HOBBY: Flory Washes on Battlegroup Helios Ships

Want to know the best paint you’ve never heard of?
If anyone remembers painting up a Battlefleet Gothic ship they should remember exactly how easy it was to get one looking nice. You just painted it a base colour (or used a spray), washed a darker colour over it without needing a medium (this was before Badab Black and the rest of the super washes) and then drybrushed away. The only hard bits were picking out the engines, gun barrels and prow for some ships.
Well BFG is long gone and paints have moved on so let’s see how Flory Washes handle a similar ship.
What are Flory Washes you say? They are the best paint you’ve never heard of.
A Flory Wash is a clay based paint, the effect of which can be best described as being like throwing your basecoated model into a puddle of muddy water and then wiping it down to reveal a fully shaded model. They are used by professional modellers, the kind of which will be painting a foot long Tiger tank or a US Destroyer that takes up their spare room, have a look here for a good example.
If you don’t believe me have a look at them being used on YouTube here:

A better picture of the effect can be seen on this site.
I’ve been testing it out of a variety of sources lately and wanted to show the effects on my Battlegroup Helios ships.
  • Army Painter Purple spray
  • Gloss varnish spray
  • Flory Wash black applied with a large brush
  • Scrubbing with wet paper and some q tips
  • Matt varnish spray
  • Genestealer Purple – first stage drybrush
  • Lucius Lilac – second stage drybrush
  • Clean up any spots with heavily watered down Xereus Purple

~ What would you like to see the Flory Washes used on?

Keep reading for more pictures at:

Chilvers Industries

  • Iconoc1ast

    Armour wash and chestnut wash were my super shaders back in the days of yor…..

  • Iconoc1ast

    Btw the paintwork is very nice.


  • Donald Wendt

    For the effect he went for I think I’d prefer pin washing with oil paints but I think this is great on very greebled models where you’re gonna wash the hell out of it and actually keep a lot of that shading on the model.

    • arkhanist

      I really like flory washes for doing flat surfaces with shallow detail; space marines, vehicles, concrete/granite slabs etc. The same effect as oil pinwashes, but a lot less effort. Slop it on over the lines (or the whole model, if so inclined), let it dry, then wet-wipe it off the raised areas – detail washed with virtually no effort or tide marks, and it comes off a hell of a lot easier than a dry oil wash. It’s water based, so easy to work with and cleanup (no white spirit!). You can easily do a more weathered look (like an oil wash over matte) just by slopping a bit more heavily and wiping with a dry or nearly dry paper towel instead.

      Another nice effect is the lighter shades dry a bit dusty if you let it deep pool and leave it, so it makes quite a nice dusty crevices weathering effect with the mud tones; less OTT than powders, though they mix well together for a stronger effect or for raised areas.

      The clay washes don’t have the same range of contrast as acrylic washes though, so craggy detail (such as earth bases, furs etc) still come out a better with modern super washes (such as the army painter ones) IMO, or dipping for even more contrast. And oily or water-run style or very graduated shading effects are probably easier with oil washes still.

      I bought a couple of flory washes originally as a quicker alternative to pin-washing white armour (imperial assault storm troopers) and have found myself using them for all sorts of things, the latest being weathering/shading an airbrushed blood angels fragioso. So much easier than the same effect with oil or acrylic washes. Will definitely get refills (the dark dirt in particular!) and pick up a couple more shades at some point. They’re not the only wash tool in my toolbox, but I’m really glad I found them!

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  • piglette


  • euansmith

    Does adding paint over the wash reactivate it? I’ve used Modelmates water soluble spray on primer and that needs sealing before you can paint over it with water based paints.

    That’s a good looking spaceship, by the way.