Privateer: Designing the Command Books

The art for MkIII is fantastic – see how it was made and hang it on your walls!

When designing the new Command book covers the artists at Privateer aimed to showcase each new warcaster/warlock along with other iconic warbeasts and jacks. They’ve accomplished this goal, in my opinion. They’ve produced some really nice pieces that really show off the capabilities and themes of each faction. Mike Vaillancourt walks us through the process…

For each cover, the general process is for Andrea to do first a few sketches for basic composition and character placement and pose. From there, we either pick one or I do a quick drawing over the top of existing art, adjusting pose and placement before sending that back to Andrea. Next, Andrea takes the feedback or choice I’ve provided and prepares a tight line-art drawing. He then proceeds to establish a flat color guideline. During the final phases, he establishes the value and lighting for the scene and ultimately sends me a final version. After the illustration has been uploaded to our art server, the graphic design team places the art into our layout templates, crops where necessary, and applies other design elements to bring it all together. Below is a step-by-step progression for the Cygnar cover, followed by final cover art with and without design elements for both the Trollbloods and Protectorate books.

Command Prints – $20.00 each / $50.00 for set of 3

With how great these turned out, it was only a matter of moments before we all agreed we wanted prints of them. Coming in at $20 each, you can grab them on our online store. Can’t pick a favorite? Put all three in your cart, and get the whole set for $50! The discount will automatically be applied and is viewable in your shopping cart.


Which is your favorite?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Damn those covers bleed cool.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Yeah, they look awesome.

      Will be buying even if I only collect Minions and Mercernaries (they will not be getting any Command books). Yes that is information you all need to know.

  • Grypyhon

    Will these books have a different format than MkII, or is it just the same – model pic, model stats, brief fluff?

    • ChubToad

      Well for MkIII they barely produced new artwork for existing models, it seems logical they’ll continue the trend.

      • Michael Vaillancourt

        There were 120 new pieces of art for Prime and Primal. For the command books the art that gets replaced first is legacy art (oldest pieces) followed by art that doesn’t fit within our new templates.

    • EndreFodstad

      The command books will be like the Forces of Warmachine/Hordes books, but with more general information on the faction than those. The theme forces books will be more in-depth on spesific parts of the militaries, say Cygnar gets a theme book on Stormblades/Lances/etc and Khador gets an theme book on Man of Wars. They will cycle through the factions.

      I am unsure if there will be new models in the Command books. There certainly will be in the Theme books. Theme books will be smaller and have a faster release schedule than the old expansions, but will focus on individual factions. It seems they will tie the theme releases more to model releases as well. Minus is we get a more GW-style expansion cycle, plus is the models will be available faster after book release.

      Convergence of Cyriss will receive a combined Command/Theme book out the gate, since they’re such a small faction at the moment.

      It seems they are re-doing some art from Mk2. In the Prime book, there is new art on some entries but old art on a lot. I can’t really remember how all of the old stuff looked, but Protectorate got new art on (as I remember it) the Crusader, Reckoner, Choir, Daughters, Vengers, Exemplars, Paladins and possibly Zealots and Sunburst crews.

      • zeno666

        By looking at the artwork on the cards I got, the ones that had old art in the Mk2 Forces-books got new art.

        • EndreFodstad

          Makes sense.

          • Michael Vaillancourt

            That’s because the cards were designed and printed before all the new art was in. The design team did a fantastic job coming up with an all new card layout, creating brand new cards for every single model in the game lines, and then getting them sent to translators for the foreign language editions.

  • bobrunnicles

    “The art for second edition is fantastic – see how it was made and hang it on your walls!”

    Yes, yes it was. But isn’t this thread about the art for THIRD edition? Lol….

    • zeno666

      Haha, derp!

    • *hangs head in shame* I’ll fix that.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Their art has always been pretty damned good. Models? Ehh…I still hate the tiny little legs on the giant, ape-like Jacks.