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“Make your peace with the Emperor, men – we drop in two minutes.” 40K battle report time!

SN Battle Reports brings you another Battle Report!!!

“The enemy commanders think themselves safe from the Emperor’s Wrath behind kilometres of fortifications and legions of warriors. They did not account for us. Make your peace with the Emperor, men—we drop in two minutes.”


++ DATE: 5359992M41

++REF: 634/S5E/5-89

++THOUGHT: “No plan survives contact” Attributed to Germanii strategos, VnKlawswitch, circa M2, Terra.

++MESSAGE: This being an account of the lamentable and ultimately unnecessary counter-invasion of Stronos IV.

Account begins…

The heavy assault carrier Barrian’s Fist breaches reality at system edge trailing kilometers long exoplasmic residue after a tumultuous warp journey that has cost her 2 of her lighter escorts. Barely pausing to effect necessary repairs and to confirm location via stellar cartography, the mighty relic ship engages her oversized real-space engines and powers insystem. In her cavernous holds the Fighting 101st Elysian Drop Regiment (Colloquially known as the Firian Screaming Eagles for their aggressive and boisterous way of war) primed and made ready for planet fall. Segmentum command had retasked the Fighting 101st from Seg Quick Reaction Reserve to plug a gap blasted through the Merkava crusade by the forces of the archenemy. The 101st’s mercurial commander, Colonel Hiram Fredrik, ordered an immediate combat drop which is consistent with the Elysian way of war though a more prudent commander might have made a more cautious approach allowing his augur displays to reveal more of the situation on the ground. Direct link to segmentum command had been rendered impossible by the death in transit of all of the Barrian’s Fist’s astropaths due to psionic feedback from the “troubled” warp jump to the Stronos system. Thus deprived of communication with segmentum command, Col. Fredrik fell back on his last known orders and executed them as any Elysian drop trooper would, with copious speed and aggression. Barrelling past Stronos VI and V at flank speed, augurs desperately straining to pierce the electronic interference kicked up by her own engines, the Barrian’s Fist made orbit around Stronos IV 7 hours after lighting her drives. In her cathedral-like bridge, thousands of crew carried out the myriad of functions necessary to her operation, Col. Hiram Fredrik hovering arround the sensorium trying to form a clearer picture of what was on the surface. The augur screens remained stubbornly clear. Fredrik ordered immediate combat drop lest the element of surprise be lost to the heretics that he reasoned were hidding below behind some kind of technological or psychic augur baffles. He was half right.

Hidden within low polar orbit was the Raptors Battle Barge War Talon, her compliment of three full companies of Raptors Astartes deployed on the surface, their aloof nature and habitual penchant for secrecy and stealth staying their hand from contacting their imperial allies even though they had been aware of the Elysians approach. This is consistent with the independence (some would say arrogance) of the Astartes in not deigning to communicate to their Astra Militarum brothers that the Traitor forces on Stronos IV had already been eradicated by them. The crew of the Barrian’s Fist and the Elysians crowded into 487 Valkyries, Vendettas and larger drop ships that even now plumeted through the upper atmosphere were eager for battle (and likely at wits end after their travails through the warp) so it comes as no real surprise that they unleashed the full force of their fury on the first contact that appeared on their instruments. Perhaps the Raptors vaunted stealth failed them, perhaps they unmasked themselves on purpose to hail friendly forces but the end result was that a storm of fire was unleashed from both orbit and from the assault waves hurtling towards the ground. Perhaps the Elysians realised their mistake a split second before their ordnance hit home, perhaps they begged forgiveness from His Holiness The Emperor for firing on Adeptus Astartes. It mattered not. Brother Radagus, 3rd tactical squad, 2nd company was the first casualty of this most bitter and uneccessary internecine conflict. Being made for war the Astartes returned fire and made battle on their would be allies as a matter of course, prosecuting a vicous counter attack on the Elysian drop zone with all the bellicose fury than only superhuman killers can achive. The Elysians, initially despairing of their fratricide were forced to fight a battle not of their choosing because of the Raptors Astartes counter attack. So, we can now see, with the dubious benefit of hindsight, that a series of mistakes and ill fortune led to the tragic events on Stronos IV. The full account of the battle follows overleaf.

