AoS: Pitched Battle Profiles Updated


Games Workshop has updated the points on the PDFs for Pitched Battle Profiles – check this out!

via Games Workshop (Errata Page)

Pitched Battle Profiles


It’s not just the terrain that’s got a points update but all the newer releases that didn’t yet have points as well.

For the terrain, I think they could be useful based on how you position them on the field. That Balewind Vortex is a pretty potent buff for Wizards out there.


All that for a 100 points? That doesn’t seem to shabby to me. It keeps the Wizard out of combat and it doubles their casting range. I can think of a few Wizards that could take advantage of that for sure.

Download the PDF HERE.

Balewind Vortex $15


A swirling, violently swaying vortex of fell energies that can be summoned by the most powerful wizards in the mortal realms and used as a platform from which to cast their spells, a Balewind Vortex is a terrifying sight to behold on the battlefield. When summoned, its howling gusts push any aggressors away from the wizard who called upon it, leaving him unmolested to blast away with the amplified magical abilities he gleans from the Vortex.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Balewind Vortex, a scenery piece for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Rules can be found in the tab on the right.


I’d also like to point out the cap of 9 Gaunt Summoners in a pitched battle army. Seems fitting. As always, you can download their respective rules on their product page from Games Workshop for free.


Lord-Veritant $33

99070218008_stormcastlordveritant01 lord-veritant-rules


So go check out the rest of their rules and use them in your pitched battle games for Age of Sigmar!


That Balewind Vortex is actually a pretty sweet deal for only $15. I think I might be adding that to my Chaos Army soon…

  • Kritarion

    Seems fair. Especially the cost for the woods and the vortex. Needed a fix.

    • EnTyme

      Did they really fix the woods issue, though? Was anyone complaining about non-Sylvaneth allegiances getting free Wyldwoods?

      • Frank Krifka

        i think is more the rules lawyers who complained about “summoning” something into the game without “paying” points for it. It’s not super powerful, but sometimes crybabies gotta cry

  • RuneGrey

    Vortex had an ongoing problem of being broken as hell, especially if your opponent lacked ranged options. The fact that it was free meant that you could just put all your wizards out of reach of any melee threat and get a considerable boost to threat range.

    Adding points at least makes you pay for the ‘immune to melee’ benefit.

    • Burf

      Already had a fun Idea of using Arkhan to drop a mourngul 42 inches downfield!

      • TerrorPenguin

        Unfortunately Arkhan has the monster keyword because of his abyssal terror, so can’t use the balewind vortex

        • Burf

          meh, just use his necromancer buddy then

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      It just means you have to bring a balanced list, with a mix of Ranged, Melee and magic 🙂

  • Koonitz

    So wait…. The woods are free in a sylvaneth army? I’ve always wondered how to get extra woods in my army because being limited to one seemed frustrating (I was referencing the handbook which did not have points for the woods so I didn’t think you could take them in a pitched battle army).

    But to be free? What’s to stop me from just covering the board every time with an unlimited number?

    • SupPupPup


    • Paul Roper

      You have to summon them. Same with the vortex.

    • TerrorPenguin

      Having fun and being concerned that your opponent also has fun?

    • euansmith

      They cost $135 for three 😉

    • Frank Krifka

      there are restrictions as to where they can be placed (i.e. distance from enemy units and terrain. After you get the first down, plus another from item/spells/abities, getting anymore down past that is not an easy/useful thing to do.

    • shady

      How I do it is, me and my opponents take turns placing terrain on the table. I always pick woods of course, and he doesn’t.

  • Xodis

    GW taking another step in the right direction even with something so simple….they may very well be a NEW GW that we can count on.

  • Lyca Atteneder

    So does this mean that the GUO still costs 100 points? I really hoped for an update here because there’s nothing in the errata for the Generals Handbook. imho it’s too cheap… not that I should really complain about that ^^ But it’s great to finally have Points for the Silver Tower minis

  • ZeeLobby

    Are any of these points adjustments? Or just points for new stuff? If it’s the former then I’m truly impressed, as that is what their games need. If it’s the latter than I guess it’s something.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They added points to things that did not have points. Otherwise it is just points for new models.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Nice! I’m going to pick up a Balewind Vortex, both for the rules and cheap price.