want to get close to it. I’m not panicking about it being OP yet, as a lot of units look terrific on paper but end up being mediocre on the table top.

  • Aezeal
  • Richard Mitchell

    Poor Croak, Blindwater Congregation will have its revenge.

    • zeno666

      Yeah, that poor thing 🙂

  • zeno666

    I love the models. Perhaps its “just some tentacles”, but still 🙂
    What I don’t like is that they get to override some rules. But I guess thats #designspace