++APPENDIX: As a curiosity, I adhere the full vox transcriptions of both forces to the report. Note the lack of communication by either side to the other. It seems that once the first shots were fired and then returned both sides choose to engage in a set piece engagement.


Mission: Crusade (4 Objectives)
Points: 1750pts
Deployment: Dawn of War

Combined Arms Detachment – Elysian Droptroops: Imperial Armour vol.3 2nd.ed The Taros Campaign.

Company Command Squad: Carapace armor, 2xFlamers, Missile Launcher, Officer of the fleet
Commander: Powerfist

Company Command Squad: 3xMeltaguns

Stormtrooper Squad: 1xMeltagun

Veteran Squad: Grenadiers, 3xPlasmaguns, Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad: Grenadiers, 3xPlasmaguns, Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad: Demolitions, 3xMeltaguns, 7xShotguns

Veteran Squad: Forward Sentries, 3xSniper Rifles, Missile Launcher

Vulture Gunship: Chaff Launchers, Twin-linked Punisher cannons

Vendetta Gunship: 3xTwin-linked Lascannnons

Tauros Squadron: 2xTauros Assault w/ Heavy Flamers, 1xTauros Venator w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon

Formation: Emperor’s Talon Recon from Mont’ka
3xArmored sentinels: 3xLascannons, 3xCamo Netting
3xArmored sentinels: 3xAutocannons, 2xHunter Killer Missiles

Lias IssodenCaptain: artificer armour; storm shield; Space Marine bike, The burning Blade

Librarian: Psyker (Mastery Level 1)

4 Tactical Marines: + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-melta)
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

4 Tactical Marines: plasma gun; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-melta)
• Razorback: twin-linked assault cannon

4 Tactical Marines: + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-melta)
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

4 Tactical Marines: heavy bolter; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-melta)

4 Scouts: + 1 Scout Sergeant

Drop Pod

Stormtalon Gunship: Typhoon missile launcher

4 Space Marine Bikers: 2× grav-gun; + 1 Biker Sergeant (combi-grav)

2 Devastator Centurions: 2× grav-cannon and grav-amp; + 1 Centurion Sergeant (grav-cannon and grav-amp; missile launcher; omniscope)

4 Devastator Marines: 2× missile launcher (flakk missiles); 2× lascannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant

And here we are, as promised, the first of two battle reports which were played at our exclusive No Retreat event. With so many beautiful armies to choose from we were really spoilt for choice. But when else would you be able to play against a pure Elysian army, and what an army it was, all the way from Sweden. Fredrik from Scattered Dice Gaming ( would face off against Steven and his Raptors. Excited to start, we set up on this amazing industrial factory-style board, making good use of some of our amazing scenery and awesome mat by with both players eager to start we rolled for night-fighting and then rolled off to see who would start. Fredrik won the roll off and opted to start.


Steven starts by placing the first of four objectives. Making good use of the factory’s high roofs knowing that he has infiltrating units which will be capturing them before the game even starts. (Sneaky!)


Fredrik then places one of his two objectives within his deployment zone and immediately begins deploying, placing one of his sentinel squads right next to it.


A true sight to behold! An absolutely beautiful army! Fredrik begins his deployment.


Let just take a quick moment here to really take in and appreciate how awesome these Forgeworld models really are.


Most of his army deploys on this right flank with not much cover, he places units close together, providing each other with some support.


Steven now begins his deployment, positioning his Razorbacks behind good cover. The rest of the army also deploy attempting to make the most of the pipelines and other areas of cover on his side of the battlefield, thinking ahead strategically of where his infiltrating units will go.


Steven keeps his bikes and captain in reserves whilst making the most of Lias Issodon’s warlord trait allowing him to infiltrate three units as well as himself. He perches the chapter master along with his devastator squad atop the factory’s highest point looking out over the entire battlefield. They can run, but they can’t hide.


