Overview: Privateer Press – No Quarter #68


No Quarter #68 is out now – come take a peek inside the latest from Privateer Press!

Privateer Press has done it again with No Quarter Magazine – it’s got all your favorite features from the Iron Kingdoms.

I won’t spoil all the articles here because this issue is jam-packed with good stuff. My personal favorite article was the Gavyn Kyle Files with it’s lore focused approach to the Black 13th. I also enjoyed the break down of the different types of lists you can build for. It’s useful info for both vets and new players alike.

This issue also contains lots of other things for the Iron Kingdoms RPG and the Undercity. It also has a battle report if you want to get the run down from a game. Another great feature was a terrain building tutorial about creating your own trees. I love stuff like that!

Overall, this issue has lots of great stuff for all types of players. It’s stuffed with great looking models, news, useful articles and ton of great lore. If you’re a fan of the Iron Kingdoms you won’t be disappointed with picking this one up!

No Quarter Issue No 68



No Quarter #68 is coming at you with a rune-inscribed bullet with Gavyn Kyle’s investigation of the legendary Black 13th. If you’re looking to get the edge on your competition, look no further than “List Building 101,” an article on list-building theory that might change the way you think about your army. Tournament Triple Threat makes its return for the new editions with a look at Khador. And Guts & Gears takes on the Hellmouth, including some winning tactics on the terrifying new creature.

You’ll also find a gallery of the beautiful winners of the Gen Con Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition, a new entry in the “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted” series, a terrain guide for making your own trees and forests, and more!


Know your Army. Know your Enemy. No Quarter!

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