EXCLUSIVE: Hordes Lord Zaadesh Rules Peek


Privateer has a treat for you. Take a peek at some upcoming rules for Lord Tyrant Zaadesh.

Here’s a small excerpt of rules for Lord Tyrant Zaadesh.  Enjoy folks!





~Have at it Warmahordes fans.

  • euansmith

    “Doctor, you’ve got to help me! I turned around, and there was one of Magnus’s nipple horns growing out of my left shoulder! And he isn’t even from our game!”

  • Vitzh

    Why does PP suck so much at designing Skorne?

    • zeno666

      I think this spell list looks quite nice.
      But sure, if he is Fury 5 and has 1″ melee range and no other abilities I might start to cry and throw salt at people 😉

    • Jabberwokk

      I’m not seeing the skornergy. What, as a skornes player, are you having issue with?

    • vladmech

      I’m curious to see how the January errata treats Skorne as PP’s acknowledged Skorne needs a decent overhaul to be competitive. They’re still a fun faction but I’ve shelved them for now and am just playing the other armies I have.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Wish I had realized they were going to be so terrible before I invested tons of money into the faction.

      I had assumed with the overhaul every faction would be normalized. Some would be better than others (always happens) but Skorne was so shafted.

      I hope PP fixes this in January.

      • ZeeLobby

        Eh. It’s coming. At least your playing a system that does that, hehe.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Very true.

          I just had higher hopes for PP’s new edition.

          Sadly, it was clearly cobbled together at the last minute in an effort to bolster sales in the face of growing competition (as PP is no longer the only non-GW game in town).

          I have faith that PP will fix the problem. I am curious to see how far they go.

          • ZeeLobby

            Anyone who thought mk3 would be flawless out the gate was deluding themselves. I don’t think they rushed anything, and rumors of a new edition were in the works as well. In WMH Uber competitive environment theres just no way a team could play test all combinations to sufficient levels even within 3 years that would have greater significance than the thousands of games played by the community in the first week. I’ll admit there were some more obvious slip-throughs than others, but it was an unrealistic expectation.

            They could have released beta rules, but it almost ruined them in the transition from mk1 to mk2 due to almost non-existant sales as players didn’t know what units would end up looking like.

            The tournament meta was always going to be what dictated the powerful factions in the game, and a 6 month review window is a good thing. Knee-jerk updates and nothing ever settles. Multi-year updates, and people leave the game (ala 40K).

            I really wish all companies adopted this living ruleset mentality. I’m really hoping Generals Handbook, and hopefully Commissars Journal, both receive yearly refreshes as well based on releases and results. I’m fine If initial rules are UP or OP as long as they’re fixed in some timely manner, and transparency is key.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I seriously doubt the new edition was in the works for the last three years. It was likely just a word doc with ideas written down and lots of notes. I have a strong feeling the real work of the edition was not set about until fall of last year.

            I like the idea of open betas but I can understand the difficulty with combing through all that data (so much of it is going to be incomplete and/or biased). I believe the beta testing PP did was wide enough to catch overarching trends amongst factions’ relative power balance though, given that Skorne is in the gutter while Cygnar is living large.

            I think Living Rulesets are going to become the norm going forward for most games. We can see FFG and PP improving previously bad units (through FAQing, errata and new upgrade cards) on a regular basis.

            The one danger about Living Rulesets is changing things too often. D&D 4E got into that mentality, where things were changing almost every week. It was impossible to keep up with. That is not the right way to do this. The company, IMO, really just needs to release FAQ, Errata and etc. on a regular schedule that is not too often but not too infrequent. The best is probably 2 or 3 times a year.

          • Noridaii

            Really, you think that they cobbled together some notes and put out a new edition for a thousand models and millions of interactions and achieved a 90% success rate by only doing playtesting last autumn? Really? They couldn’t have categorized the interactions in that time let alone test them out. Zee hit it on the head. 30 internal playtesters plus a couple of other small groups have done an amazing job for an incredibly complicated system (The system being the possible interactions) over the past three years. Skorne is not dead, it is no unplayable, its lower on the power curve and needs tweaking to bring them back into line. They aren’t going to overhaul the faction like people seem to think. They will make some adjustments, probably a lot less than people expect, to bring them into line.

          • JN7

            More like a 50% success rate. Warmachine (except Cryx) received a much more thorough and well thought out overhaul than Hordes.

          • Noridaii

            As a Hordes player I disagree. Of the 12 or so factions, only Skorne and Cryx are at the lower end of the curve. The others are fine, which means that they are at around 90% success.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Why is it surprising for a team highly experienced in super competitive environments to develop a modicum of balance? I would have been shocked if they flubbed balance hard (like say, some of 40k armies).

          • JN7

            I don’t agree with you, sorry. Most hordes factions are being propped up by a couple of potentially OP casters, and that’s pretty much it. MK3 was rushed out, and Hordes took the brunt of it.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Agreed. Hordes definitely feels like it had less development time.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            From a pure gameplay standpoint, I definitely feel this way. Warmachine is so much fun to play now. They really knocked it out of the park.

            Hordes? Eh. Its ok. its better than it was but not nearly as new or as exciting.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I am being a bit hyperbolic but, in general, I do not believe the edition change was planned to hit this soon. The company realized it was not doing super well financially (thanks to how explosive other games, X-Wing in particular, had become) and so ratcheted up the edition change quickly. That speed lead to a less than ideal release schedule and con showing over the summer, as well as to a few heads rolling at the main office.

            And to be blunt, it was not like they were re-inventing the wheel here. The game is fundamentally the same, just tweaked and streamlined. Designing units is the hard part but they had so much experience to draw upon from MKII that it would not be burdensome to get going quickly. I am sure every designer and developer had their own “idea folder”. The best ideas were taken and run with.

  • Billy Tremaine

    Awe, I was really hoping he would retain tagteam or get something else to redeem reptile hounds like his lesser version does. Here’s hoping for some kind of field marshal or elite cadre on the back of his face card.