The scout squad infiltrate as close as possible along the left flank. Hoping to use their “Legendary Marksman” rule that the Raptors chapter tactics give them. More information on the Raptors here:


Lias Issodon makes quick work of a sentinel even before any movement thanks to his special rule “Infiltrate, Isolate and Destroy” A roll of a D3 results in two haywire hits and then glances making for a wrecked sentinel, the closest one from its squadron.


Turn 1 (Elysians) Fredrik begins moving his forces forwards, marking Steven’s central tactical squad with his Emperor’s Talon Recon formation giving preferred enemy to his sentinels when targeting that unit.


Turn 1 (Elysians) The auto-cannon sentinels open fire towards the razorback which they can only just about see on the other side of the battlefield, managing to glance the tank twice.


Turn 1 (Elysians) This squad targets the scouts in front of them hoping to score first blood. Leaving just a single scout alive and therefore forcing a leadership check which was luckily passed. The remaining scout stands brave.


Turn 1 (Elysians) The second sentinel squad, armed with lascannons, fire at another razorback also removing two hull points and shaking the vehicle and its crew.


Turn 1 (Elysians) Fredrik tries his luck with a krak missile at the closest razorback in the hopes that he might remove its final hull point, but the projectile failed to damage the tank’s armour.


Turn 1 (Raptors) Strike from the skies brothers! Steven has his Centurions and Librarian drop in and land directly in front of Fredriks army. I’d be scared of such a sight. This could throw a seriously big spanner in Fredrik’s works.


Turn 1 (Raptors) Steven moves his razorback forwards onto the objective also drawing line of sight to Fredrik’s lascannon sentinels.


Turn 1 (Raptors) Stevens librarian casts Prescience onto his unit for some re-rolling goodness. Fredrik, unable to deny the witch accepts the oncoming doom.


Turn 1 (Raptors) The centurions turn towards the sentinels and unleash hell. Needing 6s to glance and immobilise, Steven rolls five 6s, wrecking two of the auto cannon sentinels and leaving the last on one hull point.


Turn 1 (Raptors) Those Centurions did well and they know it. This picture captures the wake of destruction these bad boys can leave behind. “Before seeking victory, first make yourself invulnerable to defeat.” Primarch Corax


Turn 2 (Elysians) “We’re in the pipe, five by five…” Fredrik rolls for his reserves adding a +1 bonus thanks to his officer of the fleet….but Lias minus’ 1 resulting in an straight roll of a 3+ once again. Fredrik pulls off some great rolling leading to all of his units arriving this turn.


Turn 2 (Elysians) BY THE EMPEROR!!! Look at these incredible models! I’d say some of the best we’ve seen from Forge World. Fredrik outflanks his Tauros squadron into a great position just behind one of Steven’s razorbacks.


Turn 2 (Elysians) BALLS OF STEEL! The Kaskrin Stormtrooper squad tries their luck by deep-striking inches away from Lias and his unit. Will they succeed…..?


Turn 2 (Elysians) Mission accomplished! A perfect drop sees the squad land with pinpoint accuracy. This forces Steven to think again about his plans. Remember, they are packing some AP3 firepower.


Turn 2 (Elysians) Now air superiority is his! Both flyers tear up the skies above as they enter the battlefield ready to wreak havoc below.


Turn 2 (Elysians) The sentinels peek round the corner, excellent shooting results in the razorback bursting into flames.


Turn 2 (Elysians) The demolitions veteran squad fire their melta guns, easily removing a single centurion from play. A fair amount of fire power lost there.


Turn 2 (Elysians) Following the time-honoured 40k tradition, the brave soul wielding the plasma gun has it explode right in his face, taking his life. Poor guy, who’d have thought that’d happen in the year 40,000….


Turn 2 (Elysians) The Storm troopers up top opened fire at Lias and his unit with a barrage of AP3 shots. Even though Lias has a 2+ armour save Steven choses to play it safe and look out sir all six of the wounds made. With only shrouded to save these marines from certain death, Steven rolls and only fails one! Tremendous rolling.


