Unboxing: Black River Irregulars Expansion


The Undercity has a new Expansion – The Black River Irregulars are here to help!

Privateer Press has a new expansion set for The Undercity. And it’s not just new characters – there is a new mission, new rules for 5-6 players and more!

First off, if you haven’t gotten to play The Undercity, you should get on that. It’s a lot of fun and it’s been out since last year. Privateer Press also released Widower’s Wood which is the Hordes version of The Undercity in many ways – both games are cross compatible. Now Privateer Press has come out with a Heroes Expansion that can be used for both games in the form of The Black River Irregulars Expansion.

This game adds 4 new heroes to the game complete with their own unique skills, feats and abilities. You can use all 4 heroes to run a new campaign or rotate out previous heroes for the new ones. After taking a look through their skills and stats, I would say they aren’t significantly better or worse than the other hero options – just different. Each one brings a little something different to the table and I appreciate that about these heroes.

One of my favorite changes with this expansion however has got to be the change to the rules to allow up to 6 players to join in. I know it may not seem like that big of a deal to add one or two more people, but for me, this now makes this game even more appealing. I enjoyed playing The Undercity but I was a little bummed I couldn’t play with all of my typical group. With the increase to player size that now puts it on par with games like Decent or Imperial Assault in terms of players supported (it’s technically 1 more than those games). Now, hopefully no one will get left out.

This expansion also ups the “Level Cap” so you can play as “Epic” heroes. It really just means you can keep playing as the same characters, longer. I’m sure you could house rule it so you can eventually have ALL of the skills unlocked, but you’d be pretty unstoppable at that point.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the scenario “Blood Sport” which ties in perfectly with the upped “level cap” because in it, you’re going Horde-mode. What does that mean? Well Horde-mode is a term borrowed from he FPS scene in which players basically fight progressively harder waves of enemies. In this version you’re basically doing just that – only I’m not 100% sure that the villains get tougher so much as they just keep coming. How long can your team hold out? One way to find out…Go pick up the Black River Irregulars in stores now!

Black River Irregulars Expansion


The Black River Irregulars expand their ranks with four new heroes for the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Games! Defeat the villains and monsters of western Immoren with the tactical acumen of Colbie Sterling, unleash the arcane power of Eilish Garrity, fight dirty with Barl Blackheel, and ward away danger with Bastian Kinnet. With these mighty adventurers at your disposal, no threat is too great, no mission too difficult!

This expansion has everything you need to add these new heroes to any Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, including The Undercity and Widower’s Wood. Also included are rules for increasing your adventuring party to six players, epic hero rules for advancing your character to even higher experience levels, and a new Blood Sport survival scenario that challenges you to defeat unending waves of villains.



The bad guys just keep coming. You set them up. I’ll knock them down…

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