That Time a Patriarch “Kissed” an Ork…


The Grimdark galaxy is a BIG place and anything can happen – AND GET RULES!

Today we are going way back to 1991 and it’s FREEBOOTERZ Ork armylist supplement.  Even 25 years ago, those crazy designers at Nottingham were coming up with all kinds of craziness.


Just take a look at today’s offering from the days of yore. You will want to read this page – trust me!


There is just SO MUCH AWESOME in that single page of fluff.   The concept of Orks being particularly bad hosts for Genestealer Cults due to thier biology and societal rules is great. I love the concept of a desperate and somewhat hapless Patriach realizing he’s made a terrible, terrible mistake infecting Orks. So he basically sells his Cult’s services to the highest bidder in the hopes of one day discovering some humans or pretty much ANY other living creature besides Orks to expand his coven.  Ork society is tough – even Tyranid biology usually won’t cut it.

But that’s not all – not by a longshot…

GW made Minis!


I want you all to behold what maybe the BEST Ork banner – EVER.  The 4-armed Genestealer Ork Cult glyph.  I REALLY REALLY hope some of you print that out, paint it up and use it on your own warband.

There are Rules Too…


This is just the tip of the Ork Genestealer Cults info and you can expect much much more in the days ahead.  Really though I just HAD to get that banner out to the masses the second I laid eyes on it! It’s crazy that stuff this good is 25 years old.

~Are you being pulled down the tracks by the nostalgia train?

  • Vepr

    That banner is all sorts of awesome.

  • Andrea Andy Martini

    The minis are simply Hybrid arm sprue put on an Ork sprue!!

  • galaspar

    There was one proper Ork Hybrid model in the Freebooterz range, might finally time to paint mine now!

    • memitchell

      I have a couple of metal Ork hybrid model (loving painted 20+ years ago). They used the hybrid plastic arms. They come from the same era as Chaos Orks.

  • Woodwyrm

    There are references to these and other xenos hybrids in the new codex. Includes eldar and tau as well as mention of an ork gargant filled with genestealers.

    Some fantastic conversion opportunities await.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      That last sentence is of true beauty!!!

      • euansmith

        GW do make the best bitz.

        • Carey_Mahoney

          Yep, they do.

  • euansmith

    That Paul Bonner cover is an exceptionally good example of artwork by an exceptionally fine artist. He manages to make even the goofiest of material look totally awesome.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Nice! Back then the fluff part of 40k was still filled to the brim with content and not with exaggerations.

  • Chris Hateley

    All that and you didn’t even show the newbies the actual ork hybrid mini that was part of the original freebooter range…