Turn 2 (Elysians) The vendetta finishes off the closest razorback, wrecking it, as it was on just a single hull point. At the back we can see the other unit that also disembarked from its transport thanks to the sentinels shooting. Now both units are sat out in the open without much protection (…ehem…power armour…)


Turn 2 (Elysians) The flyer unloads its 20 shots into a unit of 5 raptors who are out in the open and manages to kill four of them. Awesome flyer with the rules to go with it!


Turn 2 (Elysians) The Tauros’ heavy flamers fail to do any damage to the rear of this razorback, however, the lascannon rips through the armour making the tank snapfire in its next turn. A narrow escape for Stevens razorback here sees it live on to another round.


Turn 2 (Raptors) The captain and his unit appear via outflank here ready to prey on the Tauros squadron. SURPRISE! The bikes manage to wreck one of the Buggies in the shooting phase after firing all they’ve got in the form of grav and bolter fire.


Turn 2 (Raptors) The Stormtalon zooms onto the battlefield heading straight towards the Vendetta. Fredrik opts to jink and luckily for him that saves him from taking any damage whatsoever.


Turn 2 (Raptors) With nothing much in range, Steven choses to split-fire. The sergeant fires at the vendetta, needing 6s but with rerolls thanks to prescience once again, whilst the other centurion fires at the veteran squad in front of him. He removes four veterans from play two of which were wielding melta guns (Happy Steven!)


Turn 2 (Raptors) Lias detaches himself from the dev-squad and charges in to the stormtroopers slaying three in a single deadly slash of his power sword. Winning the combat, Lias chases down the unit finishing them all off single-handedly. EPIC! “My sword is at the Emperor’s command. I answer to no other man, living or dead.” Tu’Shan


View of the table at the end of turn two. What a game so far!


Turn 3 (Elysians) Fredrik starts his third movement phase, starting off by moving his lascannon sentinels forwards into prime positions hoping to bring some more important units down.


Turn 3 (Elysians) Fredriks’ Vulture moves forwards, making great use of vector dancer allowing him to pivot an additional 90 degrees after he moves. This granted him line of sight to four different units.


Turn 3 (Elysians) The two sentinels open fire at the threatening centurions but some awful rolling from Fredrik sees only one hit and a failed to-wound roll of a one.


Turn 3 (Elysians) Once again, in true 40k fashion, a plasma gun claims another victim as the unit fire at Lias atop the factory tower. Fredrik rolls causing four wounds to the chapter master who is now standing alone. Thanks to the cover between them, Lias passes all his 2 ups and is therefore unharmed.

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  • Devourer

    NIce batrep 🙂 So how did they do the glowing swoke?

    • TenDM

      I’m not sure if it’s what they did here, but you can get these little things called electronic candles. They’re like a round miniature base with a battery powered lightbulb on top. Get one of those then make a normal smoke marker. There are many methods for that but most people just pull apart cotton balls and spray the top black. Once you’ve got that done stick it on top of the electronic candle and turn it on. The light will give the cotton a really nice, strong glow in the middle and the black will make the smoke look thick.

      The reason you use an electronic candle instead of a regular torch light is because electronic candles have a built in flicker effect really makes it look like fire behind the smoke.

      I should also mention that covering light sources like that has the potential to be a fire hazard. Leave the candle running for an hour or two before attaching anything and see how hot it gets.
      Personally I’d recommend just doing regular smoke markers. The last thing you want is to burn your gaming gear down because you forgot to turn a marker off before putting it away.

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    Indeed, great report – enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    Fun report so far, great painting of Elysians, and an acceptable use of formation to bolster a really cool CAD!

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    Great batrep. I’d like more of these please.

    Some great varied armies with units I don’t get to see very often. I knew as soon as I saw Elysians that there’d be some logistical balls-up though – they seem to be cursed to never have anything go even roughly to plan. An accidental skirmish with friendly forces seems par the course.

    The board is very varied with multiple levels, which are always the best. Love Lias taking an elevated position early to rain fire down, and the Tauros vehicles sneaking up on the Razorback.