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Pimpcron talks about an awesome set of terrain.

Howdy folks! Welcome to a Pimpcron product review! Today I have’s pre-painted Industrial terrain set.

This 28-30mm set includes 11 large pieces of scenery and 12 small ammo boxes:

– 1x main building.

– 4x power generators.

– 4x containers.

– 2x stacked pipes.

– 12x ammo boxes.
What I love about these terrain pieces is that they are quite hefty and made of a durable resin based material. I don’t know why, but I always associate weight with quality in an item, like how I prefer my metal models’ weight over plastic. These could literally double as a self defense weapon. And they even come with a nice little added touch in the form of little rubber feet!


As for the pre-painted paint job, I would call it adequately painted. It seems to be dry brushed and washed with several different colors, and the terrain looks fine. If I had bought the unpainted version, I would have just dry brushed it anyway, so it’s no different for me. Those of you who like to paint terrain and go into tons of detail will have to decide whether to just buy the unpainted or not. But I thought the extra cost of having them paint it to a tabletop standard was well worth it because I hate to paint terrain.


This set is $138 for a ton of stuff. You can tell in these pictures how many buildings, crates, and pipes you get; but what it doesn’t show you is how large all of these things are. They are pretty giant terrain pieces that are all at least 3 inches tall. So a dreadnaught can easily hide behind all of these things.


The main building a little over foot long (31,5cm), eight inches wide (20cm) and four inches tall (10cm)! This thing will literally dominate an entire battleboard section by itself. It makes a great center piece for a board and I have been using it as the central objective in a power grid-sabotaging mission, which I’ll post below.


The set includes four power generators which measure six inches by six inches and 3 inches tall (in cm 16x16x7). These are great for line-of-sight blocking points to hide your objectives, or stage an ambush.


Then comes the big news: these shipping containers are giant! They are larger than the recent GW-released containers, coming in at 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches tall (19x9x9 in cm). They are excellent line-of-sight blocking terrain and act as good periphery terrain to add to the feeling of “industrial”. If you’ve ever seen a power substation you’d notice they often store things in their fenced in areas around generators, containers of stuff, crates, spools of wire, etc.


The stacked pipes are a great addition to this and weigh in at 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall (16x7x7cm).

FINAL VERDICT:shipping-containers2

If you want to garnish your entire battle board in one purchase with some hefty terrain pieces that will also stop an intruder, this is for you. I think it’s nicely priced and having it pre-painted is worth it in my opinion.

Special Pimpcron Mission To Use These With:

Setup: place the main building in the center of the table, and the generators at least 12 inches from any other building spaced out around it.

Deployment: the defending player deploys first, placing his army anywhere at least 12” from any table edge in the center of the board. The attacker will roll on this table for their deployment options of each unit, this does not count as Infiltrating and they may act as normal on their first turn:

1 Unit walks onto the board from any table edge at the start of their Movement phase.

2-3 Unit deploys anywhere within 6 inches of a board edge.

4-5 Unit deploys anywhere within 12 inches of a board edge.

6 Unit deploys anywhere on the table not within 8 inches of an enemy unit.

First Turn: Attacker gets first turn on a 3+. Defender may try to seize.

Victory Conditions: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Sabotage

Sabotage: If an un-engaged attacking unit is in base contact with one of the Generators or the Main Building in their assault phase, they may roll a dice. On a 5+ they destroy the structure. Each turn they stay in base contact with the structure, they get a +1 to their sabotage roll.

At the end of the game, each destroyed Generator grants the attacker 2 points each, and the Main Building grants 5 points. If an attacking unit ends the game in un-engaged base contact with one of these intact structures, they will receive 1 point.

At the end of the game, the defender gets 2 points each for each intact Generator and 5 points for the intact Main Building.

I’ve played this mission and it’s quite fun. Have fun!



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  • Robosmurf

    Cool advertiment bro

  • Zingbaby

    Yeah I’m not sure about these, I LOVE the Mats but these are over-priced for what you get.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. Looks pretty pants honestly.

    • irvinil

      100% agree.
      produced them with polyurethane foam, 95% lighter and 50% cheaper.

    • Really?! I love this set. I’m not just blowing smoke. All of my friends who have played with my set has liked it too.

      • Satyan Patel

        I believe this set is a good value. I mean prepainted, off the sprue, no flashing to clean and ready to use out of the box. Add the fact the amount of stuff you get also. Thank you for also reviewing terrain and items from other manufacturers.

        • Hey Satyan! Haven’t heard from you my blog in a while! Good to see you’re still around. I agree with you,. This is a great set and I hate painting terrain. I almost bought 2. Maybe in the future.

          • Satyan Patel

            I still visit the site twice a day (quick browse, many times read), but haven’t been responding as for little time left (work, kids, chores). Terrain tells the story. Can’t say this enough. I also play Bolt Action and you want your terrain to look as good as possible to North Africa, Pacific or Eastern Europe. I say good as for it still needs to be portable, sturdy and movable. True it can look amazingly accurate like a museum piece, but then it can’t go anywhere and I would be afraid of playing on it.
            Now 40k and science fiction is totally different. I prefer to have more contrast and focus on the models. So I prefer darker terrain so the focus is still on the models. I’ve seen people play with brightly colored (tau, eldar) forces on brightly colored terrain and table and you can’t even see all the squads and models. The owners of the models even forget their own squads and models.
            In the grim darkness of the future there is only darkness. 🙂

  • kobalt60

    these will look good with my new-ish mech/skitarii army. Better in fact then those absurd Blood pump pipeline atrocities. blood of martyrs indeed