40K Flashback: Ork Stompa White Dwarf Poster

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It’s time for an Orky blast from the past – come see the old school Ork Stompa & Baneblade Poster!


This poster was put back in the white dwarf in circa 2008 and it was part of the Apocalypse marketing blitz. Games Workshop had done a similar poster for the Predator and it was a big hit; people love seeing how things work.

This poster however, was a bit different in style. The predator looked more like a military blue print but this poster was done in a more whimsical, comic book-esk, style which I really like. The Stompa is doing Stompa things: the death rokkits are blasting off, ork “waste by-product” is being shoveled in the reactor and grots are mucking about. I love it.

“The Stompa’s eschew unreliable comms networks, instead using a system of signal flags, using in stead signal flags. High-Tech version have lights attached to the top of them.”


You can see in the picture here this Stompa has the high tech version. There’s a ton of little more descriptions that I go over in the video so you should definitely check it out. On the back it shows us all the different Baneblade variants, it was a great addition in plastic that had only been available in resin until then.


For the full cat-tub time machine experience, hit the link and check out the video, it’s a great trip down memory lane and a delicious slice of our shared hobby history.


Orky ingenuity at it’s finest.