X-Wing: Unboxing The Heroes of the Resistance


The Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack is coming your way – X-Wing fans check this out!

It’s coming to stores soon! The Heroes of the Resistance Expansion pack is something we’ve been looking forward to for awhile now. We wrote up some fun, themed lists you can create using this pack. Fantasy Flights Games has also shown off lots of teaser for this set. We even went over some of the new tricks this expansion is bringing too. But now we take a deep dive into the contents and explore the rest of the pack:

You get two ships with this expansion and you really get a lot of options for each. I’ll start with the T-70 X-Wing which gets three brand new pilots and the new PS 9 Poe Dameron. I’m digging Nien Nunb’s ability but really all of them definitely have their uses.


The Falcon is getting some love with the 3 unique pilots and the generic Resistance Sympathizer pilot has something that the “old” expansion didn’t – the same stats! If you rememeber the older Outer Rim Smuggler, it had the following profile:

YT-1300 – 27 points

  • Attack: 2
  • Agility: 1
  • Hull: 6
  • Shields: 4

The Resistance Sympathizer has the same stats as the others:

YT-1300 – 38  points

  • Attack: 3
  • Agility: 1
  • Hull: 8
  • Shields: 5

I’m not sure why the original “cheap” YT-1300 had those stat options, but hey – it WAS cheap. This new PS 3 version at least has a points cost to match the stat block it has.



I know folks are excited about the Snap Shot – it’s a new card that might cause some of the more nimble Aces out there to think twice. But I also think Trick Shot has some potential as well. I don’t think you’ll be able to get more than an 8 dice primary shot with it, but it could help you boost your damage in the right circumstances.


“When attacking, if the attack is obstructed, you may roll 1 additional attack die.”

I’d just like to point out that the attack is not limited to a primary – you can use this in combination with a secondary attack or even ordnance like missiles or torpedoes. Remember, the attack dice have a higher chance to cause a hit or crit than the agility dice have to roll an evade. All else being equal, it’s to the attackers benefit to cause an attack in which you BOTH get an extra die to roll. So heck ya, I like this card!

Now if only the Rebels had a pilot who liked to fly with obstacles…

dash-rendarI’m bringing it back full circle – Dash Rendar is still my hero!

I’m not saying it’s the best option – but Trick Shot is AN option. Hey, for a 0 cost EPT, it could do in a pinch!

Oh and if you’re an Imperial Player you’re probably going to want to take a look at the rest of those Tech upgrades because there are some MEAN upgrades now. I know I can’t wait to try them out. That tech slot is really making the Post-Force Awakens ships better all the time. The more Tech cards we get, the wider that gap will grow, too.


swx57-pattern-analyzerI’m really liking BOTH of these Tech Upgrade options.

The Heroes of the Resistance Expansion is slated to hit stores soon. So keep an eye out and be ready for reinforcements!

Heroes of the Resistance Expansion


Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and the heroes of The Force Awakens fight for freedom with the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack for X-Wing™. Featuring new sculpts for the Millennium Falconand Poe Dameron’s black-and-orange T-70 X-wing, Heroes of the Resistance also expands your fleet with three unique X-wing pilots, as well as new versions of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Meanwhile, the pack’s eighteen upgrades introduce new elite pilot talents, Tech upgrades, and unique Title upgrades for both the Millennium Falcon and Black One.


Lots of cool, new options in the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion – what’s your favorite new thing?

  • GrogDaTyrant

    The reduced stats on the Outer Rim Smuggler, was to represent a generic YT-1300. Han, Lando, and Chewie, all piloted the Millenium Falcon, so those stats were meant to specifically represent the improvements made on the Falcon.