Warhammer Euro Open: Adeptus Titanicus Info


Games Workshop drops some more info about Adeptus Titanicus – Epic Battles & Giant Robots here we come!


Adeptus Titanicus looks to be gaining some momentum and could be on shelves sooner than you think. I really hope these pan out but until we see more pics, apply salt as needed.

via Battle Bunnies

“Hi all. Here is some more info coming out of the European Weekender:
First book is based on the events of Titandeath which enabled Horus to reach Terra.
There will be more books (like with the Black book series).
They want to do Psi-Titans and Nemesis
Reaver is sculpted already Cerastus is next.
Loyal versions of the Subjugator will be done in New Epic scale first (as well as Knights). 
The Subjugator is a “Light Titan”
Game is based around 5 Titans a side + Plus Knights
Teleporting Warprunners “they can” maybe Legio specific rules.
3 modes to play (like AoS). “
That led us to believe that Games Workshop already had a rough scale picked out for the new game and we created some mock-ups for what the rest of the units could look like:
knight-8mm hemlock-8mm landraider-8mm contemptor-talon-8mm
If they already have the models sculpted in CAD (which is a pretty safe bet to assume for new kits) then scaling them down to the correct size (while a challenge) is certainly not impossible. Hopefully that would cut down on some of the back end and allow them to quickly get some test prints done of the models. I know that I’m not the only one that would be super pumped for this game to return!
Adeptus Titanicus – Oh the possibilities!
  • ZeeLobby

    Is this going to be the new epic 40K scale? Is it the same scale?

    • Talos2

      Slightly bigger. It’s just titans to start with

      • ZeeLobby

        Ah. Gotcha. Would have been kinda nice to be able to use the old minis.

        • Talos2

          TBH people probably still will. Though if fw have got their hands on a shrinking ray gun and the new stuff is as pretty as it looks like it might be then you might not want to

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Very true. My epic collection is small so I’d probably start anew. We’ll see how good the rules are.

        • euansmith

          I guess that is kind of the point 😀

    • Nyyppä

      Not the same as Talos said. They do not want to compete with ebay on this one.

      • ZeeLobby

        ah. OK. That makes sense

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        Even though plenty of this stuff will end up on ebay anyway, and then disappoint people when the description fails to clarify the scale difference.

    • Stan

      Its basically the same scale.
      Epic, like the rest of GWs range was never “true scale” it was always a larger “heroic” scale.

  • Alistair Collins

    The Subjugator titan is a Scout Titan, along with it’s similar counterpart, the Questor.
    It’s not a big retcon but (re)classing it as a Light Titan is odd as this seems to be an attempt to differentiate it from the other Scout Titan, the Warhound…

  • Jennifer Burdoo

    A different scale? Aww, I’ve just started building Pocket 40K with the 6mm scale.

    • Admiral Raptor

      It’s part for the course with GW. I have some epic stuff that I will be using regardless as the scale difference between 6mm and 8mm is not overwhelming. It still remains to be seen if we’ll get a full epic range or if it will just stay a game for Titan sized models.

      • ZeeLobby

        If a full range, and DE rules writers at the helm, I’ll gladly sell some of my 40K collection to start. Heck if it’s a better game I might sell all of it. I guess it depends if a landraiders costs $40 or not.

      • crcovar

        heroic scale will also throw off the difference as well.

      • GingerPowered

        *par for the course

    • JPMcMillen

      I think part of the reason they are changing the scale is that the absence of official Epic support has led to a few companies making 40k-like mini’s in 6mm for many of the official Epic armies (and a few that never got “official” lists).

      It’s not much of a loss for me though. I only dabbled with the game in the beginning back when you could get a box with 6 plastic Warlord titans for about $23. I will regret not being able to use my 3 Eldar titans though. I wonder how long it will take before those come out.

  • georgelabour

    So what is titandeath? I thought I was familiar with all the titan and knight centric books but that’s a new one to me.

  • Parthis

    Ahhahahaa… those scale mockups are priceless.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Love the hand pics.

  • GingerPowered

    Tried to read this five times, and up until the final time I kept getting redirected to scam “YOU’VE WON A PRIZE” websites.


    • AstraWlad

      It’s a problem I’ve got many times while trying to read it at a smartphone. At the end of the day I just considered BOLS as a “desktop-only” reading.

      • crcovar

        Ads like those and the ones that shunt you off to your platform’s App Store are why I have no qualms about using a content blocker.

      • Iconoc1ast

        Somebody suggested to me months back to download the ghostery browser app. You have to keep logging in to comment and upvote which is a pain but if you are just reading the article it is far better than your phone locking up due to advèrt spam.

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      In addition: we can’t provide adequate tech support in the front page comments. If you have an issue: follow that link and follow the directions. Comments about this – beyond this exchange – will be removed to keep threads on topic.

  • edendil

    Bring it on!
    Will be my first GW purchase in ages.

  • Myu

    Looks very interesting but what will the price be? I never got into old epic solely because the prices were obscene for what you got. Given what I’ve seen of current GW prices, I only expect this one to be like before but much much more so.

  • Jordan Holt

    I might buy some just because they’re cute 😀

    Who wouldn’t want to rock a tiny Knight keychain?

  • Chet Atkinson

    8mm scale
    Will these be plastic or resin? Plastic I hope

    • Zethnar

      Resin. I don’t think they’ve ever even discussed the possibility of doing plastic kits.