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Nathan Richardsson talks about the latest Content Update on the way to Eternal Crusade!

In a recent Newsletter, Nathan Richardsson addresses some quality of life improvements and Content Updates that are going to be making their way into the game in the coming months.

via Nathan Richardsson Sr Producer, Eternal Crusade

For us a Content Update is between a Patch which you’ve seen almost weekly since we launched and less than an Expansion. We have two Content Expansions before Christmas planned and we’re launching Content Update 1 next week.

A Content Update is not so much new shiny stuff as it is more part of our current priorities. To refresh:

1. Make a great game for current customers to establish trust
Improvements on current features, metagame, performance increases, bugfixing, lag combat, combat balancing, more wargear, weapons and visual customization through regular Patches.

2. Add core things which we all feel was missing from launch in larger Content Updates
Narrative campaigns, increased interactivity and player agency in World Map, expanding on PVP and PVE maps, more game modes, Elites, Veterans, more character progression.

That’s a Content Update and the reason it was moved back 2 weeks in favour of our first priority.

3. A regular Expansion when we feel it appropriate and timely
This is brand new features that take a lot of effort. Terminator Equivalents being a good example. A fantastic addition but doesn’t address the two above core problems.


To further elaborate on next weeks Content Update, here are the highlights:

  • Campaigns 1.0, with Faction Leaders, narrative and a trickle of RTC.
  • World Map 1.5, which has been seen on Twitch and you can select a match.
  • New 2-3 player game mode and other improvements for PVE

This is in addition to our first priority which we always work on and will be part of Content Update 1. It actually has some nice small secrets in there, some Ork animations and Eldar as well, new melee fixes from last Twitch, new weapon of course, balancing and something something Competition mode.

I would be saying jokes and whatnot but we’re as serious and focused on Content Update 1 as Khorne at a KFC.

You will get another full Patch along with the usual hotfixes between Content Update 1 and Content Update 2. We’ll let you know what they focus on when we’ve deployed Content Update 1. Of course if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the game, you can do so on our Steam page.

We’re still here, still updating and expanding and we hope you enjoy our first small steps towards campaigns, an interactive world map and meaningful metagame.

Nathan “Oveur” Richardsson
Sr Producer, Eternal Crusade


It sounds like the team has a plan they are going to stick to so they can deliver these new Content Updates. They have been pretty forthcoming and open about the development of this game the entire time and it’s great to hear some of these long term plans.

If you want to learn more and stay up-to-date you can subscribe to their newsletter and check out their Youtube page for their weekly Into the Warp webcast.

And if you want to jump in the action the game is still available via Steam:

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade



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  • Kritarion

    Hopefully the game becomes good eventually. The first game I evr got a refund for on steam.

  • matty199

    When is this coning out for ps4?