40K RUMORS: Magnus & Friends Imminent


Here’s the latest on the buildup to Warzone Fenris pt.2. There’s new info on the minis headed our way – and when…


via Bolter&Chainsword’s Archaeinox 11-14-2016

“TS painting guide, Magnus and “a range of Thousand Sons miniatures” up for order Nov 25 as others have mentioned but just to confirm for sure, this was from GW rep.

…Rep says end of next week and in WD is Magnus, TS painting guide and full range of TS minis”

That sounds just about right to sync into the release teased by GW this weekend:

The big question is exactly what the definition of “a full range of TS miniatures” means?

~Get ready for the goodness all you Thousand Sons players. Your time of exile is coming to an end!


  • Munn

    Cool cool, awesome, hey Chaos players come get your stuff so we can get more SoB news. Hurry now! Don’t want to miss out!. Seriously, get your junk and let’s GO already.

    • Nyyppä

      Looking at how KDK was handled (Khorne daemons are now ok, CSM are even worse) I don’t think any of them want more than big red and plastic models.

      • Munn

        Hey, w/e Chaos players feel like. I want you guys to get everything you want with this release, I really do, so long as you get it quickly.

        • Diagoras

          Lol. This is how I’ve felt about every release since they announced Magnus and the new Thousand Sons.

        • Nyyppä

          Us nid players are glad that you think so. If I was a CSM player I would not want anything new before GW gets their act together.

          • memitchell

            I know, right? You guys have waited FOREVER! So much worse than it was for us Genestealer Cult folks. Sure, it took a while, but that quarter-century just flew by.

          • ZeeLobby

            Hey, as a 1K Sons Junky, we’ve waited a long time to even be decent on the table. That said, this probably won’t change that, so carry on! Haha.

          • Nyyppä

            Wow. Ok. You do understand that GSC was not a faction in the game for a long time? Do you see squats anywhere? Does your life continue even though you have had to face the fact that GSC is niche of a niche of a nich?

            Anyway, GW ignoring some forces they used to care about is better than the constant nerfs they spew at CSM and nids. Look at the KDK. It made daemons better and CSM worse. The leviathan formation series all are just reasons to leave the models home except the skyblight which is OKish. Orks are not doing well but at least their factin does not get spit on every now and then, same goes for the old style imperial codices.

          • memitchell

            So…For 23 years, NO NEW models, NO Codex. Just a couple of pages of rules in the back of the Tyranid 2nd Edition codex (most of you never played 2nd Edition) 20 years ago, and some fan written rules in Citadel Journal (most of you have never even hear of that publication) 17 years ago. For the love of the Four Armed Emperor, if the last GSC rules were a Dugger daughter, she’d be married with two kids by now! And, that is worse than having SOMETHING that is not perfect? OK, you have to admit that is kind of ironic.

            Perhaps being forgotten is better than being taken out an beaten occasionally. But, at least being beaten means you do get some attention.

          • Keith Wilson

            Preaching to the choir buddy …. SQUATS FOREVER ! …. long live the guilds

          • Nyyppä

            Having nothing is genuinely better than having nothing that can be used. The old 2nd edition rules for GSC are just as useful as current nids or CSM. I’d rather be a squat fan than a nid fan at the moment.

            Being forgotten is better than being abused every time when you get attention.

  • BartTP

    What is this? I mean – sure – there are some minor gods and stuff, but we need more Khorne!

    • MarcoT

      Tzeentch’ silly puppet. The skulls may go to your cute throne, the power goes to Tzeentch.

      • Runefyre

        If power means anything to Tzeentch himself….

  • Ed Butlar

    I winder if there will be any new SW models released…….

    • The Rout

      Im hoping for either Wulfen Heroes or an updated ragnar model (or both). Any thoughts on what we will get formation wise in warzone fenris part 2? Im thinking something wulfen focused but we may just see the remaining six great company formations.

      • Runefyre

        I’m hoping for Bran Redmaw’s great company to get a formation.

        • The Rout

          That would be amazing! possibly a plastic kit with a wulfen and normal version of him too.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      doubt it, they had their run in the last one with the wulfen. the feature for pt 2 is thousand sons.

