Warlord: Dredd on Sale – While Supplies Last


Warlord is 9 this year – and they’re celebrating with some super deals!

via Warlord:

To celebrate Warlord Games’ 9th birthday, we have a treat in store… (and no, we’re not talking about the many, many truck-load of cake currently being consumed at all corners of Warlord HQ…)

While stocks last, we’re giving you 50% discount across the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game range…

This fast, furious, fun skirmish game only requires you to gather a small gang of models to take to the streets of Mega City One to try your luck… so grab a boxed Starter Set, and maybe add a Mercenary or two – and get ready for action!





That’s right! – you can download the complete 240 page full colour hardback, with all the rules you need to build a force and take to the streets of Mega-City One in a campaign that will see heroes rise and villains fall (or vice versa!). The core rules are simple and quick to learn, but with enough tactical depth to keep you playing for years to come.
Eighteen different forces are available in the core rules, giving you a wide choice to match your playing style, ranging from the iconic Judges to mutated vermin from the depths of the irradiated Cursed Earth!

dredd_cover HIGH RES

Check Out the Full Range and Rules at the Warlord Store

  • Wonderdog

    I heard they are clearing stock due to loosing the license… so stock up now!

    • euansmith

      Too late 😀 Sold out across the board.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      They didn’t have that long, what three 4 years tops?

  • Seriously this game is so much awesome. A fantastic spiritual successor to Necromunda, except with much more well balanced games, better skill progression, and a wider variety of more flexible gangs. I cannot recommend this game enough if you like skirmish games, even just to use as a ruleset for your own games (works great with Necromunda minis, and I’m considering running a new campaign of INQ28 using it).

  • polyquaternium7

    He is the Law, this the Game, you be the Judge

  • Andrew

    This is a fun game system, but man it could have used a lot more testing/tweaking. When my group played it we had to really fiddle around to make things fair for each other.

  • Marcus

    I’ve played a few games of this in the past. It was fun.