40K: Phil Kelly Talks Wrath of Magnus


GW developers Phil Kelly and Simon Grant talk in depth about their latest baby to hit the shelves – Wrath of Magnus.

via GW on Nov 26, 2016

Phil Kelly and Simon Grant talk about their latest project: Wrath of Magnus

The pair talk about everything from Space Wolves & thousand Sons basics, to what is happening with the continuing narrative, to the new units, and formations coming in the Wrath of Magnus campaign book.


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  • Martin

    I can’t believe they would ever let Kelly anywhere near anything to do with CSM again after the last codex. At least he’s “Background” rather than rules.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Why? The 6th ed book was just the 4th ed bio with some new units and a few rules tweaks. The 4th ed book was a response to the OP nature of the 3.5 codex and was written during an era of, “back to basics” rules design.

      • Martin

        The 3.5 codex was only one of a few strong codexes at the time. The 4th ed one was lackluster and to have the long awaited new 6th ed codex be so weak and unimaginative was a real kick in the nuts for CSM players. It is probably one of the most hated codexes of all time (at least by the factions own players, rather than opponents). To add insult to injury the next codex Kelly did was the previous Eldar one. A codex that could routinely table the CSM codex he had just created. He is apparently so inept as a game designer he can work on back to back codexes essentially incapable of playing each other.

      • Agent OfBolas

        because after he made super OP Eldar codex, he wrote current CSM book, thing I hated so much I simply sold my miniatures because of the book.

        CSM book was made in the most terrible way it could be written, 90% of stuff is overpriced, any “combo” you could possibly made out of the book is killed because of CSM Book limitations (tons of it) and after all, CSM book is made out of BORING, overpriced and illogical units.

        CSM book was written to make sure Loyalists will get easy mode target practise.

    • Sarahsjarrell

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    • kingcobra668

      Likely because the execs aren’t as dramatic and sensational as the community and Phil has been doing this for a long time and has had his hand in much more than just one book

      • Leo

        Phil Kelly is an overrated designer with lots of problems. His pet army like Wolves and Eldar always get special treatment and his CSM are considereded universally a terrible codex.

  • memitchell

    And, we’re back to whining about CSM.

  • euansmith

    Sorcerers swimming through the planets core; and people complain about the ultra high fantasy elements in AoS?

    This does sound like a big ol’ daft metal opera fun.

    • ZeeLobby

      Both games have been heading away from regular fantasy/grimdark for a while though.

  • StingrayP226

    I got the feeling at one point one of them was really disappointed in the Wolves getting smacked around and that the Thousand Sons got new toys… that concerned me.

    • ZeeLobby

      No shocker there… It’s be nice to have a balanced voice inside the planning department. At this point I don’t think any staff play Orks, lol.

  • Aaron

    omg the changeling might wake the lion up; magnus might be in some trouble

  • Leo

    Hey Mr. Kelly what about fixing the original codex instead of adding more poorly designed crap on top of it?