Prospero, Custodes, Sisters, & Harry Potter Arrive


Get ready for the biggest GW boxed set to hit the shelves this year. Burning of Prospero and so much more arrive!

40K: Sisters & Custodes Rules Live

Burning of Prospero out – and so are the rules for the Sisters of Silence and Adeptus Custodes for use in Warhammer 40,000!

bop-bols-unboxingBoLS In-depth Unboxing: Burning of Prospero

Join BoLS as we open up the amazing new Burning of Prospero boxed set and spend a while going over it!

60020101012_prosperocalthbundle01GW: New Releases October 22 “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop’s Latest Boxed game is out – and they have a few other surprises as well!

forge-world-ultramarines-heraldFW: New Legion Herald This Weekend

Forge World’s Exclusive Ultramarine Herald is available at Games Workshop stores this weekend only – come take a look at the resin!

Harry Potter HogwartsHogwarts Battle is Now Available

Save Hogwarts from the villainous Voldemort in this fun co-op deck building game.

russ-104FW: Leman Russ Rides To War

Forge World is now taking Pre-Orders for Leman Russ & The Great Wolf’s Host is ready for War!

phil-simon-bopGW: Phil Kelly Talks Burning of Prospero

GW’s Phil Kelly and Simon Grant talk Burning of Prospero in this this developer chat.

swf30_book_endless-vigilFFG Weekly Releases: Star Wars & LotR

FFG has two new releases this week for the you Star Wars RPG Force users and a dangerous Journey to Mordor.


~ You’re all caught up – now onto the week!

  • Donaldosaurus

    There’s a touch of the neanderthal about that Herald.

    • euansmith

      Maybe he is just about to sneeze?

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Biggest box set of the year – so far. Blood Bowl will be so much more popular, surely?

    • Very different markets, so we’all see. BB is very much a proper board game, there isn’t much incentive to buy 5 copies. Meanwhile a substantial chunk of people buying Prospero are just buying for the minis, of which many players could use 2+ sets. Also since existing BB minis still work, a portion of the audience for BB doesn’t really need the game set

  • euansmith

    I really like the simplicity of the Mk III armour on the marines and the Tartaros Terminators’ armour too. It is good to see that GW knew to reserve the bling cannon for the other units.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s refreshing when I look at a GW model and see LESS details, lol.