Tabletop Spotlight: Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook


The Tabletop Spotlight is on the Bolt Action Second Edition Rule Book!

Are you ready for the next wave Bolt Action Fans? Our Friends from Dragon’s Lair have brought over the Hard Back version of the new Bolt Action Second Edition Rules:

We have covered the updates in the rules set before. The “BIG” changes were the new High Explosive Rules, Transports and Officers. Now, not all of the changes were massive shifts, but they are shifts none the less. We touch on them very lightly in the video because our intent was to show of the new book and not go over the entire ruleset.

That said, the book is a very nice product. It’s got a quality of production simply because it’s a hard back – and while I do like the pocket editions, the hard back books are always appreciated. It’s also a reasonable size so that you can travel with it and not throw your back out. It’s full color and naturally has all the rules you’ll need to get up and playing in no time. The other big thing about this book is that it also includes the Japanese Army list. This was a newer addition to the book which our guest Evan appreciated.

Overall, it’s essential to have this book if you want to play Bolt Action. If you’re a returning player from the 1st edition, you can pick-up this book and you’ll be set. If you’re a new player I’d recommend either grabbing this book or one of the new 2nd edition starters that we covered previously. That contains a mini-rulebook that contains all the same info in a slightly smaller format. Bolt Action Second Edition is in stores now – Go check it out!

Bolt Action Second Edition Rulebook


The options are near-endless, but the best place to start is of course the Bolt Action Rulebook, which contains all of the rules, a timeline of WWII events, sample Army Lists for the German, US, Soviet and British forces… and is packed with stunning photographs of our studio models, along with exceptional illustrations from renowned artist Peter Dennis.


Storm the front with Bolt Action Second Edition!

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