Dust 1947: New Rulebook and Card Packs


Dust 1947 is back with a new Rulebook and Card Packs – Weird World War Two Fans get ready to get Dusty!

After a long wait, Dust 1947 is back with a new rule set and updated card packs for vets of the game to pick-up. Check it out:

via Dust Studio:

At long last, here’s the long awaited Dust 1947! For veterans and beginners, casual and seasoned players, the latest version of the gaming rules for Dust miniatures are now compiled in this beautiful 160 pages book. There’s now only one system for both types of play: on grid and off grid. The two games are completely identical and you can go from one to another without any adaptation. One system needs a ruler, the other not, that’s all! All the rules have been revised, while the same game remains: fast, fun and furious. If you’re a veteran player who’s been with us from the beginning, you will rediscover what you enjoyed. If you’re getting started, everything you need is in the book. With a ton of scenarios, Platoons for every Bloc, Faction Armies, etc. and every skill in the game: Dust 1947 is a complete rule that will keep you gaming for years!

The Dust 1947 Rulebook comes with a sheet of punch-board with game tokens that can be used for all the important actions of the game. You’ll also find a punch-board with templates for Blast Weapons and Flamethrowers.

The Dust 1947 Card Pack contains 100 Unit Cards that will allow you to play any Axis / Allies / SSU Unit ever released, plus a few others, with the new Dust 1947 rules. This new version of the cards sees many Units revamped and updated. The ensemble is very balanced and makes for a great army to defeat your opponents. Upgrade your army, and your gaming experience with Dust 1947, now!


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  • Bahkara

    Too little, too late in my opinion. I was all set to get into it when they had their kickstarter. Glad I didn’t after the whole fiasco and see how Dust Studios operates.

    Now with Warlord’s game, with a solid ruleset, and models, I’ve made my choice.

    • Vepr

      Sadly I really liked the game and the turn sequence was fairly innovative and made things interesting but I am gun shy about getting involved again. I still have plenty of minis and love the zombie Germans and smart Gorillas but the way they operate worries me.

    • Pael Constructs

      It is ok that they have solidified the rules but my question is where is the new content? I have everything I could get for this game, and if I wanted more I could get it dirt cheap. I also have 3 sets of rules five if I count tactics that I like to play. This just adds another rule set with nothing new to grab anyone’s interest. Dust is a great game but has been stagnant for far too long. Release the aliens already!!!!

      • Sarahsjarrell

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  • OldHat

    Obligatory “avoid at all costs!” post I always put up on anything Dust related. Between the Kickstarter debacle, the unreliable distributors, and the endless versions of rules, this franchise is dead dead dead, even if Paolo doesn’t realize it yet. The golden age of Dust was during its tenure at FFG as Dust: Warfare and since, it has been a total trainwreck. So, again, avoid this game at all costs!

  • Grasshopper

    I’m quite interested in the new unit stats. Hopefully the game get’s some new fans and will thrive in its niche. But I wouldn’t count on it being a success.

  • Damian Reid

    Nope. Got burnt in the KS clusterblarg. Using my existing minis for a plethora of other skirmish type games other than dust now.