Plastic Kits GW NEEDS to Skyrocket Horus Heresy


Plastic Warhammer 30K is off to a fantastic start with Calth and Prospero.  Here’s what it needs to really explode!


GW is laying out the backbone of Horus Heresy plastics and putting them on the shelves. The plastic kits from Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero will add a huge amount of utility for 30K gamers. Gamers can start with these then move into Forgeworld for the Legion specific and the rare stuff.  Here’s the next core kits we need to see in plastic:



Legion Devastator Squad – Five models (Mk.II) with a large sprue of the heresy heavy weapons (Missile Launchers, Lascannons, Heavy Bolters, Volkite).


Legion Support Squad – Five models(Mk.II) with a large sprue of the heresy special weapons (Melta, Plasma, Flamer, Volkite).




Scimitar Jetbike – You want to instantly give the Heresy a different visual feel on the tabletop?  A 2 Jetbike box (think Skyweavers) with a bunch of weapon options for the bikes.  Eat your heart out 40K Ravenwing!


Deimos Rhino – Bring back the old school Rhino – Heresy style.  Plus this kit can form the base kit for all the other Rhino variants down the road.



Land Raider Proteus – It’s time for the old Rogue Trader Land Raider to roll again – in its new sexy updated look. These in plastic would FLY off shelves.



Sicaran Tank Destroyer – At some point the plastic Heresy line will need to move into a small number of kits that are “Heresy specific” meaning they are distinctive vehicles that are commonly used in the 30K, yet rare in 40K. This will give the line its own flavor. The mid-sized, visually unique, and deadly Sicaran fits the bill well.



Javelin Attack Speeder – Another wonder of 30K that is unknown by the 40th millenia. The Javelin makes the 40K Land Speeder look like an brick and would fill the fast attack roll with heresy style and a small easy to produce kit.


You put those ten items on store shelves with cool unique 30K packaging and watch GW’s coffers fill at warp speed.

What did we miss?

  • Ross Allan

    Jump Packs over and above the other stuff, barring Heavy Weapon squads.

    That’ll allow us to field the main infantry forces without having to shell out for resin. Even though price might not be all that different, I always prefer to build plastic models.

  • DrLove42

    Honestly i prefer FW to continue to make all the good stuff.

    What we need in plastic are assault marines, breachers, generic HQs. Maybe a rhino chassis so FW can do conversions from rhino to predators

    • ZeeLobby


    • Randy Randalman

      Eh… FW tanks are AWFUL the majority of the time. Uneven panels that don’t line up, finicky bits that need to be heated/bent, huge resin feeds that leave permanent scars on the model, etc.

      GW should handle all the vehicles in plastic. The Land Raider and Rhino base chassis are better than anything FW has done for vehicles.

      The only thing FW should ever do anymore are character series models and upgrade bits to existing kits.

      • CMAngelos

        In all the time I’ve been putting together kits from gw and ForgeWorld i have seen more miss fitting Rhino and bent land raider chassis than I have ever seen with FWs kits. FW does a fine job with their Vehciles, they’re not all perfect sure but neither are GWs.

        • 6Cobra

          You’ve had more miss fitting Land Raider kits from GW, than from FW? That beggars belief.

          • CMAngelos

            Honest truth. I have assembled 4 land Raiders for myself, and 10 plus for comissions, I have 9 rhinos 2 Whirlwinds and a Predator. Nearly all of them required extra attention for a seamless fit, 3 of the four land Raiders for myself the top chassis was bent like it was pulled from the mould before it cooled fully.

            Where as my forgeworld kits the only two I’ve had an inordinate amount of fixing to do has been the Fire Raptor, and Thunderhawk gunship kits.

          • 6Cobra

            I say without sarcasm, that’s awesome for you. Maybe mine just spend too many days in the post, because out of 6 of the relevant FW tanks I’ve purchased (rhino/pred chasis, Land Raiders) every single one has required significant boiling and/or heat gunning, as well as shaving and re-sculpting. Only 2 of 6 have even been assemble-able out of the box due to warping, let alone a display-level join fit. And dont get me started on my Spartan chasis vehicles – yikes!

          • CMAngelos

            I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of assembling both versions of Spartan chassis, one with treads separate and one with them moulded on. I will say there was a sizable difference in them as far as ease of assembly

          • Emprah

            The only GW kits that ever troubled me were the Finecast ones.

            On the other hand, 50% of the stuff I order from FW is recaster quality and needs me to fix it up with greenstuff a LOT.

            I still dread how the Chaplain dreadnought looks when I fill out all the cracks and gaps, and don’t get me started on bent barrels.

          • Ryan Adams

            I have never had issues with rhino chasis kits from gw, but all the landraider kits i have had have been warped in some way.

        • amaximus167

          Every vehicle i have ordered from FW has had bend or shrunken panels. One of my conversion kits all of the hull pieces shrunk by at lease 2 mm so I couldn’t even use it. I never received my replacements. I stopped ordering expensive overpriced kits from them after that. I have never had that problem with the plastics. Ever.

