Bolt Action: German Army Must Haves


The second edition of the Armies of Germany rulebook is out now – make sure your force is ready.

It’s time to rifle through your kit bag, run an inventory check, and pick-up any battlefield necessities to ensure that you have everything you need to do battle in the second edition of Bolt Action!

Armies of Germany 2nd Edition$30.00



Starter Forces

We offer a number of different starter bundles with which to build the core of your army – whether you’re looking to theme your collection around the early war Blitzkrieg forces which swept their way across Europe, right through to the end of the war…

View Starter Armies


…we’ve even given the option for you to Build an Army – and piece your own deal together as you wish, to create your own bespoke bundle, tailored exactly to your liking!

German Build an Army



From there, it’s time to bolster the ranks – call-in reinforcements… we’ve broken-down the German section of the Warlord Webstore into convenient sub-categories so that you don’t have to trawl through page-after-page to find exactly what you’re looking for… here are just a couple of examples;

Infantry Squads and Teams

Here, you’ll find the huge array of different types of infantry which fought under the banner of the German Army throughout the war – featuring everything from the early war Grenadiers who swept their way across Europe in ’39, the elite ranks of the infamous Waffen SS, through to the rag-tag units which fought practically to the last man in ’44 and ’45 – the Last Levy… there are countless variations available – the majority of which have their own specific in-game rules, as detailed in Armies of Germany

This category is also home to your Support Teams – Machine Guns, Mortars, Anti-tank Rifles, Sniper teams, Flamethrower teams.. all manner of options to assist the infantry as they push the objective!

View in Infantry Store



The German war machine forged ever-onward throughout the fighting – and it was the Germans who engineered some of the most advanced fighting machines of the era – names which will resonate about the heads of historical wargamers – the Tiger, Panther, and Panzers – all mainstays for Bolt Action armies… or if you’re looking for something a little more specialised, delve deeper through the category to find beasts such as the Sturmtiger, Elefant, and peculiar creations such as the Borgward Wanze…

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Further Reading

If you want to delve further, and deeper into the history of the Second World War, focusing-in more specifically upon a particular ‘Theatre’ of War – then we offer a range of ‘Theatre Books’ which expand upon ‘Armies of Germany’ and unlock new units, characters, Theatre Selectors, and offer new challenges…

View Theater Books in Store


Check Out Everything Warlord has to Offer for Your German Forces

  • Valeli

    This game interests me. I trolled around their site extensively after reading some previous Bolt Action posts on here, and I’d be genuinely interested in picking it up if I had people to play against….

    But as is, for me, it suffers the same problem as nearly all non-GW games – lack of local community.

    People can say GW is tanking, or that they’re closing their US stores, and whatever. But until (if ever) that prophecy comes to fruition, those brand-specific brick and mortar stores are such a huge advantage I don’t even know how to explain it.

    Honestly I’d prefer a good WW2 game to GW. Or a good Napoleonic. But I just can’t find people to play those with, and would be left with little more than a fun collection of toy soldiers.

    Just venting a bit, I guess. BA looks cool. It really does. But I’d much rather go with my second choice game over my first choice game if the second choice is the only one I’ll ever get games in with.

    I think companies that don’t have their own dedicated B&M stores could seriously benefit by setting up some regional matchmaking. Or something. I don’t know what a good (and legally safe) way of doing that would be. But “having opponents” is just such a crucial element for most people when deciding what game to pick up. I feel like this is really not given enough effort by most companies (that I’m familiar with). Although i think Mantic might have tried a bit.

    • unearth

      Try it out. Bolt Actions is really rewarding. Slim rules, tactial depth and no formation/deathstar/knight-clusterf…

    • Satyan Patel

      Bolt Action is really cheap to get into. You could do what I did and just buy a squad of Germans and a squad of Allies and use your GW terrain and buy the 2nd edition book. Or buy the starter box. The greatest thing about WW2 is that there was no balance. So make them Allies or Germans work. That’s what I do. Build interest so others will purchase and build a community. That’s what I did locally. It took a lot of communication, time and effort, but in 5 months we have 15 players now and items stocked at the FLGS for new comers.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      You can get two armies for less than the cost of a couple of Imperial Knights. Then you can let prospective players take your other army to get them involved. Its very easy for 40k players to pick up.

    • Benjamin E

      Where do you live? When I was in Texas, I knew of groups playing it in both San Antonio (SUPER-regularly) and in Austin (at both the historical-miniatures store And and the giant fantasy/sci-fi/nerd mecca that is Dragon’s Lair). Now that I’ve moved to England, I’ve seen games played at three different gaming groups/clubs that I’ve visited, and one of them has had bolt action going on at least one table every single week I’ve been. And since I signed up for their webstore (the painting guides are free, but you still have to ‘buy them’ for 0 monies), they sent me an irresistible coupon offer that’s going to see me ordering a copy of the starter set soon.

    • markdawg

      What part of the world are you in brother maybe we can find you some guys to play.

  • Beyond Boredom

    Expected an article from BOLS, what I got was an advert written by Warlord Games.

    • Troy Dean

      Just what I was about to say. ‘Must haves,’ huh? This is a product description page.