RPG: The Zombie Squad

zombie squad feral games

This indie RPG from Feral Games has space pirates, alien tech, and guns. Lots of them.

Originally released for free on DriveThruRPG in 2015 this game was a great success with thousands of downloads. The updated ruleset comes in two editions: The Director’s cut is based in the classic D20 system, and The Death Row Edition that’s based in Powered by the Apocalypse Engine designed by Vincent Baker.

The Zombie Squad plays out in a sci-fi setting in the far future. A future where humanity has reached out to stars and found alien races… and promptly pissed them off. Humans are now in an endless fight to survive – and their resources are running low. The people in charge decide the way to endure is to take advantage of military criminals awaiting execution.

Each player builds their character by choosing an origin, a past military career, and a crime. These will give abilities, and their position in their battalion. There are six character types to choose from:

Gunslinger – The weapons expert. The Gunslinger has specialist moves like 2 gun mojo and Signature Weapon. Download the Gunslinger Beta Playbook

Booster – The Scout of the group with Moves like Tracker and Sniper.

Fixer – The Tech expert and Hacker of the group with moves like Demolitions and Adv Cybernetics. Download the Fixer Beta Playbook

The Witch – The wielder of Giga-Voodoo with the power to control or destroy electronics and cybernetics. Moves like Re-Code and Overload.

The Ronin – Expert at melee and Martial Arts the Ronin has specialist moves like Open Hand and Deflection.

The Cyborg – The Cyborg will be the sixth and final Character type, The Cyborg will be upgradeable with both Bio-Tech and Cyber Ware.

zombie squad art

You can check out the un-revised rules on DriveThruRPG, and

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  • Xodis

    Sounds awesome, just wish it wasn’t D20…..D&D3.5/PF already milked that cow like GW with Space Marines lol

    • There are two editions available with different game mechanics – maybe the other one would be more your speed?

      • Xodis

        I was actually just looking up some information about that system. Seems likes a pretty neat twist to the Storyteller system used by Whitewolf, and may be quite a bit of fun. I need a good modern game since D&D5e covers my fantasy and Star Wars by FFG covers my sci fi.

        • Yeah – same mechanic over and over can get boring.