          • Jade Black.

            It sucks that Recasters aren’t just cheaper than forge world, but also more vigilant about providing good customer service and making sure their clients get their replacement parts.

          • amaximus167

            Couldn’t agree more

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      the Deimos Rhino/Predator is a biggie. Players need multiples of these but everyone hates FW resin… Plastic Deimos Rhinos would sell well to everyone who plays 40K too. This should be the first 30K kit to port to plastic.

  • Dirheim

    I’d like to see a Proteus plastic kit. The FW model is a hell to assembly (too much work to fix all those bend sides and barrels) and it could work also as an alternative to the predator in 40K

  • SilentPony

    So…ALL of them…

    • euansmith


  • OolonColluphid

    Javelin Attack Speeder are relics of the armory. So their not unknown in the 40th millenia.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They shouldn’t be because Dark Angels are supposed to have the last Imperial Jetbike that is in active service.

      • Damistar

        He’s talking about the land speeder, not the jet bikes. It is notable that the HH jetbikes are a notably different style from Sammael’s though.

      • OolonColluphid

        Their not jetbikes though.

  • Cergorach

    Ok, Missile Launchers, Heavy Bolters, Volkite, Meltas, Plasmas, Flamers are all already available on the 30k plastic sprues. Just not in large amounts, but with a bit of investment you can get what you need 😉

    I can make MKIV jump marines from plastic Blood Angels ‘golden guard’ backpacks. Some of the plastic Raptor packs I can use for MK VI, maybe even for MKIII…

    I would rather see a sprue to make a plastic 30k Rhino. And a complete plastic Land Raider Proteus kit. Both I will buy lots of!

  • Graham Roden

    Assault marines instead of tactical support. You can get a decent squad made up out of what’s on the existing sprues. Everything else I agree with

  • Jukka Vuorisalo

    I would love those curved jetpacks old metal raptors on Chaos had…

  • Ghosy01 .

    why would gw shoot themselves in the foots and basically make fw irrelevant ? they have done good by providing cheap marines and thats where it should stop

    • Kaylum Dicks

      It wouldn’t make FW irrelevant, it would move the product line over to a more lucrative plastic line. This would allow FW to move onto something else.

    • Christoffer Borchsenius

      FW should be a place for Exploration and experimentation – Not mass production. GW on the other hand should keep a close eye on what FW stuff sells and move it to Plastic/mass production.

      The FW/GW combination is a fantastic means of finding out what sells and what does not..

      Resin is very cheap to make in small batch (£100 +/-). Plastic i very expensive to produce in small batch (£10.000 +/-) – But plastic gives a better and faster product and the mould does not wear out as fast.

    • Anything high volume will eventually move to GW because FW models are more expensive to make per-mini, have higher rates of attrition, and take time away from more boutique products that can’t reasonably be done in plastic

  • Rainthezangoose

    The assault marines are necessary iv converted 5 from betrayal at Calth and sanguinary guard packs without the wings but other then buying a box of them for just the packs there isnt really a way to do that for a decent sized squad.

  • Zingbaby

    Forget all that crap, I just want a Thunderhawk.

  • CMAngelos

    Why exactly does any of this need to be made plastic?
    Heavy Weapons already exist in packs of 5.
    Special weapons already exist in packs of 10.

    Everything else is pretty much good the way it is.

    Would some extra plastic kits be nice? Sure but GW has other things to work on, Sisters Chaos other new armies. And they need to stay the crap away from 30K rules and Rulesets.

    • Nyyppä

      Scimitars are cool and way, way over costed in actual money. This hobby is not cheap and that is perfectly acceptable, but those bikes have 30%-50% of their cost straight out of the brand. Dropping that brand tax would make them perfectly ok.

      I think the same goes for sicaran and javelin. The rest are fine.

      • CMAngelos

        Eh the Sicaran and it’s cousin are fine and the speeder are fine imo, but I’ll agree on the jet bikes.

        • Nyyppä

          Models are, materials too….the cost though.

    • All the specialized units should stay with FW, but staple vehicles should move over to plastic, because FW vehicles are a bear to build already and tend to be way too expensive for what you get

      • CMAngelos

        Eh i have no expectations that any plastic HH vehicle will be cheap enough in price to warrant the change/possible drop in quality.

        Biggest example is the Plastic Contemptor. Monopose kit with only 2 weapon options that is more expensive than the posable resin chassis and even more so if you want different weapons. So it’s not really a very good deal at all I imagine the other vehicles would be much the same.

        • Just by being plastic they’re improved though, because you don’t need a hot sand bed to build them anymore, lol

          • amaximus167

            Except that Contemptor, which you need to hack the crap out of to get any kind of pose. Tanks though, I mostly agree.

  • Nyyppä

    Scimitars yes. The rest…why, exactly? GW is not going to sell them for less than buying a Prospero/Calth box and the needed number of heavy weapons from forge.

