Cryx: Warwitch Deneghra Makes You Weak

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Cyrx’s original nightmare twin. Check out Dennys new look and some of her classic play-styles updated for Mk.3

What Is It?

This is the original sister of Haley and undead queen herself Denny 1. She has a stylish new pose and today we are looking back on the devious lady and her famous abilities.


What Does It Do?

Denny1 is what we call a turd polisher. It doesn’t matter if your favorite unit usually doesn’t see the light of day. Is it RAT4 and can’t hit the side of the barn? Do you dream of mechanithralls 1 shotting heavies? Well Denny1 can make dreams come true.

Denny1 is stealthy and has parry which makes her hard to pin down or shoot. If you do get to her, she is still DEF16 ARM14 with 16 boxes. Her SPD7 makes her fast enough to get her feat into dirty spots.

If she does ever melee something, it suffers Shadow Bind. Also, like most Cryx casters she collects souls from living stuff that dies near her.

Spell List:
Crippling Grasp: A devastating debuff upkeep spell that lowers SPD, STR, DEF, and ARM. It use to be even worse in MKII but was nerfed a tad for MKIII.
Dark Seduction: A uber influnce that no one will ever cast.
Ghost Walk: Cryx standard terrain fixer.
Parasite: -3 ARM to anything can be demoralizing and painful.
Venom: Corrosion sprays that come from 14″ running arc nodes…so much JOY
Scourge: High cost knockdown but is a game winner.

The Withering: is -2 to enemy models stats and they can’t run/charge/powerattack/special attack. Combined with Denny’s debuff spells units are crippled to the point anything can kill them. Hence the earlier turd polish :p

List Idea for Warwitch Deneghra:

Denny makes anything good because the enemy will be debuffed into the ground. This is probably not an optimal list but, it gives you synergies with:
Nightmares is bonded to Denny so it is stealth in her control.
Leviathans with Aiakos can be fully focus loaded so Denny can spell sling and not fuel her shooting machines.
The pirates are self contained module but can be pretty turdy. So why not polish them up with Denny and make those pirates get dat booty!

Cryx Army – 75 / 75 points

(Deneghra 1) Warwitch Deneghra [+28]
– Deathripper [6]
– Deathripper [6]
– Nightmare [18]
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius [4]
– Leviathan [16]
– Leviathan [16]
Sea Dog Pirates (max) [13]
– Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster [4]
– Sea Dog Pirate Rifleman (3) [6]
Doc Killingsworth [4]
First Mate Hawk [4]
Lord Rockbottom [4]
Necrotech [2]



Revenant’s Opinion:

Denny was originally a battlebox caster. What a mean way to introduce new players to Warmachine hahahaha. She doesn’t like blast damage or stealth seeing shooty models, but she can nerf them pretty hard with her debuffs.


~What do you think of the classic Denny and her new look? Please share in the comments below.

  • zeno666

    Thats my girl.
    Haven’t played her since Mk2 though. I kind of feel bad for the opponent 😉
    Not that she’s an autowin to everything. No way. But she is good.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah, she definitely looks fun. I haven’t ran her yet either.

  • GenghisZahn

    One of my favorite WM moments was killing Deneghra on her feat turn.
    With Karchev.
    With a spell.

    • ANevskyUSA

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Forces me to think outside of the box but not game breaking. Haven’t lost against her but I can’t say the wins were easy.