  • ZeeLobby

    Def picking up Magnus now. Will wait on 8th for the rest.

    • Shawn

      Are you getting Magnus because it’s Chaos and you just like Chaos demons in general, or is it because the CSM army you play, or want to play, is Thousand Sons? Just curious Zee because of our past conversations regarding CSM.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. I love the lore. Have always been fond of Magnus and Ahriman. I’ve also always had a fascination with Ancient Egyptian themes and stories. I’ve actually had a 1K Sons army for a while (a small one), and would love to get them back onto the field. Especially with new model support. As it stands they’re pretty awful though. Way overpriced and somewhat ineffective. Hopefully 8th will resolve some of that. If so, I’ll be right back in.

        Until then I just want to build and paint this guy, haha. Looks awesome!

        • Shawn

          Gotcha. Yeah he does look awesome. Now they need to have Ferrus Manus come back to life some how.

  • Christie Bryden

    ok heres what this has to be, decent modles (preferably awesome) but thats not the big thing, cause it dosnt matter how good the modles are, if the rules backing them are terrible, THOUSAND SONS should not use the CSM codex, these guys are a legion, a book based around warbands would not work (also its terrible) they should not use the tzentch powers in said aweful codex (becouse they are rubbish) these guys need there own codex (wouldnt mind if it was rather small, ) unique troops and characters.

    A unique sorceror lord character type that has 3 wounds as they would have this rather than a regular lord, terminators possibly as only elites (probably different look than regluar CSM) standard thousand sons as troops, possibly no fast attack. a predetaor/landrader and some unique heavy vehicle (possibly those towers).

    what this musnt be is just some bland resue of the CSM rules, no self respecting thousand sons sorcerer should feel he needs to accept or give a challenge, Tzentch would not approve of his psychers suddenly feeling they have to fight something huge with powerswords for arms designed specificaly to kill him.

    • I don’t really need tournament powered thousand sons min/max brokenness. I just want them to be somewhat usable. A step up is fine.

      I don’t have an issue with the CSM codex when I’m playing casual campaigns with people not set on breaking the game. Its when an opponent plops down an LVO / Warzone / Adepticon Grand Tournament practice list that the problems begin.

      • Jason Bingham

        All the people who care about competitive Thousand Sons have made “Grey Knight” counts-as armies 😉

        Seriously though I’ll be honest if they give us a TS codex that is standalone, I could care less what happens to Codex Chaos Space Marines.

    • Jason Bingham

      Just a note: Harlequins had different rules floating around in different books before a sweeping update. It is possible that Thousand Sons *could* have new rules in a new book, while they remain in CSM until an update.

      • Daniel Hall

        So an interesting aside; Precedent just recently was shown by GW. they are 100% willing to use the same models; with VERY different rules.

        Genestealer cult, genestealers….are better. Just straight better. same points cost, but better in almost every way. SAME points cost, just better stats.

        We can assume Rubrics will receive something like this; if only slightly. + formations to accompany.

        • ZeeLobby

          If only!

  • My soul is ready. And has been for fifteen years.

    • nurglitch

      The soul is willing, but the flesh is all gooey and protoplasmic.

  • Jason Bingham

    Just to be clear, Archaeinox has no idea what the “range of miniatures” is other than Magnus and “Thousand Sons” probably because the GW rep could only be cryptic.

    • Shawn

      I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Ryan C

    The biggest question for me is whether we will be seeing new Thousand Sons rules (beyond just a datasheet for Magnus) to go along with the new models? I’ve seen rumours of a painting guide but no supplement.

    If this is some nice new models for the arguably the weakest part of an already incredibly weak army then Il be pretty disappointed.

    I’ve always adored my thousand sons in terms of fluff and visual appeal but any time I put them on the table it feels like I’m choosing to lose or hope my opponent is incredibly incompetent.

    • Brian Griffith

      Given that Rubric Tartaros Terminators are fairly reliably rumored, with a shooty and a close-combat build, some new dataslates seem inbound.