    • Jade Black.

      Because forge world resin is barely distinguishable from recast.

      • Nyyppä

        If the molds of the recasts are properly done. Sure.

        • Jade Black.

          Nope, Forgeworld is always worse than recast in my experience. Everything I’ve bought from FW required either exhaustive work or replacements just to get it to fit together.

          • Nyyppä

            Roger that.

  • Deacon Ix

    A Demos Rhino upgrade kit would be good – would be nice to buy the FW bits and get eh Plastic from a re seller and save a little.

  • Dan Wilson

    Javelins, Scimitars and all the Deimos would need is a half sprue upgrade kit for the current rhino.

  • BaronSnakPak

    I’d make it all plastic, if I had my druthers. FW resin is a pain, extra cost for extra work.

  • usGrant7977

    I’d say 30k Rhino, Land Raider and jet bike. A lot of flavor, still leaves FW some work.

    • I would say currently FW have more on their plate going forward than they can necessarily handle

  • BrassWitch

    Just give us an accesory sprue with all the heavy/special weaps and Mk V assaults. Maybe more generic HQ’s -praetors in P armor, more consul variants- And maybe jetbikes? The rest are fine in resin.

    • Jade Black.

      Said as someone who’s done very little work with forgeworld I’m sure.

      There are china cast groups that make better quality resin than forgeworld at a third the price.

  • MightyOrang

    An actual Contemptor kit would be nice too

  • Pete Croucher

    Breachers, Assault Marines, Jetbikes and Sicarans are the big ones (Spartans too if GW loves me). Honestly, while the Deimos Rhinos look cool, they’re not NECESSARY to play – the 40k ones are pretty close and actually fit my 30k army better…

    • Nyyppä

      40k ones are also perfectly fine fluff wise. A lot of different iterations of same gear flew around back in the day.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Yup. The 40k version was just comparatively rarer than the Deimos variant.

  • Bayne MacGregor

    Whoa you totally ignored the need for plastics in the other factions! Heresy isn’t all-marine all-the-time! There’s Mechanicum, Dark Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia and if anyone needs plastics it’s a guard-style army!

    Plastic Tech-thralls, Plastic Thallax (they still exist by the 41st millenium too and we still don’t have rules for them in 40k) especially needed is a head with a cracked faceplate to show the ‘face’ inside. Core troops units for Mechanicum/Dark Mechancum armies which are popular heresy era armies so these should definitely be plastic. Thallax could be in a joint Thallax/Ursurax kit.

    Skitarii rules for Heresy are also needed to allow the plastic Heresy-era parts of the existing range to be used in 30k (we know Rangers with Arquebus are there from the Myriad story).

    • Mr.Gold

      if they had plastic mechanicum, i would definately start an army…

    • Jade Black.

      Plastic Mechanicum and Auxilia aren’t required.

      They’re far and a way the least played armies. GW doesn’t need to touch them.

      • Bayne MacGregor

        Mechanicum are often enough played and many people use some Mechanicum units in their Legion armies. As some 30k Mechanicum become usuable in 40k (We’ve known Thallax still exist in 40k since the first week of Skitarii releases!) and the 40k Mechanicum players continue to grow there will be more and more Mechanicum players of 30k and Solar Auxilia are so expensive in resin having some in plastic would be sure to increase how many play the army.

  • “Scimitar Jetbike – You want to instantly give the Heresy a
    different visual feel on the tabletop? A 2 Jetbike box (think
    Skyweavers) with a bunch of weapon options for the bikes. Eat your
    heart out 40K Ravenwing!”

    The Grand Master of the Ravenwing is the only one with access to a jetbike. “Corvex” might be seeing replacements after loss or destruction, but there is only ever one of it. It is the last-known jetbike.

  • Sicaran rare in 40k? LOL

    • Damistar

      About as rare as the “experimental” Riptide Tau battlesuits.

  • James Waller

    I’d love to see more 30k in plastic. I cant see devastators that would stop you buying the weapons from forge world which I thought was the plan. The Sicaran would be a great kit to do, two current load outs fits their multi use kit strategy and its currently a heavy beast of a kit, so much resin. A Spartan, Typhon, (the other one i forget) would be another cool idea.

    I’d most like to see a 30k character sprue like the current commander sprue, hell maybe throw in a multi part console option sprue.

  • Abe Killian

    First off – nice little write up! Very concise and considered.

    Looking at the MKIII sprues, all the Tactical stuff is on one sprue – the legs and arm. It would be easy to just swap that out and add in running legs and straight arms and you have the basis of Despoiler or non-jet pack Assault.

    MkII with the weapons options as listed above is s great idea and totally workable.

  • amaximus167

    So, basically almost the whole FW line? Except characters?

  • Mick Tonks

    A plastic Sicaran would break my wallet, but I’d be happy to dish out the cash 🙂

  • Josiah

    Nice kits but still a ripoff.